Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Michael Savage idea' to improve our economy vs. China

He mentioned some good things.

Get rid of the EEOC. Couldn't agree more. The only way to avoid the EEOC is to end up hiring less qualified women and minorties and doing that at the end of the day may make you less competitive and you go out of business to a company that risks hiring less women and minorities. Much higher turnover by hiring women which costs a lot of money to retrain. Or women not getting married or having children because they don't want to hurt the country and that is not good either. So it is a no win situation.

Sadly we have spineless religious leaders that don't care even though in their profession they don't have to follow the EEOC and don't care that the bible says a man has a higher obligation to work.

They demand a man support his wife and don't care if the climate makes it impossible for the man to do this as the companies are worried about being sued if they don't hire enough women and minorities. I think a woman should help but since a woman first obligation is to take care of the children and take care herself when she is pregnant and nursing so they have other roles to play that are important which men play a lesser role in.

Also stop workers comp which he says 90% is bogus. And tort lawyers. Momst of this is bogus and we really should have like in other countries a loser pay rule which would stay these bogus lawsuits of big companies because they could get a big payout even if they only have a 10% chance of winning it is worth the bogus lawsuit.

Also he mentioned the EPA although he does say at least in some cases they have some good cause but they have gone way out of control.

IN CHINA I'M SURE THEY DON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE EEOC, WORKERS COMP, THE EPA AND FRIVILOUS LAWSUITS. It is so annoying that so much is made in China and yet they are only allowed to have one child for all their labor.

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