Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More about this evening tax job.

This evening job has an issue. The issue is that this guy who hired me actually has been convicted about a year ago of tax evasion of about 250,000 for the state of NY. He did pay it. He now works for an actual CPA who brought him in as he use to work for himself and he is not a CPA. Also just from going online he has a racy sense of humor from what I gather. My concern is of course he will ask me to do certain things that are questionable and quite aggressive positions to take on a tax return. Do I have to sign it. I don't know. Also some of the comments said he has a big ego. I did get the job easily and it may be because a lot of people of course can see this. Even on his site it says if you have a question about his tax charges to email him.

So this concerns me a little. He did pay and serve some time I think and I don't know what the issue was but clearly he could ask me to take on an aggressive tax position. It does seem he has a lot of clients but I don't know if that is because he takes positions that other accountants wouldn't take. So that is the situation.

What kind of clients would use someone like this other then those who just want the accountant to take as many deductions as possible. Although I will say that because of AMT over a certain number of deductions you will have to take AMT. As I said he is working for another CPA who had nothing bad about him that I found although maybe he is using someone elses name as I never met this other accountant but I can't believe it is made up as at one point he was just a tax preparer. Now he is part of a CPA firm that I guess this CPA bought his client list and brought him aboard.

My last job I was working with a woman that is friendly with a judge that gets her clients after he screws the men I'm sure. I think it is stealing even though it is legal today thanks to the socialist idea's of no fault divorce that don't respect property rights and contract law that would apply in any other contract.

But it is obviously not an ideal place to work and I don't know what could happen and also reading that this guy has a big ego and a seedy sense of humor.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Wow, that is rather interesting. Of course don't do anything you don't feel comfortable with. I have no idea what is legally or ethically questionable in your field, but don't risk anything. You are too smart for that, but don't suckered in out of feeling pressured.

Can I give out your contact info?? Unless you have a non-compete agreement or something maybe I find you a couple small clients. I keep telling you'd be great on your own!!

Analytical Adam said...

It is not so easy SouthernBelle Rivky. Of course they can tell me you don't want to do this we will let you go.

Yes SouthernBelle Rivky. You can give out my contact info that I am a CPA and have experience doing tax returns. The issues are the cost of tax software and for a few clients I would lose more money then I would make. Maybe I could do it with the tax practice of this person I will be working with during the day as I don't have my own tax program as they can be expensive (and for a few clients I would lose money) as maybe he will put this years tax program in my laptop as well or I can do it in the office. I'll let you know about this because to do tax returns with my own software I need to purchase software and for a few returns I am not sure it is worth it as I may have to take out a loan. There are a few relatively cheap tax software just for 1040's. Not TurboTax or H & R block which really is made for the individual and not for an accountant to do the return.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

I know it isn't so simple, but wanted you to be strong. That's all.

I think you'd do well on your own. I told you before I like to help people and you got all mad at over that before.

Analytical Adam said...

That is all very nice. TO help someone though you have to hear what they have to say as well.

To help someone just telling them what they should do when the other person knows a little more is really just tooting your own horn. It is easy to tell someone else what to do since you are in control. It is harder listening to what they have to say but you can't help someone if you don't hear what they have to say.

I can't make a living just dong taxes at this point although maybe I can make a little extra. I don't have enough contacts to do this. You having confidence in me I appreciate but it doesn't change the reality. Maybe over a period of time I could but not now.

Analytical Adam said...

Most people in the world want to help others. The question is this only on their own terms where they control how to help someone. Meaning they don't trust the other persons judgment. Instead of worrying about me being mad at you you should have a little compassion that I am in a situation that could be difficult and hard working for a guy who in his past was convicted of not paying taxes for one year of 250,000 and has a trashy sense of humor from what I read. He is working for someone else but still I think he does most of the decisions.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Well I wasn't expecting to change reality, yours, mine or anyone elses. I know I'm not that good...hahaha. Just help a little bit. That's all and that is doable.

But I wasn't going to bother you if you felt you had enough on your plate already. I'm not a mind reader which is why I asked you first.

Takes years to build up a client base, but you have to start somewhere. Maybe after having a few of your own clients, you decide you like working for someone else or you find by starting out small, you do great and get more referrals and it is better than you thought. Worth a try if you are up for it.

I obviously do care and have compassion to chat so much back and forth with you, bounce off ideas and such. Otherwise I'd ignore you or make some snarky remark, which I don't if I wasn't worried for you. Wasn't trying to come across bossy, just concerned for you, even if my helping is limited which I know it is.

Analytical Adam said...

OK. Fair enough.

Anyone else reading this blog have any feelings on this. Is this job just going to last a week if I don't do some things that aren't right or I shouldn't worry too much as the guy knows since he got caught (whether it was in a gray area or not. Not sure) I would think that he won't be as aggressive as he once was in taking certain positions.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Well, like I said, I do think you do have some valid concerns on the job which is why I said to be careful. Didn't mean for it to sound like you are dumb and didn't know any better, of course you do, just it is something I'd be concerned about. I'd still take the job if don't have anything else at the moment but if it is too shaky, then don't feel bad for jumping ship. At least you gave it a try. Your professional repuation is worth more than being pressured to do something not honest that is my worry.

But you also don't know all the details. Like you said, it could be a matter of interpretation, he took too liberal stance and got caught up in that and if so, probably going swing the opposite direction. Still that's not good what happened, but it is better than being outright dishonest. I mean even really good doctors can make a mistake, it doesn't mean they are horrible, just bad things can happen if not careful. Another firm did hire him after that which might be good sign.

The bad sense of humor is not good, but maybe he is strictly professional on the job, and saves being gross for after work. Still not 'great' character trait, but then again, for business purpose that aspect of his life is less relevant if he doesn't display it at work.

I do hope it works out for you. I really want to read that you are working and doing well in upcoming posts :)