Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wikileaks reveal us tax dollars fund child work and sex slavery in Afhganistan

Wikileaks reveal us tax dollars fund child sex slavery in Afhganistan

See this link above. That is good to know. Nobody cares about children today in our society. I hate to say it. They care more about middle age women then children and this includes both boys and girls. I guess because they have no political or any other influence and truly are at the whims of the adults.

This article discusses boys who are being put into slavery which I have read about as well and they make them do hard labor with no compensation and sometimes rape them although I would think that is done more with girls then boys for obvious reasons. But with boys if they do this they can develop AIDS and live a horrible life although I guess the man who does it will develop AIDS too. Some of them since they mistreat them their growth is stunted which has serious implications for their future.

With girls as well the sex trade is horrible. They treat them like animals. They develop STD's and become pregnant and force them to have abortion and many times the STD's cause the women to not be able to have relations with a man and never be able to have children.

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