Thursday, March 31, 2011

My experiences working with a Muslim (of arab ethnic origin)company and feminism.

Since Feb 15th I have been working as an accountant for a firm that has a lot of Muslim clients and at least the owners wife is from Egypt not sure where the owner is but they clearly speak in arabic and it is very interesting that Arabic in some ways is very similar to hebrew in that they say Salam Alekim and it sounds very similar to Shalom Elecheim and they respect Aleikim Salem which is similar to the hebrew way to respond.

Anyway from listening to some of the shows (like Savages show) he thinks if the women become feminists this will save the countries but I have to honestly say I think some of the extremism comes from feminism. I have to say from doing tax returns I have noticed a lot of arabic women they don't take their husbands name or use a hyphenated name.

Savage loves to say that the women should fight the religious leaders as if that is who rules over them. If the arab men that women are married to listens to whatever the male religious leader on top says which is women want men that can't think for themselves then that is the problem right there and that kind of attitude leads to having tyrannical men when most men don't want to think for themselves and women don't want men to think for themselves.

These suicide bombers also to me seem like EXTREME FEMINISM. These are mostly men are blow themselves up (of course the male leaders do) and the mothers are always happy that their son is dead and they can use his death for money for themselves. What kind of mother would feel joy for this unless they really have some twisted view of men. Which of course the biggest problem with this whole idea that it is just men abusing women is that actually women have plenty of chances to take advantage of their male children (who are physically much smaller and have no ability to defend themselves) as they usually spend the most time with them more then the father which is just the way it is. So clearly to just think that it is men aggressor, women victim in any culture is not being 100% honest about the reality of male-female relations which men actually start out being mostly dependent on their mother at least for the first few years.

The saddest thing is nobody really cares about children. They are the ones who are the victims if a family has a perverse mentality and if this whole ideology of hating men I would think does cause some men who have no reason to live in this world as the leaders never blow themselves up.

Any comments or if you feel otherwise feel free to comment.

More on the sacrifices.

Currently Jewish people on the Sabbath are reading about the sacrifices.

To mention one item that is interesting and of course today would be consider both discriminating against woman and other nationalities but the only person that can eat from a sacrifice was a male from the Cohen line which starts with Aaron. No one who isn't a male from the paternal line of Aaron could eat from the sacrifice although they could not eat from the fat which was a sacrifice to God. (Leviticus 6:22, 6:11) It is repeated after each type of sacrifice.

I did read an interesting on sacrifices or at least one reason for them. Back in those times people had some animals as property that they used for milk or in some cases I guess the animal was potential food for themselves. To give this up to the temple was giving up something that was yours towards God. Of a high quality animal. This in some way is showing remorse towards God if you did something wrong or honoring God by giving something up for God instead of for yourself.

Also Moses seems to do these sacrifices in Leviticus 8. That part I don't understand as I thought this was only for Aaron and his sons but maybe since he was Aaron's brother it was a horizontal relationship he could do this but Moses children could not. It also is interested that this is given to Aaron and not Moses is in some different way Aaron (maybe in terms of being an overall better father, don't know) was considered a better vessel then Moses was as no one in the bible is perfect in all area's.

I would love to hear some comments on any of the issues brought out here.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism

I was tired and stopped at Barnes and Nobles and say this book and started reading and decided to buy it after I had my coffee. It is very interesting book.

The most socialized part of the American economy. No surprise. The Public school system which is more socialist then some aspects of pure socialist nations.

Will comment more on this book. Stay tuned!!

Clearly Yahweh the God of Israel and the God of the whole universe is against socialism as clearly God recognized that not all people will have the same amount of money. Now Jews are reading the book of Leviticus and there are different sacrifices depending on what you can afford.

Computer is back to normal

Back on my blog. Had a problem with my computer for a few days. :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

God's way of protecting women. Different then man made ways of protecting women.

That is for sure. Just one example. Leviticus 18:19. Do not come near a woman during her period of  uncleanliness to uncover her nakedness. In this case God was criticizing the nations that live in Israel before the Jews for this practice among others. God felt this was a time that it was not APPROPRIATE to have relations for obvious reasons and this applied to any nation as God felt this was an action that was a defilement.

Sadly, the MAN MADE LAWS that the Rabbi's decided were the ONLY ITEMS NON-JEWS HAD TO DO (but they excluded important items and in additions made the punishment barbaric and not proportionate to the behavior) excluded that men and women shouldn't have relations during this time.  Yet they have many man made idea's to show that they care about women but this biblical idea that seems to apply to ALL NATIONS not just the Jewish People they don't feel this is an issue that is important for non-Jews and even a requirement.

Anyway, tomorrow am going to post on last weeks bible reading but just felt had to mention something I was thinking about.

Visting my Uncle tommorow to got my teeth cleaned.

As my Uncle is a dentist as well as his son. I hope I don't have any cavities. : ) Have to go into the city tomorrow morning.

Thinking of trying to some tax returns on my own.

I guess it would help although I am sort of tired but still. It is always good to try to develop your own client base and not be dependent on others.

There are a number of professional software with pay per return pricing if you do a low volume of returns that you pay for each return and the cost is not excessive which to have unlimited access the cost would be prohibitive as I would rather use a good software that covers most of the bases and not some cheap program.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A couple of interesting observations on Purim and Mordechai and Esther .

One which isn't so new but is the fact that the women that was a hero in this story as well as her Uncle Mordechai listened to her Uncle although he was being harsh but had to be as she was in a position to do something.

The story with Esther though is in some ways not ideal for her. I am sure didn't benefit her so much as she basically had to marry a Persian King. And her children I know according to the Rabbi's would be Jewish but let us face it that the father is Persian and certainly in this case Achashverus appreciated the fact that Mordchai the Jew saved his life but the children I would think would be the next Persian King and would be raised with that focus in mind. Which because the Jewish people sinned by going to the Persian parties that weren't really morally based Esther to save her own people had to sacrifice the fact that her children wouldn't be Jewish since the father was a Persian King. Although she is remembered (even in Iran)as is Mordechai who it sounds like he also had no children either. Now we have a new Haman in Achmidinijad who clearly wants to destroy the Jewish people.

Happy Purim to everyone. Story isn't quite as simple as I learned growing up.

Happy Purim to all as this is the story of the Jews who were targeted by Haman and his plot discovered and the Jews being allowed to defend themselves and Haman being hung instead of Mordechai.

It is NOT a biblical holiday but we are allowed to celebrate God protecting us from our enemies as was the case here and thank you Nehemiah Gordon for pointing out Numbers 10:10 where it says on your joyous occasions, fixed holidays, and new moon days. We can celebrate other joyous occasions as here God foiled the plot of Haman.

The two hero's Mordechai and Esther are the reason the Jews were saved as Mordechai did not go along with the politics of the time as many Jews did in going to the party of Achasverious (Xerxes). He did not bow down to Haman which how dare he not bow down to some man in the government which Haman was a high official promoted by Achasverus. (Esther 3:1)

The other hero in the story Esther became Queen instead of Vasti who was disposed because she did not want to appear before the King to show off her beauty (as to why there is commentary on that) but the Kings adviser's were concerned that other women would follow Vasti's lead and a nation where women don't listen to their husbands would be scorned so they had to do something about Vasti which they had some sophistication. And sent a letter that every nation in its won language that every man should wield authority in his home and speak the language of his people. Which interesting they respected othe4r cultures and some of the reason they became a large nation was that they gave some rights to other men from reading this although of course having a party like they had was over the top.

But anyway so Esther replaced Vasti eventually and Esther told Achasverosh from Mordechai of the two men who wanted to kill him.

Esther eventually is in the situation that she has to defend her own people and is afraid of the consequences to which Mordechai tell her that maybe that she was put in this position in the first place and that is she doesn't she will not be saved with her people. To which she does put herself at risk and soon it does unravel including the fact that Mordchai revealed a plot against Achasverus and Haman is hung instead of Mordechai.

The elders of the community.

It is interesting that if the community as a whole sinned unintentionally it says the "elders of the community" (the hebrew word Ziknei Ha'Eda) shall lay their hands upon the head of the bull.

Of course this will be used by Rabbi's to claim that this proves that we need the Rabbi's. The problem with that argument is Moses picked the leaders by men of charcter who disliked ill gotton gain. Today Rabbi's are picked not based on character by passing a test on some aspect of the talmud and that is about it. That doesn't mean they have good character traits and love and fear God.

Also it is interesting they use this term of Elders of the community meaning having life experience does mean something. And a leader maybe shouldn't be too young because their life experience is limited. Do Rabbi's care about life experience? Absolutely not!!!

It is a problem for the Karaties that it shouldn't just be left to the individual as they claim and it is important to learn from those who have more life experience and have good character as well.

The gender of the animal. Wondering what the reason is.

Interesting observation. The gender of the sacrifice. For a general offering the animal has to be male. A peace offering can be either male or female. If it is a sin by neglect the Cohen Gadol or the general population erred by neglect they sacrifice a young bull doesn't mention the gender. However, if an individual sins by neglect his or her sacrifice (I guess although not sure a husband maybe would give a sacrifice for his wife's unintentional sin or child's unintentional sin as a man would capture the animal I would think) but the gender for an unintentional sin is female. So wondering why that is. Answer I could think of is if a man is focused on sexual pleasures with women (not in a healthy sense or with responsibility that the pregnancy and children he will be responsible for) or even women themselves overly focused on being the most attractive for vain purposes will lead to neglect of God's torah and mistakes being made.

To some this may be offensive and many people find the bible sexist including Rabbinic Judaism but maybe that is why family life is so fragile and unhealthy in many respects and it is leading to big government taking the place of family as people don't trust family life when we try to make family life fit certain politically correct agenda's.

Any comments the comment line is open.

Leviticus discusses the various sacrifices to be given. which I guess today would seem barbaric.

However it seems the animal was slaughtered in a way that the animal would die right away with no or very quick pain before dying.

About a week ago we started reading the biblical portion of Leviticus. The first 5 chapters we read about a regular offering, peace offerings and a sin offering.

It does seem that they first slaughtered the animal and then they used it is parts to sacrifice on the alter. It doesn't say how it should be slaughtered. Although it does say he shall lay his hand upon the head of the burnt offering that it may be acceptable on his behalf (Leviticus 1:4) although I don't know what this means. For a Turtle Dov and pigeon (Leviticus 1:14) it says in my artscroll nip and the JPS translation is to pinch off it's head but the slaughter is through and according to commentator in artscroll the Cohen killed it with it's fingernails!! This method would not be acceptable for another animal. It does seem to use a method that would kill the animal without pain. Not sure why it is vague on how to slaughter in the beginning of the chapter unless the translation is off.

A couple of things I DID LEARN that I did not know and observations and questions. First of all it does say in 3:16-17 all fat is for the lord. It's a law for all time throughout the ages in all of your settlements you must not eat any fat or any blood. Blood seems to apply to God as well as this is not sprinkled around the alter but not burned with the sacrifice. The fat though is something that is specifically for God. Obviously God does not need the fat but it is more symbolism for us in a way we can understand that we are not at the level of God even though we are to strive to imitate God in all our ways.

QUESTION THOUGH. So is the fat of the animal unkosher or only certain animals since here it suggests we are not allowed to eat the fat of the animal. Or is this only for animals being sacrificed which it does seem to suggest here all fat. It uses the hebrew word "Col" All fat.

Feel free to comment as the comment line is open.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Yom Kippur war in 1973 and the biblical date of Yom Kippur in 1973.

Nehemiah Gordon has a very interesting article on the Yom Kippur in which the first day of the war which was October 6th the Rabbinic day of Yom Kippur more boys died then any other war. I was born in 1973. It is from newsletter #478. It really is something that does make you think that on the holiest day of the year God allowed many men to lose their life and our enemies didn't care about attacking us on our holiest day and Golda Meir wasn't up to the task either as there was much evidence of war being imminent but it was not the real day of Yom Kippur as the Rabbi's have manipulated the calender so Yom Kippur never falls out on Friday or Sunday and other holidays don't fall out on certain days which to do this they make the new a day or two later or earlier then what it really should be based on the lunar cycle. And we started winning on the biblical day of Yom Kippur based on the new moon which was October 8th.

Here is the article from the link above as take a look at the link as well.

Every year on Yom Kippur I think back on the tragic events of 1973. On October 6, the rabbinical day of Yom Kippur that year, Israel was invaded by Egypt and Syria. Israeli forces had been massed on the borders for weeks awaiting an Arab attack, but many soldiers went home to observe the fast and the army was caught off guard. More Israeli boys died on that first day of the war than on any other day in the history of modern Israel. Egyptian forces quickly overcame the Bar Lev line on the east bank of the Suez Canal and Syrian forces wiped out the cream of the Israeli tank forces in the Golan Heights. The Israeli counter-attack did not begin until October 8, the biblical date of Yom Kippur based on the sighting of the new moon. On that day, Israel overwhelmed the navies of the Arab armies, managed to stop the Egyptian advance in Sinai, and began to push the Syrians out of the Golan Heights. It would be another 17 of fierce fighting before the war ended with Israeli forces looming on the outskirts of Cairo and Damascus, but it was on the biblical date of Yom Kippur according to the sighting of the new moon that things started to turn around in that fateful October of 1973.
One of the special things about Yom Kippur is that the high priest used to proclaim the name YHVH ten times during the Temple service. According to early rabbinical sources describing the service in the Second Temple:
"The multitudes would stand in the courtyard and when they heard the explicit name coming out of the mouth of the high priest they used to kneel and prostrate, fall on their faces, and say, 'Blessed is the glorious name of his kingdom forever.'" (Mishnah, Yoma 6:2)
Today some Jews believe the name must not be spoken any more. Others continue the biblical practice of using the name. All are agreed that when the Messiah comes and restores the Temple, the high priest will once again proclaim the name in the Temple on Yom Kippur. Take a few moments this Yom Kippur to learn how to proclaim the name of our Creator in the original Hebrew as the high priest used to do in times of old. Keith Johnson has recorded a wonderful video with ten combinations of the name and accompanying titles.
Have a successful fast!
Nehemia Gordon
Jerusalem, Israel

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan and the Nuclear Reactors.

My heart goes out to many Japanese during this horrible earthquake of 8.9. The biggest in 100 years.

One issue is the meltdown of the nuclear reactors which cause excessive radiation.

Here is an interesting article on radiation which by the way there is radiation just by stepping outside and nuclear power emits levels of radiation far below thye background levels of radiation that we experience daily form cosmic rays and from the earth itself. Nonetheless, the idea took hold that even tiny additional amounts of radiation pose a threat.

A man Theodore Rockwell briefly summarized the latest findings on the effects of Atomic Radiation. It was a UN Scientific committee which why I should believe the UN about anything but usually they would scare you not tell you things aren't as bad as thought.

And even in Chernobyl which was less sophisticated  reactor yet the 50 people inside the plant died from the fire and from the radiation. But around the area they found 1,800 children with thyroid nodules. But this problem had nothing to do with this explosion as this part of the world was deficient in Iodine and this was a serious problem before. It says here Cham Dallas a toxicologist visited the area many times and studied mice living close to the reactor You expect them to be in a really bad way. What is weird is that they seem to be unscathed. IT IS FUNNY BECAUSE I BELIEVE THIS BECAUSE I HAD A RUSSIAN WOMAN AT A JOB I WAS AT who said she was near that area and this is the only problem she has a problem with her thyroid which she mentioned before I read this book but that was common in Russia and has little to do with this radiation.

There is a terms called "hormesis". Which means that a substance toxic in large doses has some benefits in small doses and not that the smallest amount is harmful just in large doses it is bad. The EPA though believes any tiny amount of any toxic material is dangerous which of course their job depends on this theory and scare mongering.

I don't know the source but it says here that studies have shown that survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are living longer then Japanese who were nowhere near the blast in 1945. Which I guess is relevant since we are talking about China. And these nukes are much more sophisticated then the one in the Ukrain.

I have to look up where this source is from Chapter 3 of the Politically Incorrect Guide to Science on Good Vibes the Virtue of Radiation.

Of course this is true with vitamins. Taking Iron in a small amount is good but too much Iron is toxic.

Jewish people using the death of 5 Jews (3 children ) to push their political agenda's.

It really is sad. You have those talking about women uniting and lighting candles to bring light into the world which I guess men don't bring any light. And this actually was a woman soilder promoting this with her facebook page all with weapons and war as if Israel to survive it depends all on the military although people that think only women bring light is not helpful for the men who fight and in Israel even though I don't think the men are rewarded for it in any way they don't put women in certain positions.

And then you have those who talk about how this is a homerun and all the leftists are bad. Excuse me. It is almost as if these people dying helps promote your agenda.

It really is horrible and these terrorist should be captured and don't deserve to live. But for crying out loud. Stop using this to push your own agenda's as if their death benefits you. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

John Hagee: Good or bad for the Jews.

In the mail today I got something from CFOIC and it has a picture of John Hagee issuing a check to Gush Katif for $200,000 from John Hagee's ministries. It also says they raised about $650,000 for others in Judea and Sameria which of course is the real name of the "West Bank" which actually is West of Jordon. So that term is to really use the term that would make you think it belongs to Jordon.

But anyway back to John Hagee. There is a big check with the camera and the question is how could you complain about this whatever his agenda is?

My problem is this. First of all the women who runs CFOIC Sandra Baras was a female lawyer who made alliyah. Which ok. I am not crazy about lawyers in general and not sure what this has to do with anything anyway to mention this.

But the bigger problem is she is very much a fan of "big government' which I still remember during a Passover she mentioned how certain government workers lost their jobs but admitting overall the economy was better and really seeming to be against this even though as she even admitted overall less people were unemployed and nothing she wrote seemed to be happy that overall less people were needy and thank you Netanyahu for recognizing that too many government jobs are bad for the economy as they tend to be overpaid and have job security they really don't deserve because taxpayers are forced to pay their salary whether they do a good job or not. In general she seems to favor government jobs which isn't good for the Jewish people.

So what does this have to do with John Hagree? Not too much except John Hagee in his own right his character is very suspect.  He had an affair with a congregant in his first church (a younger woman) and divorced his first wife and married this woman of his congregation and had more children with this second wife of his. He lives a very rich lifestyle with his second wife and he tells people that if you give to the church you will be succesful and those that aren't don't give enough money. That is a very inappropriate ideology.
His children from his first wife must have it very hard.

Is that something that God appreciates that we are getting from this kind of source that his children from his first wife don't have their father. And you wonder this money goes.

I also mentioned this on Facebook to which this person blocked me. I didn't make this up. Does the money go to leaders like this that if you criticize them they pretend you don't exist. I know enough that some of this money just goes to keep some leaders from oppressing their own people and acting corruptly and if they didn't have the money they wouldn't be able to continue to oppress them. You read this in Africa. We give them money and it all goes to the corrupt leaders on top which at the end of the day continues this oppressive cycle.  Anyway just some food for though. Does this money go to some Job Coach who never had a real job.
I really wonder if this just goes to some government workers who don't know what the real world is and have no idea of the type of productive work that was taken place in Gush Katif and just make these people feel worse. Knowing Sondra Boros she only seems to be interested in religious or government leaders but not people in the rank and file which is not good when you have people (including Jews) who support Hagee but don't allow you to point out that his own character is very suspect which I think it is and just ban you. That isn't the kind of leadership I want and I hope the money isn't going to people like that who just use it to oppress anyway who questions anything. This will hurt the Jews in Gush Katif not help them.

UPDATE: It was just looking at this letter I have and it is even worse then last year about Passover. This is what it says and I quote: There are over $100,000 Jews currently living in Samaria. Due to unemployment, budget cutbacks, and terrorism, man y find themselves in a precarious financial situation.

Last year she said the economy overall was better although she didn't say that this year although says people are more unified and things are more stable.

What really UPSETS ME not ONE WORD on the private sector. She seems to think budge cutbacks are related to people struggling although the torah doesn't say the government should feed the poor. Second of all she acts like unemployment just happens. People are unemployed because some private companies are struggling. Not one word about the private sector. It is like she supports Judea and Sameria becuase she wants it be the home base for her big government big religious leader world which at some point of course those two will clash once you get rid of us stupid people that aren't in either of these two groups. I really feel this money is just given to establishment types who don't even understand one of the elements of a healthy economy and only seem to focus on the government and government jobs and handouts which is not why God gave us this land.  These people want the Jewish people to be dependent on the government for everything which is absolute slavery.

LAST THOUGHT THAT I SHARED ON FACEBOOK ON THIS: And on top of this the Jews haven't survived by money or power and just take money from any source (a man who left his first wife and married a younger woman from his first congregation) doesn't show any belief in needing God's protection which we have to earn this. Taking money from a person of very questionable character may lead to God not protecting us from all the enemies surrounding us and God's face being hidden from us and allowing our enemies to do horrible things to us. 

Monday, March 07, 2011

Wonder how many total Jews there were during the building of the Mishkan as the Censes reported 603,550 men

Over 20 who gave half a shekel for this census which I guess excluded those men who couldn't give half a shekel because they were not mentally competent or for whatever reason DID NOT WANT to give a half a shekel to be counted.  (Exodus 38:26)

Wonder how many Jews all together although I guess that is NOT THE WAY that God wanted us to be counted that each individual would count. Rather that hopefully most adult women would be married and that they would rely on their husband which would give each individual man some influence as it benefits them to make sure their wife is healthy and feels emotionally involved and connected.

Of course today we would see this as backwards and oppressing women but looking at Western Cultures it is not healthy when women feel the government should take care of them (or the government to get women votes have to promise women many things using taxpayers money more of which comes from men) and they in the end don't benefit from this relationship as much as having a man that only has to take care of one women in most cases. And we see in the West the breakdown of the family and very low birth rates and once men who don't work for the government have little influence it doesn't create a healthy environment for marriage and to raise children and for men to have enough to attract a woman in the first place.

According to Chananya of "End the Madness" I was awarded the most psycotic email.

I also was called an apikorus by Channanya. And I am the one that is psycotic. OK. Whatever the male religious "Rabbi" says. That is why God took us out of Egypt. So instead of Egyptians enslaving men we have these male religious leaders and their wives enslave men and call them vicious name if they question anything because after all they have to prove Judaism (or Rabbinic Judaism that they make very strange blessings) is not sexist by punishing all men except themselves. This will lead to more equality by having a few men with a bully pulpit enslaving the men in the middle and lower ends who have no bully pulpit.

This guy considers me AN ESTABLISHMENT JEW.

Simply because I said that you have no right to call God a dictator which God is not a dictator. That would be great if I was part of an establishment group but sadly I am not as I do try to think and search for truth and if that leads me to an establishment group terrific but if not so be it. I think God gave me a male analytical brain for a reason. Here is the latest video of this guy who doesn't accept my comments anymore which another religious male figure that can't debate with another man.

Anyway since none of the video's seem to be able to come up here this is the link to his channel on you tube


This guy also says that God doesn't care about your heart which is completely untrue. We say in the Shema that we should love God with all our heart. I couldn't be clearer.

We got a lot of rain today.

About 2 inches worth. That would be about 2 feet of snow although the warmer the temperature the more moisture.

Although I hope if we have a dry month suddenly a drought. We get so much rain and snow in the NYC metro area with no dry season to speak of.

More talk about the Temple and contributions of both men and women.

Last two weeks the bible reading has been finishing up Exodus from Chapter 35 and some interesting observations I have here.

Here is a photo of the ruins of the temple since this is talking about the temple.
Pictures from;f=15;t=003100

I will mention you here for now. They are talking about various contributions and work done to create the temple and both manual and other types of labor to make the various items in the temple.

Also interesting in the male-female issue. In terms of bringing items gold and other ornaments for the temple it does say in Exodus 35:22 the Hebrew doesn't translate exactly knowing Hebrew a little bit although in English just translate it men and women and artscroll translates it men brought the women which they explain that women want to contribute their jewelry to the temple. Also could be the men brought it for the women who wanted to make this contribution.

Also interestingly in Exodus 35:25 it mentions specific work women did to help create materials for the temple as it says "All the skilled women spun with their own hands and brought what they had spun in blue, purple, and crimson yarns, and in fine linen.

After this it mentions that both men and women which does agree with the hebrew contributed Exodus 35:29 "Thus the Israelites, all the men and women whose hearts moved them to bring anything for the work that the lord through Moses had commanded to be done brought it as a freewill offering to the lord".

Once the material was given from Exodus 36-most of the rest of the book they discuss the temple and some of the work the men (and it seems like it was all men as it uses the word Ish) did to make the various objects for the temple with Bezalel leading the way which is a name sadly we never hear of but clearly for God to give him this role he must have been a skilled but also a man of proper character and interestingly it says in Exodus 36:2 that "Bezalel and Oholiab and all the skilled persons whom the Lord has endowed with skill and ability to perform expertly all the tasks connected with the service of the sanctuary carry out all that the Lord has commanded". So God gave them this special talent and I think it shows while we have to work to develop it God gave us this skill in the first place to be able to learn and we shouldn't become haughty and think it is all ourselves.

It is NOT Aviv (Spring) Yet.

Nehemiah Gordon was involved in this search.

See the photo's on Nehemia Gordon's page on Facebook.

Nehemia Gordon not Aviv Yet

According to the search they did in Israel. This means that Passover will be according to those who don't follow the Rabbinic calender that does have a number of problems with it they add or subtract a day in the 8th and 9th month Chesvan and Kislev so that Yom Kipper won't fall on a Friday or Sunday which means the new moon is intentionally off by a day so Yom Kipper won't fall on this day and also there is a slight miscalculation.

The reasoning is explained as follows. "Searches for Abib in Yisrael. Within Scripture, the stage of ripened Abib (Barley) signals the beginning of the Biblical New Year and determines the Feast of Unleavened Bread and Passover according to Deuteronomy 16:1 "Guard the month of Abib, and perform the Passover to Yah your Elohim, for in the month of Abib Yah your Elohim brought you out of Mitsrayim by night."

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

This place I am working at maybe for half a year is making me sign a noncompete agreement

And one that seems unreasonable by the way. It is for 5 years and within 15 miles of where I work. I get no benefits from this and of course the way he did it was wrong. He could have said as part of the job you would have sign this which if this was the case I don't know if I would have taken the job. He dated this the first day of the job. When I sign it (if I do) I am going to date it 3/2/2010. Not February 21st.

To make someone sign it without any compensation is wrong.

Furthermore, to have someone work for 6 month and not compete for 5 years I would think is absurd and unreasonable. Going online anything over a year or two was not considered reasonable. On top of this I Have nothing to really share with others that I learned from this guy. that is a threat to him.

The only thing here is giving two weeks notice. Wow! Big deal.

I do have proof that I had work before I took this other job and ended one of my previous jobs only because it may last past April 15th. A proper person gives you the contract on the first day. Not a week and a half into your job with nothing offered for this agreement since we discussed what I would be paid.

I didn't sign it yet and not sure what to do. Certainly it could very much create a problem although I don't know if it is enforceable if I did violate it after this job I ended which I likely would. Only time a problem would exist would be if I took a client from him which to be honest wouldn't be very likely. It is none of his business if I take another job who it is and who I work for. And if my work there doesn't take any of his clients he has no damages so it would be a waste of his time to go after me if he find out who I worked for as I have not learned any deep secrets that hurts his business.

Who said life was easy?

Again it is a five year non-compete within 15 miles of where I work of any financial services which doesn't hit NYC by the way but is only 3 miles from where I live. This for an hourly employee who is not being paid that great. It just seems to me to be just to try to limit my opportunities more then anything else.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

My day at work today some women complained about me last week to my boss.

Basically he was telling me that she felt I was following her because

A. Once (in 4 days) when she got up I think I got up as well and all I did was say hello and another time I asked if she bought the Pizza as she was eating lunch when I was gong out to have lunch.

B. Going out of the parking lot I turned around because I couldn't get out and went through the back on the first day as I didn't realize the easier way to get out.

So for that she thought I was following her which I told him and I said you know if anything I don't get up from my desk enough and 1 time I got up around the same time she did in 4 days. And the parking I just said I wasn't sure how to get out and he didn't seem to think anything was really going on which there wasn't. I was just trying to be friendly and got a little confused getting out of the parking lot the first night and it was dark out.

In some respects I think she was watching me rather then the other way around and she said that I went around "a couple of times' which is not true. I went around the back once to get out of the parking lot.

But my boss didn't really think much of her complaints from what it sounded like and accepted what I said I guess because I try to be friendly and I am sure he sees that and saying hello to someone once or twice in four days and just asking where they got Pizza is not anything to feel someone is watching you.