Monday, February 21, 2011

Anyone have anything intersting about the torah reading about the Temple and the Kohen's

Recently we read from Exodus 25-30:10 which discusses the building of the temple and the rooms and the responsibilities of the Cohen in the temple who only they were allowed to work and give the sacrifices in the temple. Which is interesting that it was based on being from the lineage of Aaron as he was rewarded for his actions and the actions of Pincheas later on in Numbers. Today in a synagogue the leader of it can be anyone and he just has to pass a test doesn't have to be a leader by doing something very noble. Just pass a test. Or the cantor also what is important is he have a good voice not that he is of good character.

Also interested that it was important to beautify the temple as they did as it say in Exodus Chapter 25 1-6.

So if people have things to say about these bible reading that deal with the temple and the Kohen's please in Chapter 25-29 and the beginning of Chapter 30 please do as I am a little tired and would like to hear some idea's from others as well.

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SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Don't have a lot to add. This week's parsha has a lot more stuff with Shabbat (you have good discussion a few weeks ago and I have more questions for you!!!!). I read interesting commentary on parsha Trumah with the wording being along the lines of 'take a donation' rather than 'give a donation.' Didn't notice that until it was pointed out.

For Parsha Tetzaveh, the descriptions of the priestly garments I use to think were rather cumbersome to read. A while back I saw illustrations based on the descriptions given and made more sense.