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How the Rabbi's from the Babylonial Talmud became so dominant.

It is an interesting from the Kararite website. Obviously the two groups don't like each other although it offends me that Rabbinic Judaism continues to bear false witness and say things that are not true. Also the level of censoring thought on so my web sites and blogs which includes the so called "modern" ones. I just had this on the Jewish idea blog when I mentioned the issue with Matrilineal descent. UPDATE. THEY DID POST MY COMMENT. You do have though sites like End the Madness that censor posts.

This is what their site says on how the Babylonian Talmud became so strong.

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From the link.

"In the early middle ages the Pharisees continued to thrive. They began to call themselves Rabbis and only used the name Pharisees when remembering historical events from the Second Temple period. In the 7th century the Islamic Empire swept the Middle-east. The Muslims had no interest in imposing Islamic religious practice on the Jews and gave them a degree of autonomy under a system known as the Exilarchate. The Exilarchate had been founded hundreds of years before under Sassanian rule but until now only had influence in Babylonia and Persia. Overnight the Rabbanites turned from a localized Babylonian phenomenon into a political power which stretched throughout much of the Middle-east. From the 3rd-5th centuries the Babylonian Rabbanites had developed a body of religious law known as the Babylonian Talmud which they now imposed on every Jew in the Empire."

(My comments. Very interesting. Having read this let us be honest. The Muslims and Mohammed turned against the Jews in the 6th century and murdered Jews in now Saudi Arabia. In other lands they tolerated the Jewish people but they certainly didn't love them. They likely gave the Babylonian Talmud Rabbi's a lot of power because they would do what the government said and would sell their own people down the river to have power by the government. I can't believe the Muslims would want a real group of Jewish leaders to rule over the Jewish people. So it wasn't JEWS THAT GAVE Rabbi's this power. It was Muslim rulers. It is also interesting that we have a prayer for the government but for the people of a nation. Many religious Jew think the only nonjews we should care about are the men in the government. Also I have also wondered why the Talmud that was created in Israel is ignored. It does seem odd to me.)

Resistance to the Rabbinites was fierce, especially in the eastern provinces of the Empire which had never even heard of the Talmud. The historians tell us of Jewish leaders whose resistance against the Talmud put them in direct conflict with the Islamic government, which had empowered the Rabbis and given them full authority over other Jews. One resistance leader who refused to accept the Talmud was named Abu Isa al-Isfahani and it is said that he led an army of Jews against the Muslim government. Other attempts to cast off the Talmud were also undertaken but all failed and the Rabbanites and their Talmud seemed unstoppable.

(MY COMMENTS: So the Rabbi's of Babylon enforced their version of the torah through the Muslim government according to this article by the Kararites and used the government to squelch any differing view of certain laws and as I siad the Muslims gave this group much power because they more concerned about their own power then their own people which is what the Muslims wanted leaders that would oppress their own people.)

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