Sunday, January 09, 2011

Bible Reading for Jan 8th, 2010 Exodus 10-13:16 The final three plagues. Treating the Proselyte equally

It is an interesting reading. The last 3 plagues Locusts, Darkness, and the Death of the first born.

It is interesting Moses tells Pharoh that he wants all to serve Yahweh.The youngsters, the elderly our sons and daughters (10:9). No ones excluded because they or gender or because they are too young or too old as clearly they all were suppose to serve God here.

Also it is interesting it talks here of the proselyte that the same law should apply to him or her as to a native among you. As Artscroll says over even though their ancestors didn't emerge from Egypt they bring the passover offerings like everyone else. As it also says a mixed multitude went with them (Exodus 12:38). Sadly though in Israel today though this doesn't exist as there are those who live in Israel by the law of return where you have to be 1/4 Jewish and if they circumcise their son and keep the holidays and shabbas to the best of their ability they should not be treated like second class citizens or buried separately which some have told me this is what goes on Israel and said it proudly. I think it was a woman who told me. The woman who writes domestic felicity and I think it is wrong if someone may not be part of the observant community but still keeps Passover and tries to keep the laws to the best of their situation and lives in Israel should not be treated this way based on Rabbinic dogma which a) these were made for being in the exile and b) I don't believe felt that a woman who married a nonjew would be Jewish since her father is not from the Jewish nation other then over time Rabbi's like to pander to women and disrespect men from other nations as well as their own men.

I will admit that with what goes on today at least here in the states I do see that some of the people Rabbi's convert are not people that should have been converted but they fit a twisted agenda that the Rabbi's can use the convert for and some when they realize this aren't interested anymore. Rabbi's can't abuse their position either IMO.

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