Monday, January 31, 2011

What do John McCain, the Shah of Iran, and Rupert Murdock of fox news have in common?

Can you guess this one?

Tick, tick, tick.

OK. I will tell you. They are all men who
1. had vast economic and/or political power
2. divorced their older wife and then married a younger woman of childbearing age to had more children with a second or third wife.

I was reading about the Shah of Iran and Wikipedia and according to wikipedia even though he was the first Muslim leader to accept Israel yet he also said that the America media is controlled by the Jews.

With what is gong on with Egypt which is scary with Mubarack but regardless he has done little to work with Israel and in addition to this the coptic Christian leader is very anti-Semitic (which has been reported on sites like Debbie Schlussel who then say she doesn't care that they were bombed) which I don't want blame all Christians for this but that the Egyptian government gives the official power to a clergy person who is very anti-semitic and if he wasn't that way the Egyptian government would not give official support as the religious leader has to play politics with the government to have the official power.

In addition the SHAH WAS FOR WOMAN'S RIGHTS from the wikipedia article although from reading it seems disingenuous so women don't focus on his own behavior. His first wife he divorced after 19 years and they had one child. His second he divorced when it became apparent she couldn't bear children. He had 4 children with his 3rd wife.

I'm sure it wasn't good for the first child that he was divorced and it is ironic that one of his reforms was to OUTLAW POLYGAMY. I don't think it is an ideal but that would be better then this then divorcing an older women who can no longer bear children and marrying a younger woman who can. It is bad for the children of the original marriage that their mother is cast outside for a younger woman as they no longer have a father and mother as a unit to talk about their own situation.

So I find it ironic that actually in the Shah's case getting rid of polygamy actually was so he could more easily divorce his first and second wife and I'm sure he compensated them (at least I hope he did although who knows) and just be with a younger woman all the time.

I just got thinking to this with the situation in Egypt but in both cases I'm not sure their support was Israel was genuine and at the end of the day an enemy that is seen for what it is may be better then an enemy that pretends to be your friend because you let your guard down and they use more indirect ways to destroy you which is what they really want to do anyway.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scary what is happening in Egypt.

Photo from WOR newsroom.

Scary what is going on with Egypt. This peace treaty between Israel and Egypt signed with Jimmy Carter and Menachim Began and Sadat has been a cold treaty as there is very limited business Israel does with Egypt. Egypt gets a lot of money from the US for signing this so they don't declare war in Israel but in every other way teach their citizens to hate Israel

This peace treaty took away the buffer they had if war broke out with Egypt. That buffer is a better bet then a piece of paper that depends on them accepting this. It really is frightening what is going on.

Israel wants the US to continue to support Mubarak who is now 82 years old and overall the country including Mubarak other then not openly declaring war on Israel in other ways has promoted anti-Semitic, and anti-Israel feelings. No business has developed between the two nations over the "cold" piece treaty. So to sign a treaty with a nation that has serious hatred towards Israel I don't know how long this piece of paper is going to hold up and in the end is just used by a dictator like Mubarak to get money from America.

I pray to God though the Muslim brotherhood does not take over in this vacuum. That would be the worst result I think but I really wonder if this peace treaty will last long term anyway. It has lasted 31 years of an autocratic rule of Sadat and Mubarak after the Muslim brotherhood murdered Sadat although to be fair there was autocratic rule before this as well. I am not sure this was even done out of accepting Israel more as it was for buying time because they couldn't defeat Israel militarily as they have done little to stop antisemitism in their own country which includes the government.

See Michael Savage's site. Also WOR's site has the latest on this development.


Michael Savage's web site

Wikileaks reveal us tax dollars fund child work and sex slavery in Afhganistan

Wikileaks reveal us tax dollars fund child sex slavery in Afhganistan

See this link above. That is good to know. Nobody cares about children today in our society. I hate to say it. They care more about middle age women then children and this includes both boys and girls. I guess because they have no political or any other influence and truly are at the whims of the adults.

This article discusses boys who are being put into slavery which I have read about as well and they make them do hard labor with no compensation and sometimes rape them although I would think that is done more with girls then boys for obvious reasons. But with boys if they do this they can develop AIDS and live a horrible life although I guess the man who does it will develop AIDS too. Some of them since they mistreat them their growth is stunted which has serious implications for their future.

With girls as well the sex trade is horrible. They treat them like animals. They develop STD's and become pregnant and force them to have abortion and many times the STD's cause the women to not be able to have relations with a man and never be able to have children.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Social Security will be drained by 2037.

Click Here

According to this article as this year will be the first year baby boomers start collecting social security. And this is a ponzi/madoff scheme that they use the money and put an IOU in there and then have another generation put the money back in but there aren't enough young people to pay Social Security for the baby boomers that will be retiring.

I will be 66 in 2037.

This is the so called "women's" event. Teaching the girls about "change". Hmm, where have I heard that before.

Here is the link to her site.

Shaindel Antellis

I guess they like Obama. This is what they use Kol Isha for. To teach girls to be communists and worship the men in the government and everything against the torah. Which will lead to far more abuse then giving your husband some rights as he still has checks on his own power. Men in the government have much fewer checks and balances on their power.

THIS ON FACEBOOK by Shaindel Antellis for the women only night for women that are part of Orthodox Rabbinic Judaism.

"Hey! I'd like to invite you to My CD release party/women's night out at the RocHouse! I'll be performing songs off of my new album "Change" that have never been heard live! Get ready for a night of music ,fun ,and inspiration." Sunday January 30th

How the Rabbi's from the Babylonial Talmud became so dominant.

It is an interesting from the Kararite website. Obviously the two groups don't like each other although it offends me that Rabbinic Judaism continues to bear false witness and say things that are not true. Also the level of censoring thought on so my web sites and blogs which includes the so called "modern" ones. I just had this on the Jewish idea blog when I mentioned the issue with Matrilineal descent. UPDATE. THEY DID POST MY COMMENT. You do have though sites like End the Madness that censor posts.

This is what their site says on how the Babylonian Talmud became so strong.

Click here

From the link.

"In the early middle ages the Pharisees continued to thrive. They began to call themselves Rabbis and only used the name Pharisees when remembering historical events from the Second Temple period. In the 7th century the Islamic Empire swept the Middle-east. The Muslims had no interest in imposing Islamic religious practice on the Jews and gave them a degree of autonomy under a system known as the Exilarchate. The Exilarchate had been founded hundreds of years before under Sassanian rule but until now only had influence in Babylonia and Persia. Overnight the Rabbanites turned from a localized Babylonian phenomenon into a political power which stretched throughout much of the Middle-east. From the 3rd-5th centuries the Babylonian Rabbanites had developed a body of religious law known as the Babylonian Talmud which they now imposed on every Jew in the Empire."

(My comments. Very interesting. Having read this let us be honest. The Muslims and Mohammed turned against the Jews in the 6th century and murdered Jews in now Saudi Arabia. In other lands they tolerated the Jewish people but they certainly didn't love them. They likely gave the Babylonian Talmud Rabbi's a lot of power because they would do what the government said and would sell their own people down the river to have power by the government. I can't believe the Muslims would want a real group of Jewish leaders to rule over the Jewish people. So it wasn't JEWS THAT GAVE Rabbi's this power. It was Muslim rulers. It is also interesting that we have a prayer for the government but for the people of a nation. Many religious Jew think the only nonjews we should care about are the men in the government. Also I have also wondered why the Talmud that was created in Israel is ignored. It does seem odd to me.)

Resistance to the Rabbinites was fierce, especially in the eastern provinces of the Empire which had never even heard of the Talmud. The historians tell us of Jewish leaders whose resistance against the Talmud put them in direct conflict with the Islamic government, which had empowered the Rabbis and given them full authority over other Jews. One resistance leader who refused to accept the Talmud was named Abu Isa al-Isfahani and it is said that he led an army of Jews against the Muslim government. Other attempts to cast off the Talmud were also undertaken but all failed and the Rabbanites and their Talmud seemed unstoppable.

(MY COMMENTS: So the Rabbi's of Babylon enforced their version of the torah through the Muslim government according to this article by the Kararites and used the government to squelch any differing view of certain laws and as I siad the Muslims gave this group much power because they more concerned about their own power then their own people which is what the Muslims wanted leaders that would oppress their own people.)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Last weeks bible reading of Yitro Chapters 18-20 in Exodus. 10 commandments

Very interesting reading. I did mention a part of this weeks reading last year and here is the link for this. Click Here

This photo from the following

This is the week Moses the Israelite people receive the torah and the 10 commandments. They are told to prepare as this will be in 3 days and to and YHWH tells Moses to tell them Go to the people and sanctify them today and tommorrow and they should wash their clothing. Let them be prepared for the 3rd day. (Exodus 19:10-11) And Moses tells them Be ready after a three day period do not draw near a woman. Which I guess that due to them receiving the torah from YHWH they have to put normal relations aside and their love and fear had to be towards YHWH only.

IN general relations between a husband and wife if only based on love for each other without any higher reason a lot of times will not be good for long term prospects of the marriage and it being a happy marriage that there is real love and respect on both sides.

We see that Israel received the 10 commandments with thunder and lightning in which God was demanding how much this is a responsibility that you are being given. God says here he is a jealous God who punishes to the 3rd and 4th generation but rewards for 2,000 generations (Exodus 20:6) So even though God rewards more then he punishes and is a loving God, nevertheless God is not a pushover and we receive the torah in a very frightening seen. So much so that they asked Moses to speak and not God. (Exodus 20:16).

A couple of points I wanted to make.

It seems that Moses is talking to the men since he says to not draw near a woman. I guess the men relayed the message to the women as I think they were there as well as these laws apply to them as well and they are obligated by them as well unless maybe since maybe they are pregnant or nursing or taking care of the young and couldn't be there but they would be able from talking to their husbands pick up what transpires. Don't know the answers just thinking here.


The 4th command. Remember the Sabbath day to sanctify it Six days shall you work and accomplish all your works but the seventh day is to YHWH your God you shall not do any work - you, your son, your daughter, YOUR SLAVE, YOUR MAIDSERVANT, YOUR ANIMAL, AND YOUR CONVERT WITHIN YOUR GATES. (Exodus 20:8) Sadly and in this regard I find it offensive and I think this is Rabbi's of the Babylonian Talmud unless this is more recent have this walk around by getting a "goy" some nonjew to "hint" to turn on a light for them which they can't do or turn the TV so they can watch a ballgame on the Sabbath. This is important stuff who is going to win the ballgame. But here is suggests that anyone in your household should celebrate the Sabbath with you and doing this clearly you act like they shouldn't celebrate it with you. Even an animal. Yet you see people who use someone in their home to violate the Sabbath for them and it goes against this whole passage clearly.

The 5th command: Honor you father and your mother so that you days will be lengthen upon the land that YHWH your God gives you.

Parents also have to obey God and of course in Abraham's case God told him to leave his father. Also it says a man should leave his father and mother and cling to his wife. Also what is parents make it hard for others to be parents which means when they get old they will have no one to take care of them which I have seen older people including women who have never been married and are not going to have any children. Our God is a jealous God but also rewards for 2000 generations which is mentioned right after saying about being a jealous God so it isn't just based on fear. Yet you have those that just focus on children respecting parents when there overall behavior it is hard to respect them other then you wouldn't be here without them.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Starting next week I will be very busy due to tax season

Since I have a tax position in the evening and one during two days during the day and may have another one for the other three days. So I will be working at least over 55 hours and some weeks over 75. The tax area is not very evenly distributed sadly since most returns are done over a two to three month period. However, since this is an area I have knowledge in I guess I should take advantage of it although what happens after April 18th I have no idea.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Spengler on Radical Islamic Birth Rates.

Spengler on Radical Islamic Demographics

Interesting article. Islamic birth rates are also decreasing. One comment I do have to make is that the graph is talking about population which it takes two generation for the population to decrease when you have low birth rates if people mostly live till their 70's or 80's but a generation before you already have the problem of not enough young people even though it doesn't show up in the overall numbers just yet.
Also he does mention female literacy and just secularism as reducing birth rates as with all issues it is hard to pin what relationship there is between A and B. For example people who have more stress and aren't doing as well in life turn to smoking and just dong a study you could claim smoking causes you to do worse in life when the cause and effect could be the opposite or maybe c is the real reason. Both Iran and Saudi Arabia have a literary rate of about 85% a little lower in Iran at a little less at 84.7% whatever that means according to the 22009 World Almanac pg 769 and 805. Iran though is listed as a country with below 2.1 birth rate Saudi Arabia is not.

This also makes Iran dangerous as in the future they won't have as many young people to fight so the time is now for them and with their own decreasing population they need to conquer another nation.

Both countries give no rights to any other religion and in Saudi Arabia 100% of the population is Muslim and that is not something to be proud of they people are not allowed to practice another religion if their family practiced a different religion. So even Islam is going to have to deal with this issue of low birth rates and sadly Saudi Arabia is a country that isn't dirt poor and has a birth rate above replacement value which you have to give credit where credit is due even though they don't respect other religions. Israel as well by the way just barely at 2.3 but is that going to continue when some that have high birth rates do it through welfare.

Europe Islam and Demogrpahics another view. Some Islamic countries also have low birth rates. Part 2

Continued from this post.

Islam and demographics another view part 1

From this article.

The solid surfer Europe and Islam

But will this bring Sharia law, as Steyn fears? I don't think so. Even under the most high-growth projection (which is by no means certain), Muslims will remain a minority on the Continent. Their radicals may want Sharia law, but they won't get it at the ballot box.

My comments: I would tend to agree. The ones that are having many children through welfare and women marrying men that don't work can't last long term. There are fanatics in all religions in their own way and most sooner or later lose their support.

Much more worrisome, though, is the prospect of increased terror and violence as the Muslim population expands. Best case, they'll assimilate smoothly, but based on recent history, I'm concerned that Europe could end up in a horrible civil war. A war, I might add, that radical Muslims will most certainly lose, but a war nevertheless, with possibly devastating loss of life and destruction.

My comments: I would hope not. But this again shows the danger of the low birth rates in Europe (and unsustainable government programs) that have led them to bring in young men from other countries although I admit it puzzles me why from countries where many of the men don't want to work and are not unemployable. Maybe I am missing something and that isn't the true picture.

Europeans can, of course, easily avoid this scenario by taking a few basic steps: limit Muslim immigration, export radicals who preach violence, and cut off the Saudi petrodollars financing extremism. These actions alone won't solve the Continent's fertility-based worker shortage problem (although this might), but should at least prevent Islamists from taking advantage.

My comments: Somehow the fertility issue has to be addressed which sadly it will likely offend many women so it won't be until something terrible happens in Europe.
That is the sad situation and America and Canada are going to be in a similar situation with their low fertility rates which to me is the bigger issue then Islamists. Sadly they would rather hire men from a foreign country then their own men which also continues the problem.

Steyn's conclusions may be flawed, but his urgent advice that the West must awaken to this problem is nevertheless entirely on the mark.

My comments: I agree. I don't know what to say other that when the government starts pandering to women who are by nature somewhat more dependent we end up with these problems.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Who is Amalek.

It says in Exodus 17:8 Amalek came and battle Israel. Who is Amalek?

I am asking this question as I myself don't know. The commentary on my Artscoll Stone Bible says their emnity is from being the grandson of Esau who Jacob stole the blessing from. It does say that I shall surely erase the memory of Amalek from under the heavens.

It would seem here they are a nation but when the Jewish people settle in Israel they don't mention them as any of the 7 nations that were being kicked out of the land. Is it just a word meaning a nation in which their ideals in every way is against God which is why they will be written out of the heavens as well and any memory of them.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

From last week bible reading from Exodus 13:17-17:15. Splitting of Red Sea, songs of Moses, Miriam, and Deborah.

Actually the song of Deborah if in the prophet portion that is read from Judges 4 as the Rabbi's picked certain selection that are read each week although part of it are NEVER read any time during the year so you have to learn it on your own.

Anyway. So in this week portion God through a miracle saves his people from Egypt and causes the sea to split and they go through and when Egypt tries to go in they end up drowning and we owe God much for our own existence more so then other nations that God may have helped but in a more subtle way while here if it wasn't for God the Israelite people which today mostly from the tribe of Judah would not be here today.

And they sing a song to thank God and Miriam tell the women to sing to God too for saving them having hurled horse with it's rider into the sea. She is referred to as a prophetess which I just noticed now. Also interesting they mention the sister of Aaron not the sister of Moses although Aaron was older. (Exodus 15:20)

The Rabbi's use this to claim that we were only saved because of the women but I don't buy it because no where does it suggest this and Rabbi's like to pander to women and they never punish themselves just other men. Also I don't see any problem here with women singing as some Rabbi's make this a big deal and I don't see what the big deal is. I think it has more to do with what you are singing then singing intrinsically being immodest.

Anyone so the story of Deborah she also sings a song to thank God for defeating the Caannites. She also is called a Prophetess (Judges 4:4) and it mentions her husband Lappidoth and that she judged the people. Which is interesting as it says the children of Israel would go to her for judgment. Not sure if the judges were picked by God or by the people. And they decided Deborah was the most qualified and the men must have decided that. Or even that part of their sin was that they were influenced by cults that undermined a mans authority and that being the case they trusted Deborah more then they would another man. As I guess men picked a woman to judge over them which either the men were really messed up or they were corrupted that they would rather a woman rule over them.

There are some misconceptions that I have read. Some think that Deborah was a warrior and she actually did not fight and she told Barak to bring 10,000 men from the two Israeli tribes of Zebulan and Naphtali.

And clearly Deborah did not use her position to promote women in this type of situation as something that is the norm. Also not all the tribes joined these two tribes with Reuben not fighting and God though was on their side here as I guess they did reform some of their immorality that because of this God let Canaan subjugate the Jewish people.

In fact Deborah says in Judges 4:9 Indeed I will go with you but the path on which you have chosen to go will not be for your glory for God will have delivered Sisera into the hands of a woman. I guess this is mentioning that another woman killed the king Sisera which was Jael. But the general battle was fought by men with Sisera being killed in Jael's tent when pretending to want to protect him and take care of him. Which I guess Barak didn't merit dispatching of the leader of the nation on his own which is what Deborah is saying since he wanted her to do go with him when he should have on his own made sure his solders were being moral so that God would be with us. And instead a woman dispatched of him from a nation that the king thought would protect him and not kill him.

Anything to add? Comment on here.

Today is some super minor Jewish holiday

That when I was a kid we got a box of raisins. It is according to the Rabbi's the beginning of the planting season for given a certain percent to the cohen or levi.

And they actually didn't agree with which date this should be but this opinion is the one we follow.

I don't see what there is to celebrate. It is one thing to ask for a good crop or thank God for a good crop. Or thank God for healthy trees.

No mention of this is in the bible anywhere other then needing a beginning of the year for purposes of when the planting year begins.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jeff Kuhner shares a story on a Chinese man put in a Gulag.

He shared what someone told him in Washington. That our shoes he was forced to make for no pay in the gulag. His wife as well. So I really China has engaged in serious human rights abuse and I hope they don't take us over because their policies are depopulating their own population and they need more young workers. Even those they don't put in gulags if you only can have one child there is less of a need for higher wages. China as mentioned earlier supports the starvation of North Korean's by the government. It is frightening how our government is just bowing down to the Chinese government.

Kuhner is a great fill in for Savage.

America did not defend the Chinese dissidents who protested with the Statue of Liberty back in the late 1980's.

This happened under the first Bush and not much was said.

Here is the wikipedia entry on this.

Tiananmen square massacre

Some protested using the statue of liberty. Yet our government really didn't say anything of the government killing and arresting protesters.

The students who protested were given light sentences. But workers who protested were given pretty harsh sentences for protesting. The students came from mostly affluent backgrounds and likely weren't a real threat but the workers who actually understand the issues being workers were treated harshly.

They murdered protesters, China did and we didn't much to help the citizens who were against the Chinese government.

I thank Jeff Kuhner who was subbing for Michael Savage talking about China.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Michael Savage idea' to improve our economy vs. China

He mentioned some good things.

Get rid of the EEOC. Couldn't agree more. The only way to avoid the EEOC is to end up hiring less qualified women and minorties and doing that at the end of the day may make you less competitive and you go out of business to a company that risks hiring less women and minorities. Much higher turnover by hiring women which costs a lot of money to retrain. Or women not getting married or having children because they don't want to hurt the country and that is not good either. So it is a no win situation.

Sadly we have spineless religious leaders that don't care even though in their profession they don't have to follow the EEOC and don't care that the bible says a man has a higher obligation to work.

China premier coming to US. Support N Korea and population control and repress religion.

China criticizes the dollar

Chinese Premier Hu coming here and is putting down the dollar.

I do think they are the biggest danger in the world. This is what I wrote on my Facebook account on this a few days ago. I added some stuff as well. This is what I said.

The double portion of Mana on Friday. From last Saturday's Bible Reading. (Exodus 13:16-17:16)

I always look at the bible reading that is read for the week. It is interesting (Exodus 16:22-25) that on Friday each took two portions rather then one. Furthermore it didn't stink the next day as normally if you didn't eat it that day it would stink the next day.

This photo was from

The whole process is supernatural getting this mana in the desert but also that on Fridays the second portion would not stink from letting it sit for a day which normally this would happen.

As God wanted the Sabbath to be a day of rest and not to focus on work on this day and gather it like they do every other day.

It does show that for 6 days God does want you to work and not just expect a handout but God gave a second portion so they wouldn't have to work the day of Shabbath for basic needs if we only got one portion on Friday.

So I was thinking about my own situation. Busy season is coming up for me tax season and you should work six days when work is at a maximum. My issue is isn't because of God but more because of man that most men during busy season will work on Saturday and not Sunday because they consider the day to take it easy to be Sunday. And people of my own faith haven't wanted to hire me.

If I don't work on Saturday I end up having two days I don't work which I need the extra money and I am at least taking one day for not working which I would prefer to be Shabbos but due to living in a country where Sunday is more the day to rest it is very hard without ending up with 2 days of not working.

Regardless I WOULD NOT WORK 7 days.

This whole issue is interesting that God tries to help us that WE WILL NOT NEED TO WORK ON SATURDAY WHICH TO GET FOOD FOR YOURSELF IS A LEGIT REASON AND GOD PREVENTING THE JEWISH PEOPLE FROM NEEDING TO DO THIS. Which begs the question should the Rabbi's be more strict in when we should disobey Shabbos. In the exile due to possibly losing two days of income it seems sometimes they made a lot of rules that would have they been different if we were in a society where our Shabbos was the same as the nations day of rest which wasn't the case in exile when our culture was the minority.

Just some thoughts? If anyone has things to say on this I would love to hear from you. Should we relook how we keep shabbos and some of the rules of when you can violate the shabbos since clearly God does try to create a situation where we shouldn't need to work on shabbos for basic needs? As we are quick to make certain lenient rulings in some professions which cause people to work 7 DAYS A WEEK. Or the reverse. Certain things really aren't work if you think about it although they may have been back then. It was funny I was reading a post about e-books and the shabbos and what happens if e-books become the norm which certainly having a lot of book in the home is easy if you are more well to do and have a lot of space.

The other issue is the laws of Shabbos are based on the various work in the mishkan (due to the position of them in the written torah next to each other after it talks about shabbos it mentions the mishkan as the torah does not define what work is) so the question becomes well if the mishkan was rebuilt how would we do the work in the mishkan using technology that didn't exist then.

Any thoughts on this as when I read the torah portion I thought about my own situation and here God helped that the Jewish people would not have to work 7 days just to collect food for themselves. Of course I live in a country where most of the people use Sunday as the day of rest and being that at this point I work for others it is difficult for me although I do realize Saturday is the true day of rest but the country I live in considers that day Sunday and I am obviously affected by the society around me being in exile.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

An intersting fact about the church in France which is a problem in Judaism as well.

From the book the church impotence by Leon J. Podles.

The Catholic church in France has maintained it's presence in society through the influence of women. This strategy has even affected the teaching of doctrine.

Though the church has always condemned contraception, in France, even peasants practiced coitus interruptus to limit the division of their inheritance. Acting on the advice of Alphonse de Ligouri, confessors decided that women were not guilty if their husbands practiced this force of contraception.

This decision was based on fear that rigorism would alienate women and the church would lose all influence and the church WOULD LOSE ALL INFLUENCE IN FRENCH SOCIETY (My comment: So we see here the reason is political and it is similar in my own religion of Judaism and they kept their power mostly through women and clearly were less respected by men. However, God does not play favorites to one gender although we have different dominance.)

(My comments: And then the church here in their comments are basing it even more on poltics as they go on to say)

In 1842 the Trappist (and doctor) Debryne argued against a rigorist position on the use of contraception. One should give serious attention to this that one should not alienate women through an imprudent rigor the matter is of IMMENSE IMPORTANCE.
THE COMING GENERATION IS IN THE HANDS OF WOMEN, THE FUTURE BELONGS TO HER. If the women get away from us with her everything will disappear and vanish into the abyss of atheism- faith, morality, and our whole civilization

(My comments: So we see here clearer the church felt that politics would more focus on women and therefore to keep themselves relevant that had to care about not offending women. It doesn't sound like they cared about offending men sadly because to these leaders the men politically weren't as important. Of course this whole action is ungodly in that you are just playing to politics. It is the same reason that people don't care about Jewish people because politically another group is better to care about. But in the end God does see. Yet sadly our own religious leaders do the same and I think for reasons that have to do with them wanting to think it is so IMPORTANT FOR THEM TO STAY IN POWER even though their actions show they aren't so moral.)

(Continued my comments:So I really hope that Judaism RECOGNIZES our own tradition that at time just as with the church has more to do with politics then what the torah really says. God does not hate men and to turn Judaism into this is defaming God to do this and this could cause God to allow our enemies to hurt us and God not protecting us because rather then really believe in God we just use religion for our own political power grabs.)

My mother continuing to like this role reversal stuff. Rabbi Riskin founder of Lincoln Square cares about arabs, woman, but not Jewish men.

That hurts me although the family and Orthodoxy have no problem when men are mistreated. My parents want my sister to be more successful then men in all area's. I will say this guy who murdered her should be in jail but still this woman isn't a good person anymore then me having a friend that takes advantage of women a great deal and then his wife kills him which she should be in jail but this doesn't make the man a good person or someone you should be friendly with although you should want justice.

Anyway this is the link to this article in the Post which has no comments as my father told me my mother was in the paper which I guess forcing a divorce is not separating the family.

Here is the link. Kin Slam Slay Injustice

These were the thoughts I wrote a few days ago when my father told me this. I understand why my parents (especially my mother at this point) continue to pretend I don't exist and really don't want me to be able to have a decent living if that means I make more then my sister.

So the shul here in Passaic, NJ got special attention in abuse towards men.

Passaic Mesirah

A guy emailed me yesterday who once lived near what I live and none of this surprises me.

Mostly husbands they abuse and threaten using their political connections to go after men who don't have connections. Although in general I don't think you are putting another Jewish person in danger by going to a secular authority but here as I will explain I do.

And this shul Ahavas Israel had a signing for some gay rights bill in this Orthodox shul. See this link I posted at the beginning on this post and the video. Corruption to the extreme. Rabbi's and a so called Orthodox Jewish congressman working with liberal politicians and this Rabbi Rabbi Ron Eisenman using his shul to sign this bill. 

I do want to say though I do think in the area of divorce the secular concept that has developed of no fault divorce is not moral and is against any sense of respect of a person's property. For women sometimes as well if they bring a lot of money into the marriage. Our religious leaders should speak out against this instead of wanting their own rules but not caring of the morals of others. Also contract law understands if you want out of a contract that is long term you have to compensate the other person which no fault divorce doesn't agree with.

This idea that any time you go to a secular authority you are putting someone life in danger and are a moser is just not true. Having said that sadly in today's feminist environment many male judges enjoy using their position to hurt other men (some weren't popular and this is to get back at men) and this includes men who have fought overseas as well as they enjoy stripping them of all their rights and that being the case IN THIS SPECIFIC INSTANCE we shouldn't use courts that have established they are corrupt and don't respect basic rights but we should also speak out which I sadly see NO RELIGIOUS MAN say that this is immoral. The people the most hurt are the children and to put middle age women before children is just barbaric IMO. In fact Orthodox Rabbi's have used secular authority at times as well and I think to pretend otherwise is silly.

At least I know it isn't me. Although I remember about 8 years ago when my parents tried to blame me that I didn't trust the area and tried to give up my job and force me on medication which my Uncles and Aunts on my fathers side all supported to screw the only first born male in the family.

I now I found out which I will mention on another post my mother is good friends with a woman who was successful and married a man 11 years younger then him and then wanted a divorce and was righting out of the will. None of that bothers my mother so I know she wants to make less then my sister and has to keep me down even though as a man I can't contribute in other ways that women can. Any male dominance to my mother is unacceptable and my father seems to support it as he mentioned an article I will mention.

Just case after case of serious abuse in this shul which none of this surprises me.

Couple of addition observations since I posted this: This Rabbi's background was teaching in girls' Yeshiva's. Nothing wrong with but I have noticed that Rabbi's that teach girls and have all or mostly girls seem to be the Rabbi's that the communities want which is very unbalanced. Other thing is if this Rabbi was really concerned about children he would be concerned about what most abuse towards children is which is both emotional and intimidation and sometimes worse but is not sexual. Any Rabbi that the only issue they have with children is sexual abuse is clearly doing it for political gain. I don't think this is a major issue in the Jewish world other types of more subtle type of abuse are more common just as Jews are not known for certain sins but their sins are more subtle but still very wrong

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A generation-of-men raised by women

A generation of men raised by women

Interesting article on the Ladies against feminism site which is actually questioning this idea of men being away from home so much that the boy is completely raised by the mother. I'll have more to say later as I have things I have to do today. Please read the link as I though it was an interesting article and I agree with most of it.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Also I got an email from the CPA firm that keep Shabbos.

They told me that there are going in a different direction. It was nice that they emailed me wishing me luck although it doesn't pay the bills although I don't know if I would have got along with them very well.

Also got a job during the day for tax season.

Don't know how many hours it is going to be But the guy seemed knowledgeable and he was gong to put the tax program on my laptop to learn the program which I think is good. That he trusts me. Although it is last years tax program. I have not used this tax program. 

More about this evening tax job.

This evening job has an issue. The issue is that this guy who hired me actually has been convicted about a year ago of tax evasion of about 250,000 for the state of NY. He did pay it. He now works for an actual CPA who brought him in as he use to work for himself and he is not a CPA. Also just from going online he has a racy sense of humor from what I gather. My concern is of course he will ask me to do certain things that are questionable and quite aggressive positions to take on a tax return. Do I have to sign it. I don't know. Also some of the comments said he has a big ego. I did get the job easily and it may be because a lot of people of course can see this. Even on his site it says if you have a question about his tax charges to email him.

So this concerns me a little. He did pay and serve some time I think and I don't know what the issue was but clearly he could ask me to take on an aggressive tax position. It does seem he has a lot of clients but I don't know if that is because he takes positions that other accountants wouldn't take. So that is the situation.

What kind of clients would use someone like this other then those who just want the accountant to take as many deductions as possible. Although I will say that because of AMT over a certain number of deductions you will have to take AMT. As I said he is working for another CPA who had nothing bad about him that I found although maybe he is using someone elses name as I never met this other accountant but I can't believe it is made up as at one point he was just a tax preparer. Now he is part of a CPA firm that I guess this CPA bought his client list and brought him aboard.

My last job I was working with a woman that is friendly with a judge that gets her clients after he screws the men I'm sure. I think it is stealing even though it is legal today thanks to the socialist idea's of no fault divorce that don't respect property rights and contract law that would apply in any other contract.

But it is obviously not an ideal place to work and I don't know what could happen and also reading that this guy has a big ego and a seedy sense of humor.

Does a child from a Jewish mother and a father from another nation have to keep all the Jewish obligations.

Over time sadly our own religious leaders don't even realize this issue. At one point on this blog I really though Rabbi's maybe should make it a kid is only considered Jewish if both parents are Jewish.

Then from a discussion with a woman here I hope she doesn't mind if I mention her name SouthernBelle Rivky and the issue of the Matriarchs being from other families and everything else in the bible that clearly a persons nationhood is determined by their father and all nations clearly the last name of the child is by who the father is which to be fair likely is from the beginning of time when God created man that is how he felt things should be and told Adam and all nations follow this.

Therefore, if a child is father is from another nation clearly he does not have to keep many Jewish laws which are in effect because God saved our ancestors which his father wasn't from that line. He should follow the history of his father and things they thank God for.

The Rabbi's have the right to put fences around certain issues as the reason they had an issue with men marrying a nonjew was this issue that the kid would still be from the Jewish nation and in exile and as a minority and due to Deutoronomy 7:3 and worrying the kids would be taught other practices by the mother they decided to not make the kid automatically Jewish. I think that was their reasoning and it seems reasonable. But if the father wasn't Jewish there was no need to make any rule because clearly the kid is not from the Jewish nation so why should he have to keep the holidays and Kosher and Shabbos which all have to do with being from the Jewish nation and that God saved us and took us out of Egypt with an outstretched hand.

Furthermore, the disrespect shown to men in this situation them not being Jewish and the mother being Jewish in our so called Orthodox world is terrible. The women weren't forced into this they decided to marry a man like this and to pretend that he doesn't exist and his family background doesn't matter is wrong and to be fair other religions and other nations have a legit gripe here against us that we pretend the father and his nationhood and religion doesn't matter when the bible clearly outlines nationhood and tribe by who the father is. You can't punish the children for this. Some Rabbi's want to separate the father and have the kid and the mother removed which isn't right and I think is kidnapping with the Rabbi replacing the father which is just wrong and the behavior of cults. I go on sites where so called religious people are clueless about this sad to say with this whole issue at the moment I think the 1/4 Jewish rule in Israel has more basis then the Rabbinic view that has devolved into this we only care who the mother is and we don't care about the nationality of the father which clearly contradicts the bible.

For the Rabbi's to pretend that in this case the nationhood of the father doesn't matter against all cases in their own bible is itself replacement theology by the Rabbi's thinking they can change the Torah which makes them no better then any other sect of Judaism or any other religion for that matter.

This blaming Sarah Palin is abusrd for this murder. And I dislike Palin and think she is a phony.

That is all I have to say. She has done nothing to suggest she is a conservative and her husband has very shady connections to say the least. He was a member of the independence party in Alaska that the founder Joe Vogler wanted to use Iran as a platform to separate from the US. Iran!!!

This pic I got from a group conservatives against Sarah Palin.

Also this guy she picked Joe Miller had a guy arrested at an event with his own private security. This is scary stuff. She is connected to very thuggish lawless men.

Joe Miller arrests reporter with private security

So I don't like Palin at all. The only thing I could say is at least she didn't her daughter to get an abortion which that in itself isn't so big but at least she cares about her daughter. You have politicians send their kid to private school while as a politician they support public school. So what you do with your own child doesn't mean as a politician you will do the same.

Palin's agenda is and has been feminism and she supported title IX which has shut down men sport teams for "equality" reasons. Like all other "equality" issues it is pushing men down to the womens' level not raising women up in any way. Which we are in the bottom 25% in Math and Science even though we have a lot of equality but it seems this is based on keeping men down which is why our overall score is low.

Here is an article about that. Of course anything men are good at we don't want to teach since it will create "inequality". It is about a year and a half old as I have heard it countless times and seen more recent articles which I can't find at the moment.

Math and Science Scores in the US

Monday, January 10, 2011

It is sad the murder of John Wheeler is being buried. Shooting this weekend of Gabrielle Giffords horrible.

Meanwhile the attempted murder of Gabrielle Giffords and this horrible shooting they are making it out to be because of talk radio and "right wingers". This is absurd. He had a book on Meif Kampf and the communist manifesto. Maybe that is right wing to some people don't know.

Michael Savage this whole week has been talking about John Wheeler being found in a dumpster as he was involved with security and knowing about biological and chemical weapons and it seems like he was drugged before he was killed and no one is covering it other then Michael Savage as if his life is meaningless and the FBI isn't getting involved either. None of the other talk show hosts want to discuss it.

Also I head Mona Charen tonight on John Bachelor and she was saying that when you had this Hatan who killed 15 we were told not to jump to conclusions yet here people are jumping to outrageous conclusions. This guy seems like a complete lunatic. Some say because she was partly Jewish she was targeted which may be.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Last post for this week on the bible reading. This from the prophets we read.

This was from the prophets of Jeremiah which was read yesterday.

The word of YHWH- For I am with you though I shall make an end to all the nations where I have dispursed you but of you I shall not make an end, I shall punish you with justice but I shall not destroy you utterly.(Jeremiah 46:27)

It is something to read that I hope that isn't true of all nations (the prophets know more then me although hopefully that won't happen in a long time) although we know in history nations sadly have come and gone and had their time of glory and at one point they were righteous but over time became corrupted. But regardless it isn't a free ride for us as sadly God at times clearly has been harsh to his own people obviously as they must have sinned in a way that distorted the name God and made God look bad.

The bible quotes the "Evil" son but not the "Righteous" Son . (according to Rabbinic view)

When we read the haggadah during passover, there are 4 sons we read. The smart one, the wicked one, the simple one and the one that doesn't know how to ask. Why we call the first one "smart" and not righteous as we call the second one evil (not dumb) is another question I have. But sticking to this topic here.

This question mark is from:

In Exodus (12:26) And it says that when a child say to you "what is this service to you" and the answer is pretty standard in 12:27. Yet when we read this on passover we consider this a "wicked" son's question and we answer it would give a harsh answer that it would be for us not you.

But I have to take the biblical view more then the Rabbi's view that doesn't seem to think the question is so bad. Children are children. They can be very mean since they are children and they haven't fully developed yet. And they see this weird practice and they don't know what to make of it. So the biblical view is to explain it to them that it is a passover offering because God passed over our houses and not call them evil for asking this question!!!

Sadly though the Rabbinic view that we read in the Haggadah suggests this is evil. No where is the "smart son's" question mentioned in the bible. I just think to believe a 10 year old is going to just be like a saint actually I think is a dangerous type of ideology. What do you think? To start calling children a "rasha" is very bad because they can act mean like children do some time I don't think is good child rearing or realistic. Children at certain ages do challenge authority as it is part of the maturation process and to start calling a child "evil" I don't see any biblical support for it at all and is being a little too harsh to children.

So what do you think on this? Agree. Disagree.

In the Parsha Bo (Exodus 10-13:16) the obligation of the first born male and other obligations

Since God saved the first born Jews every first born Jewish male has to be redeemed which they call a Pidyeon Haben which just means redeeming the child as I think they give money to a Cohen. Actually, how do they do it? I'm not actually sure.
Also I do wonder why it is just men since it says that in every household among Egyptians there was a corpse. So why just the men? I know Pharoh wanted to kill just the boys born and let the girls live or maybe that is defined as only a first born man in every household someone was a first born male. As this hebrew word only means first born male. Not sure but would think that is the case because otherwise why would this only apply to a first born male.

They also have the other obligations some which we don't do today since there is no temple. They put the blood of the pesach offering on their doorposts so God would pass over their house.

Also the fact the Israelites had to act non-leavened bread (which we do on Passover today) shows that they had to rush out of the land and this wasn't some conquest on their part.

Bible Reading for Jan 8th, 2010 Exodus 10-13:16 The final three plagues. Treating the Proselyte equally

It is an interesting reading. The last 3 plagues Locusts, Darkness, and the Death of the first born.

It is interesting Moses tells Pharoh that he wants all to serve Yahweh.The youngsters, the elderly our sons and daughters (10:9). No ones excluded because they or gender or because they are too young or too old as clearly they all were suppose to serve God here.

Also it is interesting it talks here of the proselyte that the same law should apply to him or her as to a native among you. As Artscroll says over even though their ancestors didn't emerge from Egypt they bring the passover offerings like everyone else. As it also says a mixed multitude went with them (Exodus 12:38). Sadly though in Israel today though this doesn't exist as there are those who live in Israel by the law of return where you have to be 1/4 Jewish and if they circumcise their son and keep the holidays and shabbas to the best of their ability they should not be treated like second class citizens or buried separately which some have told me this is what goes on Israel and said it proudly. I think it was a woman who told me. The woman who writes domestic felicity and I think it is wrong if someone may not be part of the observant community but still keeps Passover and tries to keep the laws to the best of their situation and lives in Israel should not be treated this way based on Rabbinic dogma which a) these were made for being in the exile and b) I don't believe felt that a woman who married a nonjew would be Jewish since her father is not from the Jewish nation other then over time Rabbi's like to pander to women and disrespect men from other nations as well as their own men.

I will admit that with what goes on today at least here in the states I do see that some of the people Rabbi's convert are not people that should have been converted but they fit a twisted agenda that the Rabbi's can use the convert for and some when they realize this aren't interested anymore. Rabbi's can't abuse their position either IMO.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Europe Islam and Demogrpahics another view. Some Islamic countries also have low birth rates.

Part 1:
Interesting article by the Solid Surfer. This guy also is conservative.

Here is the link to the article.

Europe, Islam, and Demographics

We have those that really at the end of the day have more trust in Islam and family life then their own culture and would rather hate Islam rather then deal with their own issues which is a bad way to live. As I know the hebrew root womb and mercy are the same and a nation that doesn't want women to have children (and women themselves don't want children themselves or view this as not a big priority) usually lack compassion and seem to have high level of hate in general. There are times hate is appropriate but not all the time.

The issue isn't even religion. It goes back to Issac and Ishmael which is why the Jewish among others have to have a healthy birth rate and grow internally as no matter how Arab's practice their religion because of the way Sarah treated Ismael (that Abraham in this area followed what Sarah said since she had a better knowledge of her children) will not lead them to want to treat us well as they think Ismael is the true chosen one and the first born of Abraham.

Anyway from the article. My comments in bold.

From Article: First, Western nations aren't the only ones with falling birthrates. The Muslim world is seriously declining as well. Iran, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Albania, Lebanon, and Malaysia are all below the 2.1 replacement line, while Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, and the Muslim parts of India are close behind and falling rapidly. A few Muslim nations do indeed have high fertility, but the common denominator is not Islam itself, as Steyn implies, but a lack of modernization. Many non-Muslim countries that also haven't fully modernized have high rates as well, such as Laos, Uganda, and Paraguay.

My comments: Well how do you define modernity. So Iran is a modern country?? I don't think more or less modern then Saudi Arabia and they didn't make this list. It may be women are focused on different things due to other influences that really have nothing to do with modernity. If modernity is apposed to woman having healthy birth rates that is quite disturbing in itself. What do you make of this.

You see, Islam's recent growth has come almost fully from natural increase (which is now falling), and not from conversions. On the other hand, Christianity is growing just as fast by gaining far more converts. These aren't coming from the developed world, which is already predominantly Christian, but from places like China, India, and especially Africa, where over 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity each year.

My comments: Interesting. Which sadly when people have low birth rates they have to bring people in from the outside which of course can mean war. Just in general. Not just religion. Nations that have low birth rates have to bring outsiders in and this applies to religion as well to keep their numbers strong which may not be a good thing as you don't want those to respect their parents background.

From article: Muslims will not overwhelm the world demographically; if anything, the world will grow less Muslim in the forseeable future.

From article: Europe, on the other hand, is admittedly a trickier case. Native fertility is indeed low, while Muslim growth rates and levels of extremism have remained high. Over the next 50 years, Europe projects to lose about 100 million people, while European Muslims will double their numbers to about 20% of the total European population. If Turkey joins the EU, Muslim numbers will rise even further.

My comments: Regardless of Islam though because of very low birth rates of 1.4 Europe projects to lose 100 million people!!! and no question their culture is going to be the minority to someone. No nation has survived a birth rate under 1.9 and that culture may realize that you can't continue the policies of Europe that lead to this low birth rate if we want to survive.

Part 2 coming up soon as I decided to break this down in two parts.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Offered a job for tax season 4PM-midnight starting Jan 31st.

Sounds like a good thing. Talk a little more about it coming soon. :)

Difference between the real Van Trapps and the movie.

For the sake of this blog and some of the issues I wanted to discuss it is interesting that the real family the oldest child was a boy while in the sound of music they made the oldest child a girl and switched the gender of the oldest two children. Why they had to do this I don't know? I guess having a man is the oldest is not as appealing to the masses even though that was the true oldest. That is sad as it doesn't take anything away from the family.

The family did really get away before Hitler took over Austria and the part that they claim they wanted him for the military is not true as he was Georg Van Trapp was at the time 58 years old.

It is an interesting story. He lost his money and his second wife decided to make money through singing which he at first thought was not a dignified way to make a living. Check out the wikipedia entry for more.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Piece from Michael Savage. All is vanity. The most vain thing is to think you have "no vanity"

That is what he talks about in this piece. The most vain thing you can do is to be a monk or something that thinks they "have no vanity". And that sadly in the religious order people are not peaceful and nice but can be mean as hell and have a hierarchy.

Savage piece on Vanity.

This interview I just noticed their staff. They have hired 2 men and 4 women.

The 2 male partners (that interview me) didn't notice this before I think one woman is his wife just now when sending a thank you letter. This is who they have hired which gives them 4 men and 4 women including the partners. They told me some of their people were part time at the interview. One of the men of the staff I don't think is Jewish not that this is wrong but that they have only hired 2 men I guess doesn't bode well for me. That is so called Orthodoxy for you today as most religious men do little to help other men and only like to help women. Even though men do have an obligation to work to support their family. I am sure there are many Jewish male accountants out there. This is in general not as they have hired 3 women and 2 men excluding which I think is his wife.

Orthodox Judaism is a girl's club (over 60% who are involved are women from what I have heard) with a few men who do well and to show they are not sexist punish men who are struggling. It is a real distortion of Judaism. They like to hire women and men who don't compete with them in also knowing anything about Judaism and only men that are either conservative or reform or not Jewish at all. This is my experience in some other interviews not this one. They seemed ok interviewing but I don't know. None of my experiences show that Orthodox Judaism today is anything more then about being very mean and harsh to men who are down which to me is not really show any belief in God and is a disgrace.

Going to the bank I was really annoyed when I saw this Jewish guy praying outside in a weird way

This was right where I live. This guy was doing this weird shuckle outside while his wife and some other women were at the ATM machine.

It looked so idiotic. It annoys me that the way men pray today in both spirit and form go against the fact that it was to replace sacrifices and you gave a sacrifice to the Cohen I think for your family or some male leader represented the whole tribe. Today it seems this idea of making men pray has more to do with this anti male type of philosophy that men are idiots and have to pray to God because they are idiots and otherwise would forget God which I have to disagree. Just the vibes I pick up that the women like when their husbands pray in these weird ways.

It is a desecration of God's name. Anyone who sees this is going to think that the Jewish God is some whacked out God that likes to punish men while their wives laugh when they pray. Also, I have to say this is not proper way to approach God like this.

My job interview Friday.

I had an interview with a CPA firm on Friday with the 2 partners. A Jewish firm (they wear their skullcap don't know how to spell the other word). They work on Sunday instead of Saturday during tax season which I have worked on Saturday during tax season as it is either this or find another line of work.

Anyway, will I get the job I don't know.

On the positive side they seem to be efficient and technology wise in good shape which I think is important and try to follow GAAP. One of the guys seemed friendly and they seem to be fair in their questions to me.

On the negative side I do wonder if they think my experience is good enough for them as I have not done a lot of auditing and also not so much in financial statement preparation although it isn't that hard. Also, one of the guys was sort of saying his clients don't so much what they are doing and if they put their clients too much it isn't such a good sign. Thirdly, if I got the job I guess I would wear my skullcap since they do but at this point I am not into all the things they make Jewish men do. At this point in my life I usually don't pray 3 times a day and this whole concept is to replace sacrifices in the temple which to be fair wasn't done by every guy every day. I'm sure a few heads gave a sacrifice for their tribe but not every man did this every day. Which is my general concern at this point I am somewhat of an independent thinker in some ways and they may not like that. Which at this point I am not thrilled with the so called Orthodox world in general and this may come out and if I do get the job and they see I don't love any Orthodox group the job may be very short term. Lastly I put being a decent person before other idea's and they may not be that way and find me odd or whatever.

Just some thoughts going through my head.

If you have anything to say to help me sort through this please comment although at this point they may have decided to go with someone else as they are interviewing a few other people and already I may seem a little not as much part of the in group in it's strange way.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Seven of the Ten Plagues mentioned in this weeks reading.

We read of 7 of the 10 plagues.

The photo is from creative Jewish mom . com. Cute drawing of the some of the 10 plagues.

This is why the Jewish people have a higher obligation towards God then other nations in that we were completely at the mercy of Egypt yet God saved us from them in a miraculous way that clearly was from God.

Also interesting Egypt believed in magic but their magician's could not stop these plagues.

One of the more interesting plagues is the 5th plague in which the livestock in the field of Egypt have an epidemic but not the livestock of Israel. If they were separated I guess you can say it only affected part of the area.

Lastly, it is interesting reading that at a certain point of suffering God did feel they were punished enough and that now they were to be freed and while God let Egypt punish the Jewish people and for a while let them do this they were punished for it even though for a time God's face was hidden.

Last weeks Bible Reading of Exodus 6:2-9:35- The Geneology of Aaron, Moses and Pinchas.

Yesterday we read from 6:2- the end of chapter 9 in Exodus. In 6:14-6:27 it goes through the genealogy of Aaron, Moses, and Pinchas. I drew a chart for myself. Sorry I don't have it here.

Aaron and Moses were the Great Grandson's of Levi. It was only 3 generations from Levi although Moses and Aaron were both older at this time. Aaron was 83 and Moses was 80 so they likely were additional generations.(Exodus 7:7) They then discuss Aaron's 4 children (the 2 oldest had no children died for a sin they committed) and his 3rd child had Pinchas. This was the Grandson of Aaron and 5 generations from Levi and I would think he was already have been born to be mentioned now. They brought down the genealogy of Aaron, Moses, and Pincheas.

A couple of points on this whole process here in the bible.

- They mention Levi's older brothers (Reuven and Shimon) but none of this younger brothers. It seems in every generation to get to Moses they mention the older brothers and their descendants but not the younger ones. I guess that is out of respect to the older sibling that I guess he may have played some role in the younger sibling being who he is.

- 3 women names are mentioned. One other woman just the nation is mentioned which sounds more negative then positive as the son of Shaul it says the son of a Caananite women. The 3 women who are mentioned are Jochebed, Elisheba, and Putiel. (6:23-25). Jochebeb was who Amram married who begot Aaron and Moses. Elisheba is who Aaron married. And Putiel is who his 3rd son Elazar married who begot Pinchas.
So the reasoning seems to be that these women begot men that stood out for their righteousness and part of that is due to their wives who are mentioned.

- Miriam is not mentioned as the children of Amram. She was the older sister of both Aaron and Moses. If you're going to give a mother credit you should give to lesser extent an older sister credit as well. My only response to this is that she is mentioned in the bible and is well known (more so then her mother. How many people knew who Miriam, Aaron, and Moses mother is) so it wasn't needed to repeat it here and give her special mention since in general it was for genealogy purposes although the mother of the famous men are mentioned as they deserve their name being mentioned since they aren't mentioned elsewhere. Moses wife wasn't mentioned either as it was mentioned earlier although his sons did not turn out as good as Aaron's did as it doesn't mention Moses children here only Aaron's his older brother. Which in that regard Aaron did outdo Moses.

Thought this was interesting as I think it does show that for a woman to be remembered her role as a mother to her son or even an older sister to help men develop in a moral way and keep away immoral influences (as the case with the Matriarchs as well) is something that they have a unique role in.

It is sad that in this focus on egalitarianism for no higher purpose other then an end for itself many women have been robbed of the area's they clearly naturally have influence over more so then a man. Sadly this also plays out in women that are jealous of women that do have this role and sadly you have stories in child protective services who have never been married who are very quick to take children out of a home when part of their motivation is jealousy.