Sunday, January 02, 2011

Seven of the Ten Plagues mentioned in this weeks reading.

We read of 7 of the 10 plagues.

The photo is from creative Jewish mom . com. Cute drawing of the some of the 10 plagues.

This is why the Jewish people have a higher obligation towards God then other nations in that we were completely at the mercy of Egypt yet God saved us from them in a miraculous way that clearly was from God.

Also interesting Egypt believed in magic but their magician's could not stop these plagues.

One of the more interesting plagues is the 5th plague in which the livestock in the field of Egypt have an epidemic but not the livestock of Israel. If they were separated I guess you can say it only affected part of the area.

Lastly, it is interesting reading that at a certain point of suffering God did feel they were punished enough and that now they were to be freed and while God let Egypt punish the Jewish people and for a while let them do this they were punished for it even though for a time God's face was hidden.

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