Thursday, January 27, 2011

Last weeks bible reading of Yitro Chapters 18-20 in Exodus. 10 commandments

Very interesting reading. I did mention a part of this weeks reading last year and here is the link for this. Click Here

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This is the week Moses the Israelite people receive the torah and the 10 commandments. They are told to prepare as this will be in 3 days and to and YHWH tells Moses to tell them Go to the people and sanctify them today and tommorrow and they should wash their clothing. Let them be prepared for the 3rd day. (Exodus 19:10-11) And Moses tells them Be ready after a three day period do not draw near a woman. Which I guess that due to them receiving the torah from YHWH they have to put normal relations aside and their love and fear had to be towards YHWH only.

IN general relations between a husband and wife if only based on love for each other without any higher reason a lot of times will not be good for long term prospects of the marriage and it being a happy marriage that there is real love and respect on both sides.

We see that Israel received the 10 commandments with thunder and lightning in which God was demanding how much this is a responsibility that you are being given. God says here he is a jealous God who punishes to the 3rd and 4th generation but rewards for 2,000 generations (Exodus 20:6) So even though God rewards more then he punishes and is a loving God, nevertheless God is not a pushover and we receive the torah in a very frightening seen. So much so that they asked Moses to speak and not God. (Exodus 20:16).

A couple of points I wanted to make.

It seems that Moses is talking to the men since he says to not draw near a woman. I guess the men relayed the message to the women as I think they were there as well as these laws apply to them as well and they are obligated by them as well unless maybe since maybe they are pregnant or nursing or taking care of the young and couldn't be there but they would be able from talking to their husbands pick up what transpires. Don't know the answers just thinking here.


The 4th command. Remember the Sabbath day to sanctify it Six days shall you work and accomplish all your works but the seventh day is to YHWH your God you shall not do any work - you, your son, your daughter, YOUR SLAVE, YOUR MAIDSERVANT, YOUR ANIMAL, AND YOUR CONVERT WITHIN YOUR GATES. (Exodus 20:8) Sadly and in this regard I find it offensive and I think this is Rabbi's of the Babylonian Talmud unless this is more recent have this walk around by getting a "goy" some nonjew to "hint" to turn on a light for them which they can't do or turn the TV so they can watch a ballgame on the Sabbath. This is important stuff who is going to win the ballgame. But here is suggests that anyone in your household should celebrate the Sabbath with you and doing this clearly you act like they shouldn't celebrate it with you. Even an animal. Yet you see people who use someone in their home to violate the Sabbath for them and it goes against this whole passage clearly.

The 5th command: Honor you father and your mother so that you days will be lengthen upon the land that YHWH your God gives you.

Parents also have to obey God and of course in Abraham's case God told him to leave his father. Also it says a man should leave his father and mother and cling to his wife. Also what is parents make it hard for others to be parents which means when they get old they will have no one to take care of them which I have seen older people including women who have never been married and are not going to have any children. Our God is a jealous God but also rewards for 2000 generations which is mentioned right after saying about being a jealous God so it isn't just based on fear. Yet you have those that just focus on children respecting parents when there overall behavior it is hard to respect them other then you wouldn't be here without them.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Didn't really have anything new to add for parsha. Just wanted to wish you good Shabbos!!!! And stay warm :)

Analytical Adam said...

Thank you SouthernBelle Rivky!!! That is sweet. :)

You too!! Have a Good Shabbos!!!

I hope you found it interesting though and this whole issue of asking a nonjew to violate the Shabbas for you. Oh, yeah. Hint. I forgot. It really seems to violate the 4th commandment IMO.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Thanks for your note and I sent one back!!!

So I have big shabbos question for you. What do you do if you have serious problem in the apt? Like there's a broken faucet running or other bathroom problem, or or the flame on the burner goes out leaving gas running. Something that's not a true emergency but could be very damaging if left until after Shabbos. Do you think it's OK to get the super (assuming not Jewish) or someone that knows how to fix over Shabbos to take care of it, at least the immediate problem so it doesn't become a big mess.

Analytical Adam said...

The answer is yes and for a very good reason. I know sadly the Rabbinic world doesn't believe in property rights but I am renting and it is my landlords property. Not mine. If my landlord doesn't care then I would wait. But it is his property not mine because I am a Jew and he is a goy so therefore everything is mine which is the attitude among some. If there is a broken faucet I think my landlord and not for me to wait after my Shabbos which my landlord is around on Saturday as he does haircuts on Saturday.

My landlord would want to know if there is a gas problem. It is not his Shabbos and he is not working for me so if it is a problem and he is around he may want to know.

That is different then shuls which is their property and they have a "Shabbos Goy" or Rabbi's that have someone in their home who does certain things in their home they can't do. Someone who works for you should not violate the Shabbos for you which the Rabbinic rules of "hinting" to a goy in our home and in our house openly violates the 4th commandment that shows those who in our home should keep the Shabbos with us.