Monday, March 07, 2011

According to Chananya of "End the Madness" I was awarded the most psycotic email.

I also was called an apikorus by Channanya. And I am the one that is psycotic. OK. Whatever the male religious "Rabbi" says. That is why God took us out of Egypt. So instead of Egyptians enslaving men we have these male religious leaders and their wives enslave men and call them vicious name if they question anything because after all they have to prove Judaism (or Rabbinic Judaism that they make very strange blessings) is not sexist by punishing all men except themselves. This will lead to more equality by having a few men with a bully pulpit enslaving the men in the middle and lower ends who have no bully pulpit.

Anyway check it out on Chananya's website on Purim best of the worst. I am famous. My views have changed a little since I wrote this email.

Award: Most Psychotic Email

Subject: How are you different then the so called Frummies if you pretend matrilinial decent is biblical when it isn't.

Just wondering. Most people with a little of their own research and study of their own religion or even to google it on the internet will find that it isn't biblical at all. Just heading the tanach it obviously is not. Most honest Orthodox sites do admit that matrilinial decent is not biblical. If you are going to allow such nonsense on your site that this is biblical how are you different then the Frummies who also pretend certain things are biblical when they are not and are turning their Rabbi's into G-d who can never be wrong.

I mean I am sorry to tell you. I still don't know what why Judaism has no problem with a woman who marries a nonjew and at the end of they day shows compassion to women who marry nonjews when if a man does it they throw him to the wolves. Doesn't seem right to me. I see many Jewish women who support other women who marry nonjewish men even though they don't and I find it a slap in the face.

I guess if you are worried about offending those type of women who like the fact that they have the flexability of marrying a nonjew and the kid will still be automatically Jewish then you really have no business thinking you can help us singles because being Politically Correct and worrying about certain special interest groups that may be offended take priority over the truth.

I can't believe you really think you are any better then the Frummies if you will allow a falsehold lthat matrilinial decent is biblical to stand when most Jewish people with a brain know this isn't the case. Only antiintellectual frummy sites claim this and try to make the Pasuk say this and pretend it doesn't say what it says but all you have to do is look it up. More honest says say that it is Rabbinic but that women were overall better then the men in their behavior and therefore they decided to give the women more influence to this although this reason I have problems with because that is a strange reward to give women and in addition a woman that wanting to raise her kids Jewish would marry a Jewish man.

So by not posting what I said (which I think is a good male female issue to discuss. This would help male female relations to not have people censor comments that aren't popuular although are intellectually honest) Since you want to censor something that good lead to a healthy discussion involving both men and women this is part of our problem. So much propaganda exists in our world that men and women can't relate to the real men and women out there is they don't fit the propaganda.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Although I have no idea what your email was about, you are not an apikorus.

That being said, you are much more friendly to me and a lot less harsh than you were a while back. Like you don't yell in all caps as much. Means it is easier to discuss stuff and have much more fun with you too :)

Analytical Adam said...

Well it was a combination that a couple of things you said were very insensitive and also that I was going through a somewhat tough time although the first reason was the bigger reason which you haven't said recently which I am happy about :)

Tovah said...
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SouthernBelle Rivky said...

I'm not so sure what I said that was insensitive (other than what I meant to be flirty comments to my favorite lion :), but I'm so sorry. Don't want to hurt yours or anyone else's feelings. Hope your tough times are over with too :)

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Oh, I want to put in request for another posting on Shabbat since there's lots to talk about I think.

This posting reminded me of your discussion a while back.

So mean, so were some of the comments. How rude!

Analytical Adam said...

There really is nothing more to say then what I already said as the whole idea of a Shabbos goy goes against the written torah see this post.

Click Here

The 4th command. Remember the Sabbath day to sanctify it Six days shall you work and accomplish all your works but the seventh day is to YHWH your God you shall not do any work - you, your son, your daughter, YOUR SLAVE, YOUR MAIDSERVANT, YOUR ANIMAL, AND YOUR CONVERT WITHIN YOUR GATES. (Exodus 20:8)

So if your animal shouldn't do work on Shabbos I don't think a goy is lower then an animal. I know the hateful attitude towards others who aren't part of your little club and it is disgusting.