Monday, January 03, 2011

Going to the bank I was really annoyed when I saw this Jewish guy praying outside in a weird way

This was right where I live. This guy was doing this weird shuckle outside while his wife and some other women were at the ATM machine.

It looked so idiotic. It annoys me that the way men pray today in both spirit and form go against the fact that it was to replace sacrifices and you gave a sacrifice to the Cohen I think for your family or some male leader represented the whole tribe. Today it seems this idea of making men pray has more to do with this anti male type of philosophy that men are idiots and have to pray to God because they are idiots and otherwise would forget God which I have to disagree. Just the vibes I pick up that the women like when their husbands pray in these weird ways.

It is a desecration of God's name. Anyone who sees this is going to think that the Jewish God is some whacked out God that likes to punish men while their wives laugh when they pray. Also, I have to say this is not proper way to approach God like this.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Not that you'd know this, but there's quite a few women that do shuckling stuff too. So don't think it is a gender thing. Maybe the women and men that do this stuff are married or otherwise related, I don't know.

Generally, I've seen this done in the more in the right wing places that look at me funny for not wearing all drabby black (how boring and unoriginal). Or in outreach situations where somebody clearly picked it up from somewhere else because it looks super frum to do this and they don't know any better or that they look silly.

Well for what it's worth, beyond the normal movements people make during davening it is distracting. Like someone is so bored or tired they'd fall asleep if they weren't moving around. Which if they are, maybe they ought to stay home and daven later when they are feeling more up to it. Interestingly one isn't suppose to walk within 6 (?)feet (maybe it's 3 or 4) of someone davening, so not to break their concentration. But it is OK to do weird jerky movements to annoy the people around you.

Analytical Adam said...

OK. Well in this case it really seemed that the women just like the men acting weird (while they act and dress much more normal) which I do see. I was at a single even in West Orange in which when the guys were praying the women were chatting away and like acting in my view very disrespectfully and it does seem to me a lot of the women look at it then men should pray because they are stupid idiots and have to pray which they don't which is not really true as I said here on the post.

Analytical Adam said...

It is true that Rabbi's are very harsh to men for stupid things.

I know CC says that if a man walks 4 Amot (this is a hebrew measurement for those not understanding) without his head covering he is doing a horrible sin. Never mind this is a custom. Nothing like that is said about women and it does have the effect of women thinking that men are just horrible people that have to follow rules and at the drop of a hat they deserve vicious condemnation. This is what God took us out of Egypt for and saved the first born Jewish men so Rabbi's can enslave other men. That is what is seems to me and no question there is this harshness towards men for no real reason other then most men don't serve the men in positions of power politically while the men in position of power like when women respect them and don't want to go hard on them for politics reasons from what I know and what I Have read in a book called church impotence which discusses how the church leaders to keep themselves relevant did not want to alienate women in any way and have said so in their writing. We have imitated this or maybe we taught them this I don't know.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Well plenty of rabbis in the past didn't wear any head covering at all. Ditto for a lot of people's grandparents when they came over. Not to mention some Sephardim wore Arabic looking things like a fez. Outside big metro areas like NYC, LA and Miami and the like, I don't think it is safe, especially in certain parts of the South. Not that it is dangerous per se, but not a good idea to call attention. That being said, I do kind of like the old style dressy hats though. It sort of looks classy I think. Not that it's required, I just think it is a cool look but I'm weird.

Ditto for women and hair covering. There are PLENTY of lousy things said about women that don't cover Seriously anything there is a natural disaster like in Haiti or the tsunamis, there are major ravs that will blame it on women not covering or supposedly don't do it correctly (either not enough or the never ending sheitel debate). All the girls get mass emailed on how we so bad and horrible and it our fault that lack of modesty caused horrible things to happen to unfortunate people. I think I deleted all that stupidness, but I'll copy it if I come across it.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

OK Mr. Adam, since you brought up singles event, I have big question for you!!! So what exactly are women suppose to do while the men are off davening? This doesn't affect me since I sort of gave up going to most singles events for the reasons that we've covered before, but I'm nosy and who knows maybe I'll be inspired again and will know what to do. So are there lots of good men in West Orange wherever that is? One of these days you'll spill the secret!

Even at shul, the cool people are chatting away and sort of annoyed at the people davening, so I'm not sure one could expect anything different in an ad hoc situation? I do think one should just stay home if one is going to yak away and bother everyone else.

Analytical Adam said...

This situation was in a persons house where after a lecture men were praying (or some of them were) and while they were doing this they were talking really loudly most of them.

Which doesn't suggest to me the women think much of these prayers or that ha, ha, ha we are exempt which really the only reason certain things women were exempt for was that their children came first. Not to have discussions while men pray.

But for the most part for myself as I have said I basically saw Shema in the morning and put on my tefilin as the whole thing is to replace sacrifices which I don't think was given by every man every day and I don't think to just pray to God just to pray when it is insincere and just to part of a boys club.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

OK, if it makes you feel any better, some of the places I've learned at that were co-ed, not egalitarian, significantly Sephardic, but never married women were expected to go daven with the men, well separately of course, but we had the same 3 times a day business. Well sometimes we girls got out of Maariv. Married women, or women that had kids, were exempt, even though they weren't doing anything maritial or kid related, so they got to sit and chat. Really annoyed me. The rationale was that Yaakov was davening Mincha when Rivkah showed up so us single girls have to do our effort in finding bashert. UGH!!!! Well Rivkah wasn't davening when she fell off the camel...always wanted to say that, but I'm too quiet to cause a problem. Girls did get to nosh beforehand since we are so fragile...

It was not spiritual or inspiring. Actually my Hebrew was really bad (still is but a bit better) and I was frustrated pretty much most of the time since men were whizzing right through it. It can't be that meaningful if one is just hurrying to get the words out because it is required. I'm not picking on men, I understand, it is sort of rote. It didn't make me more familiar with anything, just sort of was upsetting in a way. That being said, I do like the Torah reading part during the week. That is the best part I think.

I do think there are bigger priorities than davening 3 times a day. Either for men or women. After all, we make brachot over food and all sorts of daily things, and out of the ordinary events, so it is not like one is forgetting Hashem. I think the daily and the spontaneous words are more valuable.

Analytical Adam said...

Well I don't think women are so fragile I don't know if you are being sarcastic.

I agree with most of what you are saying as I don't see men saying prayers that have little sincerity and prayers no one can say every day having any healthy impact on them.

And God doesn't need our prayers or to kiss up every day. A good boss is more concerned with your actions then making requests every day for yourself or others. It is the same with God A good boss would want you to do something with your skills.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Yes, I was being funny about the fragile comment but that was the rationale given, so I wanted to make fun of it being so stupid. Figured Mr. Adam would let me get away with it and would spare me lecture on being disprespectful to big holy super smart outreach ravs and their wonderful ideas and how i'm going to gehinnon for not thinking how great they are :) I'm kidding!!!

My being silly a lot gets me into big big trouble with you a lot of times when you think I'm being serious, and you give me such a hard time over something I'm making fun of because it too hard to resist not to.

That being said, you do often have a very funny sense of humor when least expected which is even more funny. :)

Analytical Adam said...

This time I was thinking you may be being sarcastic since we have been exchanging idea's and I didn't you really believe that so I was right.

Sometimes I misread you. I hope that is ok. You misread me before on one of my posts. It is a little harder on a blog to tell if someone is being sarcastic or not.

Anyway I wish one day Jews actually practiced Judaism rather then take the worst idea's from other religions and pretend it is their own idea.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Oh we get along great overall Mr. Adam!! :) Look at all the exchanges over all months. Kind of record setting!!!

By the way, thanks for changing posting settings. Makes me so happy!!! hehehe get instant gratification now instead of having to wait around.

Have a good shabbos!!!

Analytical Adam said...

Thanks SouternBelle. I am glad I made you happy. I decided at least at the moment that I seem to be getting mostly good comments and I realized it is easy for me to see recent comments and delete those that are spam or abusive or otherwise.

Sorry though that my twin brother is not available but I am if you ever want to meet or something. :)

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

I said we can meetup ages ago!!!!!

Analytical Adam said...