Monday, February 21, 2011

Savage on what is going on in Madison, WI and the teachers Unions

Sadly from what I have read the Unions from the beginning have been about violence if they don't get their way. If other people want to replace the workers (who are legit citizens and have the right to work as well if some have got too lazy and greedy) they threaten violence which is wrong and thuggery. Some Presidents in the early 1900's allowed the Unions to engage in this kid of thuggery and didn't say it is wrong to threaten to beat people up who are willing to work instead of the strikers. What is worse is when unions work in the government sector which is what public school as the salary comes from the taxpayer. In the private sector they are shaking down a boss they think it is being cheap although that may not be the case. Here they are shaking down the taxpayer wanting them to pay for their benefits which don't exist to the same degree in the private sector and certainly don't exist if you work PART TIME JOBS. Shameful how spoiled they are.

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