Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Difference between the real Van Trapps and the movie.

For the sake of this blog and some of the issues I wanted to discuss it is interesting that the real family the oldest child was a boy while in the sound of music they made the oldest child a girl and switched the gender of the oldest two children. Why they had to do this I don't know? I guess having a man is the oldest is not as appealing to the masses even though that was the true oldest. That is sad as it doesn't take anything away from the family.

The family did really get away before Hitler took over Austria and the part that they claim they wanted him for the military is not true as he was Georg Van Trapp was at the time 58 years old.

It is an interesting story. He lost his money and his second wife decided to make money through singing which he at first thought was not a dignified way to make a living. Check out the wikipedia entry for more.

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