Monday, January 24, 2011

Spengler on Radical Islamic Birth Rates.

Spengler on Radical Islamic Demographics

Interesting article. Islamic birth rates are also decreasing. One comment I do have to make is that the graph is talking about population which it takes two generation for the population to decrease when you have low birth rates if people mostly live till their 70's or 80's but a generation before you already have the problem of not enough young people even though it doesn't show up in the overall numbers just yet.
Also he does mention female literacy and just secularism as reducing birth rates as with all issues it is hard to pin what relationship there is between A and B. For example people who have more stress and aren't doing as well in life turn to smoking and just dong a study you could claim smoking causes you to do worse in life when the cause and effect could be the opposite or maybe c is the real reason. Both Iran and Saudi Arabia have a literary rate of about 85% a little lower in Iran at a little less at 84.7% whatever that means according to the 22009 World Almanac pg 769 and 805. Iran though is listed as a country with below 2.1 birth rate Saudi Arabia is not.

This also makes Iran dangerous as in the future they won't have as many young people to fight so the time is now for them and with their own decreasing population they need to conquer another nation.

Both countries give no rights to any other religion and in Saudi Arabia 100% of the population is Muslim and that is not something to be proud of they people are not allowed to practice another religion if their family practiced a different religion. So even Islam is going to have to deal with this issue of low birth rates and sadly Saudi Arabia is a country that isn't dirt poor and has a birth rate above replacement value which you have to give credit where credit is due even though they don't respect other religions. Israel as well by the way just barely at 2.3 but is that going to continue when some that have high birth rates do it through welfare.

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