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The bible reading of Exodus Chapters 21-24 Part II: Causing a miscarriage while wrong doesn't seem to be mansluaghter.

Continuing from this weeks portion. It is sad that some Jewish people just parrot the line of another religion even though their own bible doesn't suggest this.

In Exodus 21:22 it talks about when men fight and they bump into a woman and cause a miscarriage they should be "FINED" for it and pay the husband but it is not considered manslaughter. It then goes on to say if other damage happened you would have to pay for the damage done life for life which is to say unlike if you cause a miscarriage.

Reading the JPS translation actually now I am more confused. Artscroll defines it as a fatality and the problem with this is well then what does eye for eye have to do with a fatality as you have to remember it only says one hebrew word before life for live eye for eye which the damage definition makes more sense and actually Artscroll is being dishonest here as this word doesn't mean fatality from what I remember.

In fact I THINK IT IS SAYING that it is wrong as the woman could function without the fetus without any disability but you just aborted a potential life with this miscarriage although it is not manslaughter.

So both are wrong injuring the fetus or another part of the body although it is not manslaughter or a type of tort if happened by accident.

A woman shouldn't do this because you are not allowed to cut up your own body as God gave you your body. If you want to cut your finger because it reminds of you of something bad you can't do this.

In fact no normal person would do this. Sadly in normal times no woman would want to abort their fetus. The whole reason I think the bible views at as such a serious sin rape and adultery with a married woman is a man could have another man raise and pay for his child if he gets the woman pregnant. We don't want the woman to have to work against her body to cause a miscarriage at best. This is to protect all the parties as a man wouldn't want her wife pregnant with another man's child even because of rape that it isn't the woman's fault that they decide to give it up for adoption but if adultery obviously the woman doesn't care for her husband to raise another man's child and that is just a horrible thing for a woman to do to a man.

Sadly today though some women view their own body and getting pregnant as preventing from focusing on a job and/or a career. Sandra Day O'Connor has said this that a pregnancy could interfere with a job. It is leading woman to do unnatural actions which I think is the biggest reason today this plus just using men and if we really wanted to stop this issue of this unnatural aborted your own fetus in your own body I do think the issue of feminism and unbiblical views of male-female relations is causing this in MOST cases.

Which is why the whole abortion issue is just a wedge issue IMO that the people's ideas have no effect. In fact it has been mixed in with feminism as Susan B. Anthony is who many woman use as a good example on this issue when she felt marriage was a "luxury" only for some. It is more about worshiping their own body
which it is the issue of hating men that puts women in these situation that a pregnancy would seem as something they have to end because they have to work and show those men that they can do everything a man can.

And again in my own view it is not considered murder (although it clearly is wrong to do as cutting up any other part of your body from what I understand) except maybe late term abortion which as far as I know they actually do take the fetus out and murder the baby. Anyway that could add to this please do!!

Although I do wonder why the bible doesn't mention this evil as it does mention Jewish people should not give their child to molech even though it is unnatural to sacrifice your own son or daughter but people can become very evil.

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