Monday, February 07, 2011

The bible reading of Exodus Chapters 21-24 Part V: The boundries of Israel

In Exodus 23:31 It sets the boundries of Israel being from the sea of reeds to the sea of Philista. What is that today?? Clearly this is much bigger then what Israel is today. The situation now with Egypt isn't the Sinai suppose to be part of Israel!!

If so clearly God will want Israel to recapture this.

This crisis in Egypt may force Israel to have to reconquer this area which to be fair Mubarak has played all sides and has done little to improve relations because he does not want what happened to Sadat to happen to him and in addition I am sure deep down he doesn't like Israel but likes the money he gets for America for not "openly declaring war in Israel" but in other ways wanting his people to hate Israel and giving money to groups that undermine Israel and fight wars with Israel.

So this being the case it isn't good if Israel has a false sense of security with a nation that really is hostile to them except for the money they get from America which is America declined there also would be no reason for them to honor this treaty just to get money for themselves. Mubarack is 82 years old.

So is this part of Israel defined in the bible the Sinai. I would think it is since it is where the Jews received the torah. Why would God want that in Egypt's hands.

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SouthernBelle Rivky said...

I like looking at maps!!! Like I'm a little bit obsessed...hahaha

You hear about the huge oil/gas reserve discovered deep off coast of Israel???

Thought comparing the natural geographic overlay is very interesting as well.