Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Starting next week I will be very busy due to tax season

Since I have a tax position in the evening and one during two days during the day and may have another one for the other three days. So I will be working at least over 55 hours and some weeks over 75. The tax area is not very evenly distributed sadly since most returns are done over a two to three month period. However, since this is an area I have knowledge in I guess I should take advantage of it although what happens after April 18th I have no idea.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Well aren't you the popular man around here. First you get a blog groupie hahahaha, now everyone wants to work with you. Congrats :)

Take your vitamins and eat good so you don't feel bad. Let me know if you need/want a care package while you so busy.

Analytical Adam said...

Thanks SouthernBelle Rivky. :)

Two of the jobs are a little interesting.

One as a said sadly is a guy who himself in one year was convicted of not paying state taxes which he did pay back.

The other actually is with I think either an arab or muslim financial and accounting firm.

So we will see what happens.

I got another call from someone else.

I am working four days for this financial and accounting firm as I working for someone else Wednesday and one day on the weekend. Although I have worked all five days it may have been more permanent since it wasn't just dong taxes but payroll as well but now I am just dong taxes.

Analytical Adam said...

I hope I get enough sleep.

I also have some on and off pain in my left fingers from typing and holding papers in an odd position while typing for many years.

These ergonomic keyboards help though.