Monday, February 07, 2011

The bible reading of Exodus Chapters 21-24 Part III: The context of Eye for Eye

It is interesting that eye for eye is not meant literally. In fact the context of this per the prior post is comparing it to causing a woman to have a miscarriage by pushing a woman by accident that he should be based on reckoning.
(Exodus 21:22)

But in other injuries it is based on the injury itself which is all it is saying.
In fact Exodus 22:26 and Exodus 22:18 in two different situation explain the consequence of injuring someone else and in neither do you do to the person what he did. The first case he caused someone to be in bed you don't do the same to him to make him in bed. He does have to pay for the idleness and his cure (lost wages and doctor bills). Exodus 21:19.

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