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Last weeks Bible Reading of Exodus 6:2-9:35- The Geneology of Aaron, Moses and Pinchas.

Yesterday we read from 6:2- the end of chapter 9 in Exodus. In 6:14-6:27 it goes through the genealogy of Aaron, Moses, and Pinchas. I drew a chart for myself. Sorry I don't have it here.

Aaron and Moses were the Great Grandson's of Levi. It was only 3 generations from Levi although Moses and Aaron were both older at this time. Aaron was 83 and Moses was 80 so they likely were additional generations.(Exodus 7:7) They then discuss Aaron's 4 children (the 2 oldest had no children died for a sin they committed) and his 3rd child had Pinchas. This was the Grandson of Aaron and 5 generations from Levi and I would think he was already have been born to be mentioned now. They brought down the genealogy of Aaron, Moses, and Pincheas.

A couple of points on this whole process here in the bible.

- They mention Levi's older brothers (Reuven and Shimon) but none of this younger brothers. It seems in every generation to get to Moses they mention the older brothers and their descendants but not the younger ones. I guess that is out of respect to the older sibling that I guess he may have played some role in the younger sibling being who he is.

- 3 women names are mentioned. One other woman just the nation is mentioned which sounds more negative then positive as the son of Shaul it says the son of a Caananite women. The 3 women who are mentioned are Jochebed, Elisheba, and Putiel. (6:23-25). Jochebeb was who Amram married who begot Aaron and Moses. Elisheba is who Aaron married. And Putiel is who his 3rd son Elazar married who begot Pinchas.
So the reasoning seems to be that these women begot men that stood out for their righteousness and part of that is due to their wives who are mentioned.

- Miriam is not mentioned as the children of Amram. She was the older sister of both Aaron and Moses. If you're going to give a mother credit you should give to lesser extent an older sister credit as well. My only response to this is that she is mentioned in the bible and is well known (more so then her mother. How many people knew who Miriam, Aaron, and Moses mother is) so it wasn't needed to repeat it here and give her special mention since in general it was for genealogy purposes although the mother of the famous men are mentioned as they deserve their name being mentioned since they aren't mentioned elsewhere. Moses wife wasn't mentioned either as it was mentioned earlier although his sons did not turn out as good as Aaron's did as it doesn't mention Moses children here only Aaron's his older brother. Which in that regard Aaron did outdo Moses.

Thought this was interesting as I think it does show that for a woman to be remembered her role as a mother to her son or even an older sister to help men develop in a moral way and keep away immoral influences (as the case with the Matriarchs as well) is something that they have a unique role in.

It is sad that in this focus on egalitarianism for no higher purpose other then an end for itself many women have been robbed of the area's they clearly naturally have influence over more so then a man. Sadly this also plays out in women that are jealous of women that do have this role and sadly you have stories in child protective services who have never been married who are very quick to take children out of a home when part of their motivation is jealousy.

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