Monday, January 03, 2011

My job interview Friday.

I had an interview with a CPA firm on Friday with the 2 partners. A Jewish firm (they wear their skullcap don't know how to spell the other word). They work on Sunday instead of Saturday during tax season which I have worked on Saturday during tax season as it is either this or find another line of work.

Anyway, will I get the job I don't know.

On the positive side they seem to be efficient and technology wise in good shape which I think is important and try to follow GAAP. One of the guys seemed friendly and they seem to be fair in their questions to me.

On the negative side I do wonder if they think my experience is good enough for them as I have not done a lot of auditing and also not so much in financial statement preparation although it isn't that hard. Also, one of the guys was sort of saying his clients don't so much what they are doing and if they put their clients too much it isn't such a good sign. Thirdly, if I got the job I guess I would wear my skullcap since they do but at this point I am not into all the things they make Jewish men do. At this point in my life I usually don't pray 3 times a day and this whole concept is to replace sacrifices in the temple which to be fair wasn't done by every guy every day. I'm sure a few heads gave a sacrifice for their tribe but not every man did this every day. Which is my general concern at this point I am somewhat of an independent thinker in some ways and they may not like that. Which at this point I am not thrilled with the so called Orthodox world in general and this may come out and if I do get the job and they see I don't love any Orthodox group the job may be very short term. Lastly I put being a decent person before other idea's and they may not be that way and find me odd or whatever.

Just some thoughts going through my head.

If you have anything to say to help me sort through this please comment although at this point they may have decided to go with someone else as they are interviewing a few other people and already I may seem a little not as much part of the in group in it's strange way.


Kelly said...

Being an independent thinker is a good thing. Sounds like you would be best suited in your own firm, or maybe independent, not sure exactly how that would work, but it seems you were offered the job, I think no matter what your personal views are, they will realize they have hired a good employee who is smart and knows what he is doing, and that makes the company money and isnt that the reason that people are in business ;)

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Well, you have job offer now, so not sure how much of this is relevant to discuss now. Wanted to point out...kipa, kippah or the big word you were probably looking for yarmulke.

Easy way to remember yarmulke is another word you know that looks like it but pronounced completely different in a sentence. Picture it and you'll remember.

Mr. Adam was noshing on a pulke while wearing a yarmulke.

Looks like it should rhyme, but doesn't...but now maybe you remember. hehehehe...just being silly, what would you expect after a bit of sick leave from here.

Mr. Adam is definitely a big black velvet sort of guy too to match his cute overall penguin look...Just kidding, moderation is going back on for me for that one. :)