Monday, February 21, 2011

Video by Nehemiah Gordon who is now a Karatie Jew. Father was a Rabbi.

This is an interesting video.

The worst thing about this whole issue is that the people that hate the Karaites and attacking them on you tube most are converts. On you tube you have these no nothing converts attacking them. Why are Rabbi's using converts as their attack dogs. It seems like a very low class thing to do and if their position was correct Rabbi's themselves would debate them. Not use converts as their attack dogs. These converts clearly hate the complexity of some Jews.  I don't agree with every position they have (the part about not having a fire seems against what the torah says that you can prepare beforehand) but they also allow questions unlike with the Rabbi's.And that is their only criticism which I am sure the Karaites have made some positions that are wrong as well but they seem more willing to discuss this. Also they really don't hate the Rabbi's and don't reject EVERY position they have but in some cases feel their position is wrong which I have to agree.

Very interesting. I admit. Some of the things said about the Talmud can't be true. We say everything a Rabbi says is the words of Torah. It can't be. Just my own experience is most Rabbi's seem insecure and don't like people asking them questions. Also some of the Rabbi's who were famous were very divisive figures.

The Rambam was very harsh to some groups and actually wanted to ban Karaites. He also had a sort of liberal approach to using violence to get someone to do what you want them to do.

Then you had Rashi who had three daughters and no sons and the daughters put on Tefilin. If anyone else did this they would be condemned and it just doesn't give you a sense of a consistent position.

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