Sunday, January 09, 2011

Last post for this week on the bible reading. This from the prophets we read.

This was from the prophets of Jeremiah which was read yesterday.

The word of YHWH- For I am with you though I shall make an end to all the nations where I have dispursed you but of you I shall not make an end, I shall punish you with justice but I shall not destroy you utterly.(Jeremiah 46:27)

It is something to read that I hope that isn't true of all nations (the prophets know more then me although hopefully that won't happen in a long time) although we know in history nations sadly have come and gone and had their time of glory and at one point they were righteous but over time became corrupted. But regardless it isn't a free ride for us as sadly God at times clearly has been harsh to his own people obviously as they must have sinned in a way that distorted the name God and made God look bad.

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