Sunday, January 16, 2011

So the shul here in Passaic, NJ got special attention in abuse towards men.

Passaic Mesirah

A guy emailed me yesterday who once lived near what I live and none of this surprises me.

Mostly husbands they abuse and threaten using their political connections to go after men who don't have connections. Although in general I don't think you are putting another Jewish person in danger by going to a secular authority but here as I will explain I do.

And this shul Ahavas Israel had a signing for some gay rights bill in this Orthodox shul. See this link I posted at the beginning on this post and the video. Corruption to the extreme. Rabbi's and a so called Orthodox Jewish congressman working with liberal politicians and this Rabbi Rabbi Ron Eisenman using his shul to sign this bill. 

I do want to say though I do think in the area of divorce the secular concept that has developed of no fault divorce is not moral and is against any sense of respect of a person's property. For women sometimes as well if they bring a lot of money into the marriage. Our religious leaders should speak out against this instead of wanting their own rules but not caring of the morals of others. Also contract law understands if you want out of a contract that is long term you have to compensate the other person which no fault divorce doesn't agree with.

This idea that any time you go to a secular authority you are putting someone life in danger and are a moser is just not true. Having said that sadly in today's feminist environment many male judges enjoy using their position to hurt other men (some weren't popular and this is to get back at men) and this includes men who have fought overseas as well as they enjoy stripping them of all their rights and that being the case IN THIS SPECIFIC INSTANCE we shouldn't use courts that have established they are corrupt and don't respect basic rights but we should also speak out which I sadly see NO RELIGIOUS MAN say that this is immoral. The people the most hurt are the children and to put middle age women before children is just barbaric IMO. In fact Orthodox Rabbi's have used secular authority at times as well and I think to pretend otherwise is silly.

At least I know it isn't me. Although I remember about 8 years ago when my parents tried to blame me that I didn't trust the area and tried to give up my job and force me on medication which my Uncles and Aunts on my fathers side all supported to screw the only first born male in the family.

I now I found out which I will mention on another post my mother is good friends with a woman who was successful and married a man 11 years younger then him and then wanted a divorce and was righting out of the will. None of that bothers my mother so I know she wants to make less then my sister and has to keep me down even though as a man I can't contribute in other ways that women can. Any male dominance to my mother is unacceptable and my father seems to support it as he mentioned an article I will mention.

Just case after case of serious abuse in this shul which none of this surprises me.

Couple of addition observations since I posted this: This Rabbi's background was teaching in girls' Yeshiva's. Nothing wrong with but I have noticed that Rabbi's that teach girls and have all or mostly girls seem to be the Rabbi's that the communities want which is very unbalanced. Other thing is if this Rabbi was really concerned about children he would be concerned about what most abuse towards children is which is both emotional and intimidation and sometimes worse but is not sexual. Any Rabbi that the only issue they have with children is sexual abuse is clearly doing it for political gain. I don't think this is a major issue in the Jewish world other types of more subtle type of abuse are more common just as Jews are not known for certain sins but their sins are more subtle but still very wrong

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