Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Also got a job during the day for tax season.

Don't know how many hours it is going to be But the guy seemed knowledgeable and he was gong to put the tax program on my laptop to learn the program which I think is good. That he trusts me. Although it is last years tax program. I have not used this tax program. 


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Shavua tov!! This was in my email over shabbos. You probably already know about it but just in case...

Immediate Full-Time Opening: Accountant (Temporary Position)
Description: Accountant with tax experience. Must be fast learner,
diligent, and work well with others.
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Send Resume to


Analytical Adam said...

I didn't receive your email but thanks for this.

Where was this job listed.

SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Oh I am on a few different neighbhorhood yahoo email lists for people to post events, available apts, jobs, resumes whatever. Mostly rubbish, but once in a while there's a good event or come across a lead.

Do you know of any other email groups?

Analytical Adam said...

Not any that I am really involved in.