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Europe Islam and Demogrpahics another view. Some Islamic countries also have low birth rates. Part 2

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Islam and demographics another view part 1

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The solid surfer Europe and Islam

But will this bring Sharia law, as Steyn fears? I don't think so. Even under the most high-growth projection (which is by no means certain), Muslims will remain a minority on the Continent. Their radicals may want Sharia law, but they won't get it at the ballot box.

My comments: I would tend to agree. The ones that are having many children through welfare and women marrying men that don't work can't last long term. There are fanatics in all religions in their own way and most sooner or later lose their support.

Much more worrisome, though, is the prospect of increased terror and violence as the Muslim population expands. Best case, they'll assimilate smoothly, but based on recent history, I'm concerned that Europe could end up in a horrible civil war. A war, I might add, that radical Muslims will most certainly lose, but a war nevertheless, with possibly devastating loss of life and destruction.

My comments: I would hope not. But this again shows the danger of the low birth rates in Europe (and unsustainable government programs) that have led them to bring in young men from other countries although I admit it puzzles me why from countries where many of the men don't want to work and are not unemployable. Maybe I am missing something and that isn't the true picture.

Europeans can, of course, easily avoid this scenario by taking a few basic steps: limit Muslim immigration, export radicals who preach violence, and cut off the Saudi petrodollars financing extremism. These actions alone won't solve the Continent's fertility-based worker shortage problem (although this might), but should at least prevent Islamists from taking advantage.

My comments: Somehow the fertility issue has to be addressed which sadly it will likely offend many women so it won't be until something terrible happens in Europe.
That is the sad situation and America and Canada are going to be in a similar situation with their low fertility rates which to me is the bigger issue then Islamists. Sadly they would rather hire men from a foreign country then their own men which also continues the problem.

Steyn's conclusions may be flawed, but his urgent advice that the West must awaken to this problem is nevertheless entirely on the mark.

My comments: I agree. I don't know what to say other that when the government starts pandering to women who are by nature somewhat more dependent we end up with these problems.

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