Wednesday, January 19, 2011

America did not defend the Chinese dissidents who protested with the Statue of Liberty back in the late 1980's.

This happened under the first Bush and not much was said.

Here is the wikipedia entry on this.

Tiananmen square massacre

Some protested using the statue of liberty. Yet our government really didn't say anything of the government killing and arresting protesters.

The students who protested were given light sentences. But workers who protested were given pretty harsh sentences for protesting. The students came from mostly affluent backgrounds and likely weren't a real threat but the workers who actually understand the issues being workers were treated harshly.

They murdered protesters, China did and we didn't much to help the citizens who were against the Chinese government.

I thank Jeff Kuhner who was subbing for Michael Savage talking about China.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

I remember this happening when I was in school. Of course we didn't discuss current events as they were happening as that would be educational or maybe teachers don't read the newspapers.

China is well known to very bad record with all sorts of human rights and employment issues. Look at their record in the UN...speaks for itself.

Analytical Adam said...

That is good you remember it.

I don't because my parents were very controlling and didn't let me read much that I didn't know much of what was gong on so I had no idea about any of this until reading about it recently in a book about China.

All I did was play video games and my parents didn't care too much. And was good in math. That is about it.

And nobody really cares if boys are not treated well in the so called religious world because most of it is phony sad to say IMO.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Oh I started reading the newspaper in elementary school. My parents and I traded sections. My younger brother liked the comics sometimes. I liked Dear Abby and Miss Manners which was also with the comics, but since that was like the favorite section for everyone, I had to read other stuff until it my turn.

So what video games did you like? What kind of game system. back when 8-bit graphics were cool..hahaha

Obviously I do care, otherwise I wouldn't chat so much with you!!! :)