Sunday, January 16, 2011

An intersting fact about the church in France which is a problem in Judaism as well.

From the book the church impotence by Leon J. Podles.

The Catholic church in France has maintained it's presence in society through the influence of women. This strategy has even affected the teaching of doctrine.

Though the church has always condemned contraception, in France, even peasants practiced coitus interruptus to limit the division of their inheritance. Acting on the advice of Alphonse de Ligouri, confessors decided that women were not guilty if their husbands practiced this force of contraception.

This decision was based on fear that rigorism would alienate women and the church would lose all influence and the church WOULD LOSE ALL INFLUENCE IN FRENCH SOCIETY (My comment: So we see here the reason is political and it is similar in my own religion of Judaism and they kept their power mostly through women and clearly were less respected by men. However, God does not play favorites to one gender although we have different dominance.)

(My comments: And then the church here in their comments are basing it even more on poltics as they go on to say)

In 1842 the Trappist (and doctor) Debryne argued against a rigorist position on the use of contraception. One should give serious attention to this that one should not alienate women through an imprudent rigor the matter is of IMMENSE IMPORTANCE.
THE COMING GENERATION IS IN THE HANDS OF WOMEN, THE FUTURE BELONGS TO HER. If the women get away from us with her everything will disappear and vanish into the abyss of atheism- faith, morality, and our whole civilization

(My comments: So we see here clearer the church felt that politics would more focus on women and therefore to keep themselves relevant that had to care about not offending women. It doesn't sound like they cared about offending men sadly because to these leaders the men politically weren't as important. Of course this whole action is ungodly in that you are just playing to politics. It is the same reason that people don't care about Jewish people because politically another group is better to care about. But in the end God does see. Yet sadly our own religious leaders do the same and I think for reasons that have to do with them wanting to think it is so IMPORTANT FOR THEM TO STAY IN POWER even though their actions show they aren't so moral.)

(Continued my comments:So I really hope that Judaism RECOGNIZES our own tradition that at time just as with the church has more to do with politics then what the torah really says. God does not hate men and to turn Judaism into this is defaming God to do this and this could cause God to allow our enemies to hurt us and God not protecting us because rather then really believe in God we just use religion for our own political power grabs.)

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