Monday, January 03, 2011

This interview I just noticed their staff. They have hired 2 men and 4 women.

The 2 male partners (that interview me) didn't notice this before I think one woman is his wife just now when sending a thank you letter. This is who they have hired which gives them 4 men and 4 women including the partners. They told me some of their people were part time at the interview. One of the men of the staff I don't think is Jewish not that this is wrong but that they have only hired 2 men I guess doesn't bode well for me. That is so called Orthodoxy for you today as most religious men do little to help other men and only like to help women. Even though men do have an obligation to work to support their family. I am sure there are many Jewish male accountants out there. This is in general not as they have hired 3 women and 2 men excluding which I think is his wife.

Orthodox Judaism is a girl's club (over 60% who are involved are women from what I have heard) with a few men who do well and to show they are not sexist punish men who are struggling. It is a real distortion of Judaism. They like to hire women and men who don't compete with them in also knowing anything about Judaism and only men that are either conservative or reform or not Jewish at all. This is my experience in some other interviews not this one. They seemed ok interviewing but I don't know. None of my experiences show that Orthodox Judaism today is anything more then about being very mean and harsh to men who are down which to me is not really show any belief in God and is a disgrace.


Analytical Adam said...

The other thing is a lot of Jewish women are taught to treat men in a nasty way as the male religious leaders treat them this way unless they are very wealthy so they do the same.

I don't know what to say anymore. Who needs bigotry when we have what we have and many of our own love to put their own men down.

It is the biggest reason why we have so many people unmarried as most women do want a man that works but we don't even help our own men. This is the biggest factor as well with the West and their low birth rates from what I have read.

Analytical Adam said...

Maybe there is a good reason for it. My own experience with "observant, Orthodox" what ever you want to call it men is very very negative. They love to pander to women and their wives love their husbands who put down men when they are down. Just lovely. This is why God took us out of Egypt for so men to make their wives happy would get pleasure out of kicking other men who are down.

They really seemed overall nice in the interview so maybe I am just upset because of other experiences with "observant men". Or maybe not. I don't know.