Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scary what is happening in Egypt.

Photo from WOR newsroom.

Scary what is going on with Egypt. This peace treaty between Israel and Egypt signed with Jimmy Carter and Menachim Began and Sadat has been a cold treaty as there is very limited business Israel does with Egypt. Egypt gets a lot of money from the US for signing this so they don't declare war in Israel but in every other way teach their citizens to hate Israel

This peace treaty took away the buffer they had if war broke out with Egypt. That buffer is a better bet then a piece of paper that depends on them accepting this. It really is frightening what is going on.

Israel wants the US to continue to support Mubarak who is now 82 years old and overall the country including Mubarak other then not openly declaring war on Israel in other ways has promoted anti-Semitic, and anti-Israel feelings. No business has developed between the two nations over the "cold" piece treaty. So to sign a treaty with a nation that has serious hatred towards Israel I don't know how long this piece of paper is going to hold up and in the end is just used by a dictator like Mubarak to get money from America.

I pray to God though the Muslim brotherhood does not take over in this vacuum. That would be the worst result I think but I really wonder if this peace treaty will last long term anyway. It has lasted 31 years of an autocratic rule of Sadat and Mubarak after the Muslim brotherhood murdered Sadat although to be fair there was autocratic rule before this as well. I am not sure this was even done out of accepting Israel more as it was for buying time because they couldn't defeat Israel militarily as they have done little to stop antisemitism in their own country which includes the government.

See Michael Savage's site. Also WOR's site has the latest on this development.


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