Sunday, January 09, 2011

In the Parsha Bo (Exodus 10-13:16) the obligation of the first born male and other obligations

Since God saved the first born Jews every first born Jewish male has to be redeemed which they call a Pidyeon Haben which just means redeeming the child as I think they give money to a Cohen. Actually, how do they do it? I'm not actually sure.
Also I do wonder why it is just men since it says that in every household among Egyptians there was a corpse. So why just the men? I know Pharoh wanted to kill just the boys born and let the girls live or maybe that is defined as only a first born man in every household someone was a first born male. As this hebrew word only means first born male. Not sure but would think that is the case because otherwise why would this only apply to a first born male.

They also have the other obligations some which we don't do today since there is no temple. They put the blood of the pesach offering on their doorposts so God would pass over their house.

Also the fact the Israelites had to act non-leavened bread (which we do on Passover today) shows that they had to rush out of the land and this wasn't some conquest on their part.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Well mr. firstborn male, maybe you have pidyeon haben and you don't remember it?? Then again, you need to know this because maybe you'll have a starring role in your kid's!!!!

Actually it is so qualified that it isn't that common but I've seen it 3 times. This actually worries a lot of women, who think they will get talked about if situation disqualifies it, so it gets explained. A lot of things rule it out besides just being first born boy, must be a normal birth-not a c-section, no prior miscarriage before the first born, both parents are not from levi or kohain famlies, and a few other rules I forget. I've read recenting debating opinions if IVF baby counts (simarily, I've heard an baby resulting through an egg donation might need a conversion).

Can't believe you haven't been to one. So what you do is you bring the baby to a kohain along with a nice proof set of silver coins. There's a lot of people, so I think a minyan is needed The baby goes on a big silver tray (like a Thanksgiving turkey) and women attending put the jewelry they are wearing on the tray. Don't know if that is required or just a Sephardic thing to look pretty. There's a bunch of Hebrew stuff... Sephardi style much more interesting, you get to haggle over the baby like it's a business deal, but with lots of dramatic acting for fun until you successfully make the deal by handing over coins and keeping the baby. And then everyone noshes, usually it's like a fancy brunch.

Anyways, it is a very sweet ceremony. Hope you get to go to one soon, even better you have your own kid's to go to :)

Analytical Adam said...

Thanks for sharing.

My mother was 25 when she had me. Father was 27. And they were married for about a year. So I don't think any of these applied.

I know about the increase in C-sections and sadly a lot of it is to avoid lawsuits. Obviously there are times it is needed but not as much as it is used now as there is no reason why the percent of C-sections increased other then fear of lawsuits because of lawyers like John Edwards who would claim that if a doctor performed a C-section the kid wouldn't have cerebral palsy which has been proven to be false but the lawyers don't have to pay the doctors back the settlement that the lawyer and the family got.