Tuesday, January 18, 2011

China premier coming to US. Support N Korea and population control and repress religion.

China criticizes the dollar

Chinese Premier Hu coming here and is putting down the dollar.

I do think they are the biggest danger in the world. This is what I wrote on my Facebook account on this a few days ago. I added some stuff as well. This is what I said.

China is a very evil country and they are a big danger to the world. They support North Korea and there starving their own people and Kim Jon Ill and the vicious treatment of their own. I would recommend the book the Aquarium of Pyongyang which discusses a man and his family who was in a gulag in 10 years. At the time he was there their medical system was bad (his father did not trust the medical system for an illness he had) but in some other area's they were still doing ok. The food shortage took a while as these kind of policy doesn't completely destroy the economy right at the beginning but over time it will destroy the economy. How he was treated in the gulag that he was in for 10 years is horrifying. They learned to eat rats for their own survival. From this book you learn China does support North Korea when he was threatened with being put in a gulag and he escaped to China with what transpired. He now lives in South Korea. Anyway.

Here is link from amazon on the book. The Aquariums of Pyongyang

They only allow women 1 child (2 if they live in a rural area and the first child is a girl) and this policy allows them to pay men low wages with small families if a family at all as many men can't get married because of an imbalance in gender.

This policy will reduce the young workforce rapidly if 2 adults have in most cases only 1 child if any at all so China has to fight another country and take them over to get more young workers as labor is the most important to an economy.

The shortage of women also allows them to use the excess men to fight these wars as it is easier to get unmarried men to fight wars and to work for low wages.

So China is a danger to the whole world in my opinion.

And as of listening now China represses religion, they put poltical enemies in jail and they aren't allowed to vote.

However they don't have communism and socialism int their military. I don't think they have women in their military and in the United States if you don't support the social agenda you are fired from your position. They don't put you in jail just take your job away if you disagree with the government in this area.

Do you think China is the most dangerous country with them supporting North Korea which their communism has now led to there being a serious food storage and people are starving to death. Their abuse of women and not allowing them to have more then one child except in rural area's if the first child is a girl. Putting people in jail for disagreeing with the government. A shortage of young workers due to this horrible policy compared to a generation ago which would lead them to want to take over another country to use their young workers with these same evil policies and only allowing them one child which will make it easier to force them to work with low wages. I think at the moment they are the most dangerous country out there with their mix of evil.

I also read I forgot the name of the book that discussed the Chinese massacre of students and others in the work world during a protest of their government.

So I think they are very dangerous and may need to go to war soon and they know the West has weak armies.

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