Friday, January 28, 2011

This is the so called "women's" event. Teaching the girls about "change". Hmm, where have I heard that before.

Here is the link to her site.

Shaindel Antellis

I guess they like Obama. This is what they use Kol Isha for. To teach girls to be communists and worship the men in the government and everything against the torah. Which will lead to far more abuse then giving your husband some rights as he still has checks on his own power. Men in the government have much fewer checks and balances on their power.

THIS ON FACEBOOK by Shaindel Antellis for the women only night for women that are part of Orthodox Rabbinic Judaism.

"Hey! I'd like to invite you to My CD release party/women's night out at the RocHouse! I'll be performing songs off of my new album "Change" that have never been heard live! Get ready for a night of music ,fun ,and inspiration." Sunday January 30th


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Not fair you get invited to all the fun sounding events!!! Well, I did get a fb invite for a married women's only event. I so wanted to throw on a wig and go. LOL.

Analytical Adam said...

I wasn't invited. I just saw it. I think it is scary that women are taught to love socialism and love "change" which not all change is good and I suspect that is where this title comes from.

Analytical Adam said...

I did look up the lyrics of some of these songs. Not one word about a woman loving her husband. And God is also nice and doing what is best for you. So a woman is basically married to God who basically is a wimp and always does what is best for the women even if she doesn't deserve it.

Sadly that is very bad ideology and it is no wonder most of the women are either not married or in miserable marriages. Sometimes God is angry at you and that is why you are suffering. God overall if a loving God but he also is a jealous God which we read in the 10 commandments.

We should have God of Israel arrested for domestic violence with the things it says in the bible if you don't take God seriously.

If women just think God is there to make them happy of course they think men should do the same but that is making everyone including God serve you as if you are god.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Mr. Adam, there are plenty of male singers that sing songs how G-d is doing what is best for you. Plenty of articles and books written this way too. I have a very difficult time with this train of thought though but that's a lengthy response I don't want to get into.

I sort of get upset at folks that speak of things that were 'bad' and then they talk about how it ends up being so great later because things later worked out for them. Usually though, they were things that weren't so bad at that or the result of their own bad choices that later worked out. Of course they wouldn't say that if it hadn't worked out.

Do you believe that bad things are the result because G-d is mad? I know you agree with this sometimes, but do you think it is always or most of the time? Or you think there are also other reasons?

Analytical Adam said...

Good question SouthernBelle. I do think that certainly when the Jewish nation as a whole are allowed to be persecuted it is because God's face is hidden because we don't take God seriously even though we may pretend to but God knows what is in our heart and our true intentions.

Analytical Adam said...

People ask even on you tube about the holocaust and some give the answer well God gives man free choice and the person responded well the Jewish people are God's chosen people so how could God allow it.

Of course some think it is because we didn't accept Jesus or something.

Clearly children died who can't be held guilty of anything but I have to believe that most Jewish people were not behaving properly and made God look bad and as a result even children who were innocent had to die because of God's anger with us. And that is horrible because I could have been an innocent child there but clearly God allowed the nazi's to exterminate many, many Jews and I have to believe the Jews most of the Jews supported immorality and by their behavior distorted what God stands for in a very serious way. I know in the torah there are two area's that discuss horrible things that will happen to us if we don't follow the torah and we found God loathsome even if we pretend otherwise which God reacts measure for measure that he finds us loathsome and ignores us.

God did show us mercy by creating Israel after but obviously this was not meant FOR GOOD that people died in the holocaust. In fact this kind of thinking is very bad when Jewish people want to pretend that suffering is meant for good as they refuse to make ask themselves maybe God is trying to tell you something and isn't happy.

It would be like having pain in your body and claiming it is for good which by ignoring it may make the problem worse which by the way some studies on positive thinking have found that people like this many times ignore things that by ignoring them make the problems worse later on.

In my own family most of my family is Orthodox but in many ways they support other ideologies that are really against Judaism. Even in Israel as well some of the so called religious have done some very immoral things in very holy area's like Hebron.

I don't want to sound like I am better then everyone else but as I have said most of my own people haven't treated me well and when I went through really tough time were happy about it and people who claim to be Rabbi's and religious and clearly I am sure it isn't just me. That in general they enjoy kicking those who really are down and if that is what religion is about God will be very angry at us as God is a just caring God that cares for all people and not just the Jewish people.

Analytical Adam said...

Just wanted to add most of the songs that men sing are either hebrew songs that you don't know the song means or a few english songs on being in Israel and learning or unity for it's own stake. (not great messages either although not a focus on oneself).

I don't remember any songs like this woman is singing teaching them to focus on themselves and God and that God always is with them which isn't true.

It is almost as if God is there henpecked husband.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Hope you are doing OK with all your busy work right now. Everything going well I hope!!!

Actually, a lot of Jewish music outside of Israeli pop/rock that is in Hebrew is either from tehillim, zemirot, or elsewhere in davening, so I can figure out the meaning pretty easily. I do have difficulties figuring out Brooklyn or yeshivish-y accents. No offense if you talk like that, just difficult for my new ear to discern. I seem to recall Ofra Haza did sing a few love songs but I haven't listened to a lot of her music in a while.