Sunday, February 06, 2011

Will have a few posts up tommorow. Here is one post on a debate on LASIK.

I am off during the day tomorrow as I have had a couple of jobs for this tax season which I started last week.

Here is a video of former head of FDA Robert Waxler with a debate with Slade who now feels that approving LASIK was a mistake which I am glad I found out as at one point I was considering it and use to get stuff in the mail from a LASIK company known as LASIK plus. They make it sound like it is even better then the normal LASIK which is just to over-hype it although I have never received anything for them in a long time.

When I am listening to this guy Slade he really seems disingenuous. Just look at him. He sounds a lot like Bill Clinton when he was lying. 

I give credit to Waxler for admitting he was wrong although he no longer works for the FDA and the FDA is still doing nothing and downplaying the problems of LASIK. In fact the FDA according to one of the comments in this video is covering up for someone who was injured by LASIK. Clearly it is a case of confluct of interest as the people saying LASIK is ok are those who profit from it and this includes those in the military as well as I did read that Pat Tillman the football who was killed in friendly fire the person who killed has the PRK eye surgery and had hazy vision  which has similar problems to LASIK except for the flap problems.

I wish over time I could reduce my prescription from the -5 it is now in my better eye as my eye doctor gave me a pair slightly less then fell strength by about .5 which is at 4.5 as he does do that although I have my full prescription pair too but they are very expensive as both pairs were over $200. Which you see reading glasses for nothing and it is the same thing except it isn't high index and it is a plus lens instead of a minus lens.

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