Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This blaming Sarah Palin is abusrd for this murder. And I dislike Palin and think she is a phony.

That is all I have to say. She has done nothing to suggest she is a conservative and her husband has very shady connections to say the least. He was a member of the independence party in Alaska that the founder Joe Vogler wanted to use Iran as a platform to separate from the US. Iran!!!

This pic I got from a group conservatives against Sarah Palin.

Also this guy she picked Joe Miller had a guy arrested at an event with his own private security. This is scary stuff. She is connected to very thuggish lawless men.

Joe Miller arrests reporter with private security

So I don't like Palin at all. The only thing I could say is at least she didn't her daughter to get an abortion which that in itself isn't so big but at least she cares about her daughter. You have politicians send their kid to private school while as a politician they support public school. So what you do with your own child doesn't mean as a politician you will do the same.

Palin's agenda is and has been feminism and she supported title IX which has shut down men sport teams for "equality" reasons. Like all other "equality" issues it is pushing men down to the womens' level not raising women up in any way. Which we are in the bottom 25% in Math and Science even though we have a lot of equality but it seems this is based on keeping men down which is why our overall score is low.

Here is an article about that. Of course anything men are good at we don't want to teach since it will create "inequality". It is about a year and a half old as I have heard it countless times and seen more recent articles which I can't find at the moment.

Math and Science Scores in the US

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