Sunday, January 16, 2011

My mother continuing to like this role reversal stuff. Rabbi Riskin founder of Lincoln Square cares about arabs, woman, but not Jewish men.

That hurts me although the family and Orthodoxy have no problem when men are mistreated. My parents want my sister to be more successful then men in all area's. I will say this guy who murdered her should be in jail but still this woman isn't a good person anymore then me having a friend that takes advantage of women a great deal and then his wife kills him which she should be in jail but this doesn't make the man a good person or someone you should be friendly with although you should want justice.

Anyway this is the link to this article in the Post which has no comments as my father told me my mother was in the paper which I guess forcing a divorce is not separating the family.

Here is the link. Kin Slam Slay Injustice

These were the thoughts I wrote a few days ago when my father told me this. I understand why my parents (especially my mother at this point) continue to pretend I don't exist and really don't want me to be able to have a decent living if that means I make more then my sister.

My mother is friendly with a woman from Lincoln Square Synogague the shul started by Rabbi Riskin and know for being very feminist oriented and if you look at Rabbi Riskin on Wikipedia it isn’t just women. Rabbi Riskin in Efrat works with arab male leaders. So let me get this straight. Rabbi Riskin works for everyone except Jewish and working for them and seeing what they have to say. Other Rabbi’s that I attended in school feel he is always had an ego and make up his own idea’s so he doesn’t have many male friends. So he likes to hide behind women and men from other religions but is afraid of men from his own culture. I know this game. I have seen it many times.

My whole family the religion is feminism and they want my sister do better then me which of course to do this they don’t spend equal time with each of us. I’m for equal time and caring not equal results or “better” results looking at what men have historically had.

I think my father supports feminism for his own job security (after all another man could take his job) and my mother thinks women are always victims and can’t get passed her own envy and always looking at what men have although when bad things happen to men she doesn’t care. She doesn’t take responsibility for her own decisions in life.

This woman who it seems like it was murdered but they didn’t do an autopsy so they ruled it an accident.  

I don’t like the woman not that this means the guy shouldn’t be in jail as come on   they was a custody dispute and the story she fell in a tub sounds suspicious to me although I hope they can still get an autopsy or other physical  evidence of this not really being what happened. She married a man 11 years younger then her and sounds like this role reversal type thing. She had all the connection as well as his family did not think highly of Orthodoxy (or at least the Lincoln Square Synagogue so called Orthodoxy) and she and her friends were connected with the Rabbi’s at Lincoln Square. And she made a lot of money and she was  having a bitter divorce and she wanted to cut him off from the will. Which when men divorce they compensate the women but I’ve learned that this role reversal thing is only in an area that a man has some advantage as he should have none.

However, let us reverse the roles. Let us say a man married a woman 11 years younger was very wealthy and gave a lot of money to Rabbi’s and went to a shul that this was the shul for very wealthy men and the woman had no connections and decided to be part of Orthodoxy even though her family isn’t or the guy didn’t even care that she wasn’t religious or maybe she wasn’t even Jewish and the Rabbi converted her since the Rabbi needs the money and his connections just like with Rahm Emanuel. Then he wants to divorce his wife and wants the children and not only this gives her no money and writes her out of the will. And he comes up dead one day and they believe the wife had something to do with it. Yes we would think the woman deserved to be charged but the man is a very disgusting man regardless and I wouldn’t think of any man who is good friends with him. It is one think to commit that he is getting away with it in this hypothetical case but it bothers me (nothing surprising me about my parents anymore) that my mother with a woman clearly that is all about this role reversal thing and to be fair I don’t what man in their right mind would marry a woman 11 years older (he was in his 20’s and she in her 30’) then them unless they themselves were a gold digger and because the woman had a lot of money which men that don’t want to work is always a red flag as that means they have a sense of entitlement which is bad for a relationship.  

My mother friendly with a man hating woman (and to be fair for him to marry a woman like this he had issues as well)  like this and a shul that is for Upper West side women who are doing financial well who want this role reversal thing certainly is terrible. This is not Orthodox Judaism at all.

The other thing is at the moment the children are with the paternal Grandparents and they don’t want the kids to be with the maternal Grandparents and they complain that they are separated “from the Orthodox culture.”. I have no doubt they would have done the same if they had the kids as they would say that these parents are hostile to Orthodox really just hostile to LSS but what kind of “Orthodox culture”. You mean where you marry a man who is 11 years younger where you have all the connections and money and then want a divorce and not give the guy anything for wanting out of the contract which is suppose to be for life. And you think the fathers side of the family isn’t part of the family which is what my mother said. They are being “separated” from the family. Well this woman in the first place wanted to separate the family. I guess when women break up families it is ok. I can understand that a legit issue is should the fathers parents have the children if this was a murder since they benefit from their sons actions but in general there as much the family as the woman side. No fault divorce seems to be the culture of the LSS and these women who are connected with the corrupt Rabbis who hate fathers as they are competition and her girlfriends. Lincoln Square Synogague the Rabbi’s have a history of wanting to work with women and male Palestinian leaders but Jewish men they don’t want to work with. I’m wondering if this guy is even Jewish who she married. Some of these Rabbi’s don’t care. According to them it doesn’t matter who the  He may have not been religious which also didn’t bother the Rabbi’s or this woman. And I don’t mean just doing certain rituals. I mean he was openly hostile to it.

In a case like this where the woman is a 11 year older, makes more money, and has more connections in Orthodoxy in general I don’t see her as a victim in a lot of this although this doesn’t excuse the man from murdering her which sadly they screwed up. I really make Orthodoxy look horrible though (this is just the Lincoln Square Synogauge) so Orthodoxy is about women who want divorce and want the children and want to not compensate the man in any way yet when the father side of the family takes the children as in this case with the Grandparents that is an injustice but no fault divorce isn’t. I’m wondering if  Rabbi’s at LSS have defended any middle class man or lower class man who never gets to see his children and he knows the mother is teaching the kids falsely to hate him. Doubt it. They don’t benefit politically from doing this which seems to be their main agenda.

At least I know my parents support the most liberal branches of so called Orthodox Judaism which it really isn’t and after all I am the enemy because I am also a man which the way my parents have treated me certainly since my sister has been alive speaks for itself. They want me to be helpless because after all women have to do everything better then men and when the agenda doesn’t suit them they don’t do the things that men have to do like work in a hostile environment for a paycheck, compensate the woman if he wants out of a marriage that the woman didn’t do anything that merits this as she has basically the same person he originally married.

This article had only 1 comment which either no one has read it or people have read it and sadly don’t think much of the whole situation and the woman even though I agree common sense would dictate he is a very strong suspect here and I would hope they can still get evidence that proves that he did it which I would think is an extremely strong possibility over 99%.

I just had to express this here which I am not surprised my mother likes Lincoln Square Synagogue and knowing Rabbi Riskin and this shul’s history it really is a very liberal branch of being so called Orthodox or observant which really isn’t the case.


SouthernBelle Rivky said... heart sank reading parts of this. I'm so sorry you are not being treated well by your family and neighborhood. You seem like a nice person and should be treated well. Do you parents read this??

I hope you find a mutually caring relationship and other friends too that will give you the support and encouragement you need.

Those stories you've posted are scary.

Analytical Adam said...

Thanks for commenting. You have given me support by posting and I do appreciate that. :)

At the end of the day God will preserve those who really follow the torah and those who don't will face what happens to any group that has tried to hurt the Jewish people that they became either completely extinct or just irrelevant. These kind of behaviors clearly are that you don't the way God created the world.

Sorry I haven't posted on the parsha yet. I am going to do that tonight or tomorrow.

I know some of it isn't personal but still it is hard enough being Jewish and it is so troubling that some people for their own agenda's keep their own men down.

I do find it revealing that Rabbi's never mention the idea of not giving one child to molech which applies both to Jews and other nations. (One of the reasons they were kicked out of Israel). Obviously this can take many forms. The Rabbi's don't consider it something that non-Jews aren't suppose to do even though it is the name portion that talks about improper sexual relations including with a woman in her time of separation which also applies to other nations. Why Jewish religious leaders don't care about these two things is sad.

(Leviticus 18:19-21)

Analytical Adam said...

Don't know if my parents read this but if they do I would hope they see it as just one post of many as they can see and this issue is bigger then them. Can they see this. I hope so if they do read it.

If they do read it and they are reading this comment I am not happy and if something happens to me now I don't know if they would preserve some of the things I care about from my books in my apartment and my writings.

Especially that I have this job with someone who has some things that concern me.