Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year and have a good weekend.

Wish everyone a good weekend. Will have some intersting posts over the weekend on a couple of items have been thinking about and on some prior posts that some may be critical of. Anyway. Stay tuned and have a good weekend and a happy New Year.

The biblical New Year by the way is in a few month. Which is the month in which Passover is celebrated during the full moon 14 days after the New Year which doesn't have a celebration attached to it. The Rabbis created the New Year 6 month later because a holiday attached to it although that isn't what the holiday about. How could the 7th month be the New Year. Anyone, stay tuned for some intersting posts that are coming up.


Savage rightly calls Ron Paul dangerous. Supports prostitution and drugs.

As he wants to legalize both of these just like other liberatarians. I can't believe some so called religious men would support this man but you know what they think being religious gives them the right to all women of course. What sicko's.

 He is a lunatic. Of course his followers think that everyone else is.

Here are some of the crazy things he has said.
Claimed on 9./11 that it was the CIA that was doing this as one of his for employees how shocked they were to here that they working for a man that didn't believe it was Muslim terrorists attacking us.

Sympathises with Iran getting nucleare weapans even though he has said we wants to wipe out Israel and then go after Europe.

Wants to legalize Marijuana a gateway drug that has far more carcinogens then Tobaccos does and this is of course to dumb down people.

Has no issue with Iran have nuclear weapons saying they need it for "self defense". The issue is the President of Iran who denies the holocaust has promised to use it to wipe out Israel and go after other countries. No other nation has said they would use their nuclear weapons.  And that is what separates Iran from other counties that have nuclear weapons and he has no sense if he doesn't see the difference.

Has called Gaza a concentration camp and has a story of blaming everything on Israel and the Jews which is absurd. The fact is if Israel wasn't there they would go for other targets.

Sympathises with OBL Osama Bin Laden. Here is this 20 minute clip with many clips of what he has said.

It just shows that of course he hate Jews because the bible does not support prostitution and he knows that Jews whether they are relgious or not just being alive hurts that agenda.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Don't agree with Michael Savage on evolution

It doesn't fit the Adam and Eve story and it also many scientists have found that the claims made by evolutionists are false and involve fake diagrams that have been proved to be false and made up. .

As they were playing a rerun today with him taking this position. Don't agree!!

One argument is that it was a literal 7 days the way it is today. Some Rabbis claim that position. The biggest argument AGAINST EVOLUTION from a biblical perspective is the story of Adam and Eve. If we evolved then this story was just made up that God took the rib of Adam and gave it to Eve. That does not fit evolution. In fact Savage himself has said this story is a fairy tale so in his own mind he knows the two are not compatible.

However, I was never brainwashed to believe evolution (many scientists have and some have become upset when they realized that this couldn't be true) since I am not a scientist but as an accountant and know much about numbers and statistics and how you can manipulate facts and/or figures to your own liking. I read a lot to not having anything to do with my profession.

Have read the scientists who do NOT BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION. And many of the issues have nothing to do with God or religion. They found that much of evolution was being made up as they do along. They found that eyes of different animals were not part of an evolutionary process. They found natural selection only works in a limited sense but does not create a "new species' and sometimes is only temporary as well. Many parts of the body are complex that if one part was missing it wouldn't work at all so that part of the body couldn't have evolved. They found embryos of different animals were not similar in early stages as the evolution scientist claim.

So almost all the evidence DOES NOT support evolution and that we became man from a gorilla. And a gorilla was once a different animal. The evidence doesn't show this. God created animals for various purposes but not in some sort of chain which if true why are they still here. If men was once an ape and we evolved into humans apes should no longer exist.  It is sad that Savage in this area still believes this and they play the reruns with him taking this position as they did today.

Some Rabbis disagree as well. As Rabbi Moses Tendler who also is a Doctor and a biologist does not believe in evolution.

I would recommend the book. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Evolution. It is very thorough of all the problems from a scientific point of view and it really has nothing to do with religion here as all they are saying is that humans couldn't have evolved from an Amoeba. It just doesn't add up. It is like a computer evolved from dust over a period of time. And even newer models of computers didn't evolve. They changed something in the never models. Anyway. That is what I have to say. His idea only the fittest deserve to survive is an evil type of idea.

In 2013 Reduced Tax Rates set to expire.

Unless another patch comes in. Small business will be hit with much higher taxes if they do well. Since many are S-Corps or Partnerships and this flows to their individual return. This is not good for business. Dividend rates also go up as well. AMT will go back to a lower level unless it is patched again. Flex accounts will have limits which will especially be tough for those with special needs kids that used these flex plans. This uncertainty as well creates a situation where companies DO NOT want to hire perm positions.

For the last two years I myself have done a lot of temp work and hearing about this today on talk radio which interests me as well since I am an accountant really makes me wonder what is going to be. Obviously this election in 2012 I think would make some difference in what happens although maybe not because Obama if he lost doesn't leave until Jan 2013. But if Obama does get a second term he can do what he wants since he can't for a third term. The only thing stopping him not hurting the party as a whole but he  may not care.

The whole health care bill increases taxation a great deal sadly to pay for it. Of course Obama gave us a few small tax breaks while creating bills that will increase taxes greatly.

Haven't heard from any of my relatives in Israel in wanting to visit Israel.

UPDATE: (I did here from one of my relatives of the 4 I sent an email to. (Actually 5 as I sent went to a wife on Facebook first and then find the husbands email on a family tree program.) (This is good and the others may have been aware of it as well and didn't email me back although would be nice to hear from my Great Uncle who is 94 and has emailed me back a few times but recently hasn't which he is 94 so could be a good reason)

Here I am a man with two Jewish parents who doesn't always agree with the Rabbis but respects very much the Jewish bible and the Jewish people and for the last 15 years have defended Israel once understanding the situation there.  Tried to keep Shabbos and Kosher too (although religious people are not interested in hiring Jewish men) and at this point I need to work 6 days sometimes and can't rely on my parents to not work 2 days a week when I have work.

 I have paid a high price for thinking independently. I have emailed a number of them and haven't heard from any of them in five days. Maybe there is a reason (haven't look at their emails)  I don't know but it is bothersome. I am going to try one other relative as I found his information on the family tree (his wife is on Facebook who I contacted)  but it still is upsetting to be treated like this. I am sort of use to it already.
I don't agree with those pushing feminism for the most part (and when where I agree it is not because of feminism) and I guess that is a terrible crime. Never mind that I am concerned about women who are just being used and are in vulnerable life situation. I understand that doesn't matter to middle and upper class women.

n 2 of the 4 cases there wasn't even a man I can contact because the wife is more publicly out there then the man is and I find this very troubling.

It is my biggest issue with organized religion in them always wanting men who should just give up any sort of public role and reward men who are cowards. At best who don't know any better. Or who buy the brainwashing that they should give women this role to promote "equality". I guess I at one point was there until I saw that some of these women in this kind of situation were doing really bad stuff and also hurting younger girls for their own agendas. It woke me up that it is not the way God intended it and all the good men in the bible from Abaraham, to Issac, to Jacab, to Moses took on  a public role.

Yet I see that much of organized religion wants at best men who just work all day but can't speak to other men and have no public role really other then working as a slave for their wife and their wife taking on the more public role. Many times the wife's public role is to tell people to listen  to the male Rabbi which really is twisted. to be honest as she uses her free time to promote doing what the male Rabbi says.

It exists in much of organized religion and it is sadly is even what binds these women together of different religions. At the end what binds them together is being the helpmate of some male religious leader. And the male religious leader let them have a good time for doing this. It really though is not helping the world understand God though. That is the problem.

And many men fall through the cracks since men who don't agree with all the dogma of any religion for that matter because they hold to God to at least the standard they would hold in other areas have no where to go. The men are unable to be reached in any way and the women really can't deal with the men and to be fair in some cases they shouldn't be but if the man can't let out their frustrations out to another man they don't have a choice. And in this regard it is bad as some of the women then complain that men don't respect women blah, blah, blah but in reality what are the men suppose to do when most men just aren't there at all to help or give a listening ear to another man.

The reason for this is because the male religious in my opinion (and they hide behind feminism which this is always been among other bad reasons of what it is about) recognize if men do have any public role and reach out to other men they will not see the male religious leaders in such a good light. So they have no choice but to undermine them and claim that the bible views men very badly. But that is simply not true.

And I see the kind of vile discrimination to men that start to question Rabbis in any way. Rather then discuss it you are just left to hang in the wind.

It makes Jews look very bad as well however when you let men hang in the wind like this. I have to say that some people who don't like Jews likely look  at me and think that Jews are cursed and bad people since they just abandon their own men for nothing other then 100% political reasons. Not that they did another wrong that they deserve this.

So here I am that my relatives have not as of yet responded. So if I got to Israel I have no where to stay and would have to pay for a hotel or something. You would think being that I am Jewish and I would like to come they would email me but at this point no. At this point I may have to cancel at least for now because I get busy in about a month and try again after April 15th.

Certainly behavior like this does not help Jews and religion being so much about "group think" and that includes Israel and so called religious Jews and anyone outside your group who has any issue you discriminate against for not worshiping your male Rabbis is just terrible and give God a bad name.

I guess some that want to turn Israel into a Christian country I am sure are happy to hear this that me as someone with two Jewish parents have relatives that don't want to respond to me considering visiting for a week. After all Judaism is too harsh of a religion.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Demographic Winter.

    This issue as other issues really make you wonder about the world today and what is going to happen. Two countries with serious financial problems Greece and Italy one of the issues is very low birth rates 1.3 and 1.1 Not enough young people to take care of older people. Just looking at the numbers it is an issue that may would like to ignore.

   Islamic countries as well have low birth rates like Iran. Population and their culture shrinking without a shot being fired. Here in the US as well. When lawyers attack OBGYN's on frivolous lawsuits that have hurt women's care while pregnant and some women are more interested in the fact that lawyers help them to sue other men more then this issue and the lawyers use the same power to go after OBGYN's that don't have the resources the lawyers have. Being "equal" even though if you really want to go there you should sue God not go after some mid level man is more important then something that actually is something a woman can do that a man can't and that is give birth and carry a child. If we want true equality women can't give birth either because that shows that we are "unequal"

It also is bad for the economy as without young people you have a shrinking economy as labor is the most important variable for an economy. And the overpopulation theory is sadly a myth as more people also lead to having more labor to create food and create other products. It works both ways. And in the USA with a population density of 75 per square mile we aren't over populated. Only a few cities.

Friday, December 23, 2011

It was nice of the company I am working for part time to invite me to their little Christmas Party.

As my own family goes away every thanksgiving and leaves me alone and my parents never visit my apartment which is lonely sometimes. I admit it. Thankfully am somewhat busy although it is been a slow month.  It is sad that my boss and most of his staff who is Greek did invite me and I met his wife and his son who I have never met before and had some chicken and some food and it was nice. Had a screwdriver too which has a good taste. Although I don't know any Greek and some conversation were in Greek but still was nice. It amazes me that some people from other cultures like me to some degree and my own culture some want little to do with me. They think because they are Jewish that gives them the right to oppress other Jews and they basically only want Jews they say what they want to hear. It is sad and I can see that many learn to mistreat Jewish men from the way they see Jews treat their own. Although I have to say just because some Jewish people are lawless in how they treat others that is one area YOU SHOULD NOT imitate them. But what can you do. It doesn't make my life easy and it is a struggle.

Posted my feelings on this blog does make me feel a little better. in that who knows maybe I will look back at this in a few months and hopefully I am wrong about this. I try to do the right thing and it is a struggle as many want to do the wrong thing if it benefits themselves although it hurts others. Have a good Shabbos and a good weekend and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate here in the United States and I hope it leads to at least looking at the Jewish bible.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jews for Ron Paul a phony site

OK. Another post on Ron Paul. Last one for a while as I don't think he has a chance anyway. This is a blog that discusses "Jews for Ron Paul which the people there are not Jewish. There also is a link to a Jewish staffer who worked for Ron Paul in which Paul did not know who was Jewish until later on. He resigned because of his disgust in being associated with a man that wanted just to use him to claim he wasn't anti-Israel and had to play the part of a stereotypical Orthodox Jew.  Here is the link.

Thought this was interesting post on Domestic Felicity

On her being frugal which in my own life at least when it comes to food I spend a little. In general there is no obligation to be frugal although in today's society people spend MORE then they can. In general it is better to try to improve people's abillity to earn rather then be frugal (as in the US for example male wages for age 20-29 have gone down by $10,000 in the last generation but it still enjoyed reading the article overall.

Article on wages. Which overall in the US men's wages for young workers down 9,000 women up about 200. So equality is being reached by men's wages going down. Typical socialism. That is what envy does. Just brings another group down. Doesn't bring anyone up really.

Ron Paul and his racist newsletter. What a great guy.

Ron Paul and his racist newsletter. This guy I appreciate his support of Israel although I don't agree with him that the Jewish Bible no longer has to be followed. Some parts of specifically commands for those from the 12 tribe of Israel which today most are from Judah which is where the term Jew comes from. But others are not. My own feelings which I have repeated many times I think Christianity did bring many of the ideas of the Jewish bible to other nations which if Israel had done it right other nations would have felt many of the ideas related to them should be emulated. Anyway. Here is a video on this topic and listen to some of his other video's on Ron Paul's hatred towards Israel and the Jews.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Ron Paul in 1988 ran on "legalizing drugs".

And just listen to how heartless this man is. He didn't have the excuse of being old and senile then. LOL.  Claiming it should be legal because of "false accusations". In any area there has to be due process and you can't just make up something without proof or evidence. But to say make it legal because of a mistake is like saying we should make murder legal because someone is falsely convicted. It is an absurd argument. This is for those under 25 who don't know better. Sadly of his supporters are people that just want to be druggies and don't care about the consequences because they are young and naive of the effect these drugs have on the brain.

Paul has a terrible record and his hatred of Israel and the Jews is his hatred of anything decent as Jews have always been the canary in the coal and are "never" the last target but the first in trying to rid a society of anything decent which I agree sometimes Jews don't behave the right way but regardless they still have that stupid bible.

Check out W.A.C.A. on Facebook.

War Against Child Abuse. Have some really sobering articles as children at the end of the day are at the mercy of the adults around them. Have a good evening.

Video of the mourning of the mad communist dictator of North Korea.

This guy Kim Jong Ill was a monster and of course used so called "socialism" to have absolute power in being in every else's life. I read this book and I would recommend it highly. The Acquariums of Pyongyang which talks about a man's experience in a gulag for 10 years. It really is horrible what they did to people in these gulags.

This video I suspect was of course by the state media. And to get favors from the government or not got shot they have to cry loudly in the name of the "dear leader" or I guess to be eligible to not be in the gulag anymore . Just look at it. They are literally worshiping the son's picture like he is a god. Very sick and disgusting. The true God is not a man of any kind.

They sound like zombies. Thanks to Michael Savage that has this video on this site. Saying they are professional mourners of the adults.

I agree with Savage's assessment as one of the most evil people ever. He worked people to death and from what I understand (and what is to stop him as they purged any man with a conscience had sex slaves and murdered infants and forced abortions as well) Had three mistresses he had children with and giving power to this 28 year old son who has no experience.

Here is a link to this book mentioned above.

Aquariums of Pyongyang: Ten Years in the North Korean Gulag

A woman fells she "deserves" respect because she is "modest"

Doesn't that defeat the purpose. Modesty isn't even something just about women either. It applies to men as well. The bible mentions many times how Moses was humble and that seems to be lost today. It is easier for the men to well women to be modest I guess. But when it reaches a point where you feel you "deserve" respect then you aren't modest at all and this is sort of roll in the mud type of thing that  you're holier then the next person because you dress more modestly. Which I agree a married women or even an unmarried should not dress overly provocatively
but God didn't ask women to punish themselves and I will admit that even women do cover their hair can be attractive anyway and we know the case of Abraham and Issac where their wives were very attractive and they couldn't just hide it as the bigger issue is that men should out of their own convictions not want to take a woman who is married to another man.

 Being humble has to do with your heart as much as anything and that should affect the way you present yourself not the other way around. This was what was said on Domestic Felicity which actually the article I don't 100% agree with but I felt Mrs. Anna was being honest about what she thought here and being humble about trying to please God which we all should strive to do.

This is one of the comments there.
I don't fully understand the hair covering but I respect it. If you covered or not, I would support you. I wear my hair short and uncovered wherever I am. We have different approaches to what a married woman must do but we do it whole-heartedly and out of full conviction of who we are. We are women of conviction who deserve respect.
Bless you.

In my view it defeats the purpose if you do this and think because you are married and modest you "deserve" respect. Respect has to be earned. It is up to others if they feel you deserve respect. If you want respect you have to not think you are holier then everyone else. Some that are married are arrogant and like to put down others who aren't married may be to no fault of their own and that isn't something to respect. Or aren't even married to a decent man and it is just to put on airs.

The prophets on the women and the men who supported immoral women.

Not too happy someone commenting here is defending prostitution as an "outlet for sexual lust". He is married but what else is new.

The biggest issue is just the selfish focus on your most base desires that only really benefit this selfish man.

I thought I would quote Issiah in his criticism of the Israel at that time.

Issiah 3:12 My people's rulers are babes it is governed by women. O my people your leaders are misleaders they have confused the course of your paths

3.13. The Lord stands to plead a cause he rises to champion peoples

14.  the Lord will bring the charge against the elders and officers of his people. It is you who have ravaged the vineyard that which was robbed from the poor is in your houses.

15. How dare you crush my people and grind the faces of the poor? say my Lord God of Hosts.

16 The Lord said: because the daughters of Zion are so vain and walk with heads thrown back with roving eyes and with mincing gait making a tinkling with their feet My lord will bare the pates of the daughters of Zion the lord will uncover their heads.

  So what is the connection here between oppressing the poor and criticizing the women for being haughty and vain and the men for being ruled by women who obviously they would do anything for the women because of their lusts.

  I think the answer is pretty obvious in that the men oppressed other men so they can satisfy everything their wife wanted. And even unmarried women they liked to make happy as well. This of course makes it harder for those poor and unmarried and interestingly at least in today's time unmarried men actually only make 85% of what unmarried women and being married does help a man in some ways as well although obviosuly a man has to have a job which of course men that aren't ruled by their lusts would help another be able to make some kind of living that would help him support a wife although work is not suppose to be easy or fun.

  When a man is focused on his lusts however he will not do anything to help the other man that could use a break and instead try to keep other men down so he can have more pleasure while another man has nothing At the end of the day the women who do this as well God does not look kindly upon as this passage suggests the women for their behavior and being part of enjoying to have men that are poor and helpless. .

  I myself do try to look at the bigger picture and at my last job in a large office I always to help another guy with what I know (if they wanted it ) as I don't feel it is a win-lose situation. And sadly there are sick men that actually find this to be wrong as you should never help the other guy. Which is just not right to want the other guy to have as few skills as possible and some hide behind "equality for women" when it is really about their own lusts. Anyway, got to go back to work now as I have a lot to do today.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kim Jong Ill the communist tyrant dead at 69.

In which it's citizens due to communism that has over time destroyed the whole economy and most of the nation is starving and the only ones that have anything are the few men on top and their wives and I guess Kim Jong Ill feeds some of the sex slaves he may take as sadly what is there to stop him and the answer is nothing. China sadly has supported him as well which hasn't helped the situation as otherwise the people on top would soon also not have food.

Israel no exceptions in laws to oppress and even beat up fathers simply for wanting to talk to their children.

Even to just to wish the child a happy birthday. This is pure tyranny towards men. And this female judge herself was raised by a mother who divorced and taught her daughter obviously to hate her father and men in general. Of course when women themselves have something to hide (that this wasn't all the man's fault) they will exaggerate and make up wild stuff because they don't want the child to know the real truth which is more nuanced which when someone lies they usually do try to make up in craziness what they don't have in facts. A child in this environment will have serious issues being raised with this kind of hate.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The real story of Chanukah is of 80,00 men, women, and children killed or enslaved.

Since Chanukah is coming up and people are checking a post I wrote last year on Chanukah and has many hits (don't know if that is because of the picture I posted) Maybe I should post it again to get people to look at this post.

This the Karaite Jews of Chanukah and the fact that there is little to celebrate. If anything it is a sad day.

The real miracle as sent on the link is as follows. That we survived having Jewish men only interested in their own power grabs. From the link.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Very interesting take of Judah and Tamar from a Christian source.

Need to give credit where credit is due and I found this to enlighten certain aspects of this that I didn't know.

Which is read this week as the bible portion. From a Christian source that really shed light on it. As to why Tamar seduced Judah (when Judah had one remaining son) which become the line that gave rise to David and it makes sense. Tamar's intentions here were very pure but she had to use means that were distasteful but Judah was old enough to be her father and obviously Judah didn't want to marry her.

Also most Jews likely come are ancestors of Judah and Tamar as the term Jew means from the tribe of Judah.

Very interesting. Judah's three children were from a Canaanite woman who at that time they were very immoral and this maybe why they were not fit to continue this line as the first 2 of his sons died in having relations with Tamar to continue Judah's line. Please take a look at this link above which sadly the Rabbis don't really expound on this issue because they don't even want to think about the fact that Judah  married a Canaanite which in his defense he himself from this article suggests was getting up in their age and was living and working in this area so took a wife from this area to be able to have children. Sadly though because of the immorality of this nation and that his children were half of that nation and adopted some immorality they learned from the mother they could not continue the line.

My views on Christianity in response to a post.

As this was what was written on  my blog.

As the comment wrote "I'm glad you looked at my site. Regarding Jesus and his followers, there is a big difference between Jesus's followers in his lifetime and those who came after his death and twisted what he said. Please give me a specific example of something biblical that was rejected by Jesus."

To respond to this I do think  a persons followers do shed some reflection on the individual. Either these people weren't really his followers or in some ways he did promote that certain ideas of the Jewish bible were heartless and evil and Jesus's ideas were better. Of course they take from the Jewish bible when they want to.   Not sure where his followers would somehow twist his ideas to this degree and truly be his followers. 

You hear that about some Jewish leaders as well that their followers twisted their words and many times that really isn't the case as some Rabbis think they have more compassion then God does and God is evil and harsh until they the Rabbi came along and they also just pick and chose from the bible and not try to understand why in certain situation God was fairly harsh and in some other cases it is not literal and to know this you have to know Hebrew which thankfully I know.  

As someone Jewish who is been picked on for this I have to say that my view is that Christianity and Jesus certainly brought the ideas of the Jewish bible into circulation which since the Jewish people in their own way distorted their religion that it seemed odd to most people because of the ways they distorted it this was needed for some group to bring these ideas to non-Jews as well although some of these people as well had their imperfections. 

I do think that it is wrong to worship Jesus as God and I do think it distorts God since God is one and both male and female unlike humans who God separated the full being when God took the rib out of Adam and formed Eve.  And I see that it is easier for women to worship Jesus and the reason is because Jesus was a man and it is natural for a woman to love a man and be their helpmate.  But not some religious figure to take the place of a husband.  This distorts male-female relations in a bad way. 

1/2 are poor or low income according to census.

Middle class is shrinking for many reasons. Also from my own experience forcing equality leads to the opposite as this then punishes those who work hard and then everyone works at a lower level which pushes wages down to account for some people people lazy. The people on top can still do what they want and not have their wages be lowered because it is combined with a lazy person.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Response to a poster saying prostitution is ok biblicaly

Which the bible clearly does consider a vice and not something that will pollute the land. This is in response to this comment from this post that was made today. The first part post on tomorrow so stay tuned.

And this was what was said about this. Last comment on this post.

There is nothing in the Tanakh against prostitution. Legal prostitutes most certainly have rights and live a good life. In societies like Ancient Athens and Old Japan where prostitution was accepted, high class prostitutes not only had rights but were widely respected. Women should have free choice regarding which path they want to take. What is unacceptable is for women to become sluts, and this is only possible in a society where sluts are supported by the government at the expense of the rights of men as is done in our society.

My response:

Both these cultures have been diminished so that in itself don't suggest this was GOOD for the country.

 On top of this. the bible does prohibit being a harlot. "Do not profane your daughter to make her a harlot lest the land become lewd and the land becomes filled with depravity" (Lev 19:29) Further in the current bible reading of this coming week when Judah pays a prostitute and gives her his staff she is called by the same term here that is used in Leviticus. A harlot. Genesis(38:15)

Demographic winter.Effected the Ancient Rome empire as well before it's collapse

Interesting video. This led to the fall of Rome so nothing new under the sun. Interesting that feminism, environmentalism, and many other ism came when people claimed there was "too many people". This idea's that end up causing the culture in decline. Video on this CD on Demographic winter.
Also it will hurt the economies that have this problem (already happening in Europe) very soon.
Italy already has more people over 65 then those under 20. And there aren't enough young people to provide the services the elderly need.

Since I feel I should give credit where I heard this mentioned a number of times this CD was the Ladies Against Feminism which I don't agree with them on everything but in this area I certainly do.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Someone like you.

Since I hear this song so much. It is a sad song although someone told me it was based on that she was engaged to someone who then married someone else which I don't think is right. It is one think if you are  friendly with someone but not very serious and they decide on someone else. But not if you are engaged.  She is very young though. Anyway since it is such a popular song although sad.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

14 year old bullied because she was Jewish by Christians.

This is a really disturbing story.

In this case this was done by Christians. Although I will say not all Christians behave this way but these are really bad and religion is some cases does create this kind of hate. This sounds to me like this group think mentality again. To tell someone you are gong to hell because you don't believe in Jesus. And to have another mother of one of these girls to put up a facebook page. And to have boys do some of the things they did to her. Outrageous. The school did very little and the parents are suing the school. Here is their link that the mother has on their daughter.

I do feel for the 14 year old girl being bullied. I had a situation in a job (although I didn't reach this level but also I am not a child)  

Country Songs I like (Part 2)

Songs by Loretta Lynn. "They don't make them like my Dad Anymore". "Coal Miners Daughter".

Sad today that almost no songs of a woman loving her father. The man in her case who struggled to provide for her family. Also a song on being a coal miners daughter. You don't have songs like this today. She did have a tough life as she had to get married very young. She did have a song about the pill that was banned from radio which you will find on you tube.

What are you going to do her husband didn't want to abstain I guess when they really didn't want more kids (she did have four kids)  and I guess she wanted to focus on her career. The pill I don't think is good for the man either as it evades responsibility on his part as well. I admit as an unmarried man it is easy for me to talk. I understand that. 

Although the pill from what I understand effects ovulation which also lowers testosterone levels in women which is much lower then men obviously but is highest when ovulating. This has shown up in studies of women who do resistant training as the effect is less when on the pill. So ironically the pill does make a woman somewhat weaker as they do need some of the male hormone and this also lowers their sex drive as well (which is related to the amount of the less dominant testosterone in their body) which I guess you can't fool with nature. Resist training and healthy muscle mass helps to preserve muscle and not have bone issues as you get older as well.

Anyway, they weren't perfect people but in some ways she had issues as a man growing up in suburbia didn't have. I had other issues but not these. Anyway, enough of me and my talk here. Here are the two videos.

Some Oldies Country Songs I like.

I heard this on my Oldies Slotradio Card in the Country Channel of country hits, Run, woman, Run. Had to lighten up a little bit although this first song is a little sad. Second song on this post a little more lively.

Jacob wrestling with a man which is the origin of the name Israel

This from the bible reading of Genesis 32:4-36:43.

Also this was what I wrote last year on this bible reading on the outrage of Dina being raped and the wrong behavior of Shimon and Levi that they would be cursed for by their father on his deathbed.

Anyway this part in 32: 25-33 Jacob wrestles with a man and wins and his name is renamed to the name Israel.
because he was able to defeat both divine beings and human beings.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Have a weekend and a good Shabbos.

The bible reading is from Genesis 32:4-36:43.

I am going to go back to making posts on the weekly bible reading. We are about half way through Genesis at this point as it is a fascinating book. Interactions between husband and wife and what they wanted in their male children is all interesting and sadly not the way things are today in many societies and maybe that is why these societies are in decline. That the women men that had moral character first and not some man like Esau who was a hunter and to many people today the manly type man. Yet his character was seriously flawed and Rebecca understood he could share in the blessing with Jacob. And it was Issac who felt he had his good points and you need a physical type man. Which is true but not when it reaches a point where the physical type man is immoral. Although of course Jacob had to very physical in this weeks bible reading in fighting this angel I think. Have to look at it in more detail tomorrow. Anyway have a good Shabbos.

The article on Betty Friedan.

The Ladies Against Feminism has a recent article on Betty Friedan.

This is the first few paragraphs on her life at him as Betty Goldstein.

Friedan was born Bettye Naomi Goldstein[1][2][3] on February 4, 1921 in Peoria, Illinois,[4] to Harry and Miriam Goldstein. Harry owned a jewelry store in Peoria, and Miriam wrote for the society page of a newspaper when Friedan's father fell ill. Her mother's new life outside the home seemed much more gratifying.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Michael Savage on Newt Gingrich. Hope he DOES NOT win nomination.

The guy is a complete immoral fraud and hopefully he will not win the nomination as he would lose to Obama. This is all true and this book was written a while back and certainly relevant now.

Ladies Against Feminism seems to censor posts.

Just had to say this. I don't honestly see my post should be censored as they are similar to the kind of writing I have here. What is worse, they read it and take some ideas from it as if they thought of it themselves. That is really not right and actually is classic feminism which men have no intellectual or other rights and just take their ideas that they spent some time posting a comment and you just take their idea as if you came up with it all on your own. Myself, I always try to give credit when someone else helps me. In this day and age sometimes that can hurt you since you don't pretend you know everything. They do have some excellent articles although since men  are still just used the problems they mention will persist and men will be seen as idiots that women should only marry when everything is perfect.

Feel need to criticize the post Domestic Felicity

New Update: I have decided to update this again sine it has so many hits and I feel a little overly harsh in some ways as I wrote this over a year ago. I don't agree with her in some ways but at the time she is a woman in her 20's and just following the crowd in some ways that aren't so good which should be pointed out in a decent way. On my own side as life goes on I continue to grow and change in some ways through various life experiences. She also on one of her comments didn't really like the fact I was on her blog asking what this guy wants from me and it does and still bothers me that she seemed at the time to like Christian women more then men from her husbands people.

Update: These are two additional posts on this blog which sadly I feel she doesn't walk the walk.

In this post.
Mrs. Anna feels her husband wants to be private and is fine with that even though that means it makes it harder for men and that men should want to take some type of public here. Read the link but she should want her husband to fulfill her role and not be his helpmate in a way that she is pushing him not to do what God wants

 In this post. Mrs. Anna is just repeating the talking points of the male Rabbis on Maternal LIneage which as someone in the trenches I have to say that this position is dangerous in many ways in addition to not being biblical in any way and doesn't make us look good in the eyes of other nations as well. Sadly she puts her own position before looking at the bigger picture and I hope time will humble her that this position has serious issues 

End of Update. Now back to the original post.

Not thrilled she seems to value male Rabbis but not other men and in addition she only wants to hear what other women have to say and especially herself growing up in fatherless home this leaves her with some idea of what men think in general... Also talks more about the male Rabbis positions then her husband which he should want to understand her husbands position and not want him just sell his brain and soul to the Rabbi as whatever the Rabbi think is what I think despite my own experiences working to support a wife and seeing what I see in that sphere that a male Rabbi just working with other male Rabbis and having a bully pulpit does not see. . Shg-ourselves-and-others.html 

Wish she would share more about her husband . She can't be happy really being more the helpmate of the Rabbi then her husband as the Rabbi views her children as another man's child and not always an ally if the husband doesn't agree with the male Rabbi

She had this to say.Mrs. Anna wrote> For the moment,  however, I will focus on three things that are important to me in order to get through a day successfully: food, sleep and last but not least, re-uniting with our Almighty Father for even a brief time. <

This does sound to me as if Mrs. Anna since her father wasn't Jewish and her mother influenced by this more of the way Christians talk calling God the father which I don't like this way of referring to God because you have a real father. Especially with her own mixed feelings of her own father God may not even take this as a compliment and certainly we aren't suppose to have God replace our real father. 

Lastly, really have never felt that women shouldn't work at all. Some women seem to think if they don't work at all they are better then the next women and the bible has always recognized women have value in the supply and demand if you read Leviticus 27. Gong back Adam and Eve, Eve worked with Adam in the land.  And usually when men couldn't own what they produce that caused the women to be lazy if they kept most of what they produced the women with the children wanted to help the father in what they were good at. In todays time with many large corporation and it tough for small business women do have to work for someone else just as the husband does. Small business of course helps work at least that a husband and wife can do together. Anyway, all I have to say on this matter. 

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

70 years ago today was the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The attack by Japan which got American into WWII and thank God the Nazis were defeated and we all owe our gratitude to those who lost their lives in this war.  Less people would have died had Hitler not been appeased and ignored as people thought his only problem was with Jews and every single life is precious and the ideal is when defeating evil that the good do not lose any life.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Just passed 20,000 page views. Some thoughts on my blog.

Which is all in the last 18 months. As this blog was mostly dormant until about 18 month ago which the credit actually goes to SouthernBelle Rivky (who at first was anonymous) who commented a lot that got me to start posting more and to think about certain idea's and I think her for that. More recently fschmidt has been commenting and he has shared some certain ideas as well. Had a few hostile people as well which most have seem to gone away and a few other people who occasionally comment. Some who post on Facebook when I link this. Some it seems look but don't comment. Haven't had a comment on the blog for 8 posts although someone commented on Facebook.  

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Fatherless children more prone to delinquency.

No kidding!!!

Here is more on the DNA of Jews.

75-80% of DNA of men trace back to the Middle East. Among women 50% doesn't trace back which I think means 50% does trace back. I don't know if I agree with some of the other stuff said about IQ and that is more of a "theory". I don't know if it is genetic as IQ has many factors some environmental and not genetic. But the DNA  stuff clearly is not a "theory". They also did find a strong claim that Cohen's today do trace back on their father side to Aaron.  Also just want to say Jews weren't "chosen" and this makes them better. It actually gives them more responsibility to follow God then others have.

DNA research Ashkenazic Jews are Jewish on the fathers DNA not the mothers.

Hat tip: Romeo Martell

Very Interesting. A couple of interesting points here. Espcially listen from the 12 minute to the 14 minute mark. It shows God's rules mean more then the Rabbis rules.

#1) The Jewish population in Europe was very small to the 16th Century numbering only 25,000.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Michael Savage #2 on Internet.

I myself mostly listen from Podcasts. From talk stream line.

I like his show although at times he can be overly harsh and arrogant to people who don't deserve it but I certainly learn a lot from his show and he isn't just a republican cheerleader which I like. He had 10.8 share and also his internet numbers went up 19% from last month. Which also means he is getting younger people as internet is likely a more younger demographic overall as he himself has said and I agree. He also has a very good website with a lot of excellent articles.

Any ideas on my job search. Back to square one after tax season.

I will have work during tax season. However by the end of April I will be back to at best working part time which at this point in my life I need more then this.

 This year I ended up working from the Middle of June to the Middle of November full time and a little more then that. Will that happen next year. Who knows?

I am a CPA and they say it is good to get some other designation I also have pretty strong computer skills, Excel, and QuickBooks and like to listen to financial planning programs.

More on Ron Paul and Israel.

Nobody should fall for claim he is now making he wants to free Israel to defend itself because he has never defended Israel about anything and it is none of his business to help Israel in any way but it is his business to attack them. I do think at the end of the day Israel should rely itself first because every other nations has their own agenda but that doesn't mean we should support someone who openly hates Israel and has a long record of this although now because he is afraid of losing some of the evangelist vote he claims otherwise.
Here is a video from a Christian Zionist on Ron Paul. OK, we disagree on Jesus. I don't believe he is the Messiah although Christianity did introduce those not of the nation of Israel to the bible and pushed them further away from paganism which is a good thing I think.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Leviticus 20:18 doesn't seem to just apply to the nation of Israel

God does tell Israel that during the time of a woman's period it is wrong to have sexual intimacy at this time and both of them (unless it is forced a woman has to agree to this as well) will be cut off from their people. This is in addition to other sexual perversions. Afterwords it says (20:22-24) that because of these sins the nations before Israel were expelled because they did this and God was disgusted. So clearly this type of behavior is not just something that applies just to Jews as God sees it as a reason to punish the nations before Israel and God mentions the disgust for dong this that other nations should know better. Sadly though some Jewish religious people feel that Non-Jewish women (and the men with them) anything is ok and that is really not true.

Michael Savage caller who supports cremation Euthanasia, denies holocaust, against burial.

This is the mind of someone who supports these various evils. Also believes the holocaust was exaggerating and also voted for Ron Paul. Savage is good at having a back and forth conversation.

Here is another reason why MOST Ron Paul supporters hate Jews.

Just listen to this guy. He is full of it. The bible given to Moses (and even before Moses God spoke to Adam and Noah) and  has influenced the whole world including Christianity. Yet this guy makes everything into some Jewish conspiracy. And Claims Rupurt Murdoch is Jewish which is a lie. The fact is in the USA many evangelist do feel Israel should be supported as it fulfills biblical prophecy and good for them and that is why Republicans court Israel. It has nothing to do with Jews as most Jews for good or for bad vote Democrat. One of the biggest supporters of Israel and supporting Israel  is James Inhofe of Oklahoma. There are very few Jews in Oklahoma. It has nothing to do with Jews at all.

Karaites and their claims of Misogyny in the Middle Ages by all other men

This is one area of the Karaites that I strongly have an issue with. At this point I get in trouble for thinking outside the box and not agreeing with any group all the time. Anyway,  they aren't specific at all about this claim of misogyny. Who was misogynistic. The Chruch? The Mosque? The People? The Rabbis?  In what were they Misogynistic about. Just make a blanket statement like this that somehow they know how to treat women and everyone else is a pig. I don't see how this is not a slanderous comment that is too broad. and very arrogant.

The funny thing is site like Ladies Against Feminism which is a Christian site (they do have a few Jewish contributors as well)  they promote a book called the church impotent the feminizing  of the church in which he claims this is traced to the middle ages this happening which women like to go to the church more then men and this started happening then. It is true in my own religion as well including "Orthodox" Judaism.

Small church bans interracial marriage.

Think that is really inappropriate. Should a person with black hair harry someone with blonde hair? Come on. As long as the woman respects the guys background why should the men of the church feel they have to tell women what man they can marry.

Certainly, the laws today that someone with black skin sometimes are hired over someone who is more qualified with lighter skin doesn't help relations but to ban any relations between men and women who are of different skin color is very wrong and not appropriate at all. Someone who is appearance really stands out as they are very dark sometimes to marry someone of a very different appearance maybe will be easier on the next generation.

Although to be fair, this is one small church so we shouldn't generalize this is going on.

Most organized religion seems to always focus on hating another group!

That is why I admit I rarely go to synagogue. I just don't like the hate for no real reason other then I think putting someone else down so they don't have to focus on their own shortcomings.  And putting OTHER MEN down all day that aren't part of their clique which the two are not unrelated. A healthy society needs men. It can't just have a few men on top. And since they preach ideas that will not lead to a healthy society they have to focus on putting others down because others are a legitimate threat to outdo you when in your own group you are always putting down men who actually should be able to contribute rather then use them as a scapegoat.

Some are not bad as others but in my own situation of being a first born man with a younger sister and being picked on growing up which my parents friends supported and them being considered "Orthodox" it seems like this is the norm and you are bad if you have a problem with and I see it time and time again. Some places are a little mellow at first but at the end of the day it is always about putting other men down and blaming them for everything and this is nothing but hate If it is true then men do control everything if everything bad is 100% their fault. Which this attitude can not lead to anything good and just becomes a vicious destructive cycle since you are admitting that men are 100% to blame for things bad which is suggesting they control everything.

Am I wrong??

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Getting many calls on job opportunities.

Working part time but thankfully getting calls for opportunities which I am really happy about with tax season coming up and some of it would switch me to full time very soon and keep me going until at least the end of tax season.

Someone answer me on Facebook on men and impurity.

Someone did answer me on Facebook and was pretty rude in telling me that God would not make an impure for a man to have an emission of semen at night which is beyond his control. I responded that well a woman having her period is not within her control either so that seems like a strange argument. But I did look it up in Leviticus 15:16 and the impurity is for a day but only that which has a semen stain on it and nothing else. So I guess it does not make everything else impure except your clothes and possibly your bed which in it's own way is creating an impurity. And to be fair it isn't 100% random in that certainly if a man is aroused during the day by a woman flirting with him he is more likely to have an emission at night then if that didn't happen.

Obviously this are ideal that in today's society would be difficult to meet and there is no temple today and maybe this is one of the reasons why there is no temple in Israel as there is much impurity and behavior that create more of this impurity and we have given over part of the temple to the Muslims in Israel.

 With this kind of impurity we would not be fit to set into the temple anyway with God listening to us and protecting us as God did create the strong power of sexuality but it has to be used properly  which God created this for people to create a new generation and new life into the world and when used in that context it is a very holy act and when seen in this light it also gives a person on sense of responsibility that intimacy has some responsibilities attached to it as well. This spoken from a man who is not married but hopes that I will meet a Godly women to marry who will be my helpmate.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thought this was interesting on Karaites and family

MY COMMENTS ON THIS ARTICLE:ANYWAY from the article my only question is what about men who release sperm at night. They are impure for a day and therefore have to be seperated as well.

And what about women after they give birth I assume they can be with the child even though they are impure and the child has this impurity as well which can easily be removed after the period ends by washing their clothes as well. In fact it may give them this special bonding with the child although obviously a boy has to be circumcised at 8 days. Here is the article

 Unit. The Karaite family is basically patriarchal. Among the very religious, menstruating women must sleep and sit in separate spaces from men and are prohibited from entering the kitchen and engaging in food preparation for a seven-day period. These practices highlight the centrality of men in ritual roles because the practices are intended to help guard men from impurity so that they may participate in synagogue services. In Egypt, where Karaites often lived in extended families, postmenopausal women would commonly assume all household chores while younger women were menstruating; in Israel, where the nuclear family is more the norm, men and boys sometimes assume these domestic duties.

Despite the fact that the women's movements are restricted in certain areas, unlike the Rabbinites, Karaite men do not recite prayers thanking God that they were not born women. Karaite women are also allowed relative freedom of dress and may dispose of property without their husbands' permission.

Read more: Kinship, marriage, and family - Karaites

As to why the impurity it is likely from what I read to remind women of not wasting their child bearing years and for men not to think physical attraction to women is just for pleasure without any responsibility. Does anyone actually do this in Israel? Does anyone know.

Also while Karaites do want their women dress in an appropriate manner I would think from reading this unlike the Rabbis they let people use their sense in this and not micromanage it themselves.
And for helping men not waste their sperm I would think think they wouldn't want women to just play games with men in flirting with them to arouse them when they aren't interested in arousing men so they will have relations and bring new life into the world.

This beating up others if they don't have the same symbols.

I don't think it is a good thing or religious that people will pick on the one that doesn't have a Christmas true which to be honest has pagan roots. I do think Christianity has helped others learn about the Jewish bible that wouldn't have happened otherwise but there are pagan elements to the religion (as there are sadly to Judaism today as well ). And certainly this group think mentality is very ungodly. Anyway here is an interesting comic on Christmas coming up.

I was talking to someone from Facebook from NC who told me they left the Chruch and then was in some Messianic movement and isn't involved in any organized religion. Sadly the Jewish Rabbis don't help in this regard as some of they many time have a condescending view of nonjews and themselves have adopted pagan practices. Karaites Jewss only have two congregations in the US or three as far as I know and they only have sort of mixed in some pagan practices of Islam. I don't know what to say. The problem is religion today is a "career" and character is not part of what it takes to be a religious leader today which of course was the case with Moses and who God picked to be leaders.

Erin Prizzey on Intimate Partner Abuse and Feminism

She was one who was considered about abuse in families but felt this idea that it was man 100% evil woman 100% good wasn't always the case. For that she was harassed and abused by other woman who just wanted to blame men 100% for every family issue. To the point she had to go into exile. It is amazing that the people that claim to be against "violence" are themselves extremely violent. And to top that off there are going to project they are likely to men who they see as one to blame for everything. That since they respond to any difference in a violent way that this is the way men will respond since they project all this negative behavior to men. She is on the site Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Last years post on the beginning portions of Genesis.

Sadly this year I haven't had a chance to post on the biblical portions in the first 25 chapters or so of Genesis which have been read in the last six weeks. The book of Genesis is fascinating. A woman was commenting here that helped shape and change some of my views from last year which it is always good if you're ideas are evolving and not just staying static. Although I will admit at times I jumped to the wrong conclusions which I have become a little more patient then I was although I still do make mistakes and at times can be overly patient when I shouldn't be or not be patient when I should not just to a conclusion too quickly.

. At that time I didn't know there was a group the Karaites who have issues with the Rabbis as going through this I started to questions some of the Rabbis ideas even more then I had in the past few years that didn't make sense although the Karaites are not perfect either. Anyway here are the posts from last year since sadly I haven't had a chance to post this year from this portion of Genesis.

A real problem with the non-bilbical idea of Matriarchal descent.

This idea that the Rabbis which the Karaties don't follow that it doesn' t matter who the father is.

Although even if you hold by the father of course it isn't just that. A man has to be circumcised and a man has to marry a woman that has morality and does love and fear God since the  man is not going to make the woman do the right thing is she is not interested in her own mind. And a woman I guess can decide to marry a man from another nation if she wants and respects that nations culture.

In fact Deutoronomy 7:3 warned both genders about the issue of marrying within the 7 nations around them that had some serious immorality they committed that if they married them this would be passed on to the children which would cause the Israelites to be kicked out of Israel. Both genders can be guilty of thinking they can just mold the other gender which Sampson being the best example of what happens when a man thinks he can just do this in which he eventually gave away the source of his strength to Delila who used it against him.

Friday, November 25, 2011

100% disagree Shas seeks stronger penalties for missionaries.

I disagree. I do think children under a certain age but other then that I disagree. If someone wants to share what they honestly believe about God what is the issue. Are Jewish people that insecure that they have to punish people that disagree with them and can't allow a discussion on what God says and didn't see or why they feel certain ways.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy thanksgiving to everyone.

This is what I wrote on thanksgiving and last year and property rights and the pilgrims actually when they first came  here their religious beliefs did not really care much for property rights although the bible clearly recognizes this and this led to starvation as most people had no incentive to work and were not happy that their work would go to support another men and his wife and children. Anyone here is the link to the post I wrote last year.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Having part time work and some time alone now.

It is a little tough that I was let go from this job in that some days I am at home and it is a bit lonely. Although this isn't going to be very long but still it is somewhat lonely. I wish I had a wife by my side but hopefully something in that regard will happen as just like any man it help;s to have a woman.  That is the way God made it.

It is funny because I am not a fan of the feminist movement (it's roots are in communism and Karl Marx among other attempts at so called equality who wanted women to work for him and hated women that were married as that meant less control for him)  but I have never felt women shouldn't work as some seem to feel and I don't know why that this somehow makes them holy and I don't agree they shouldn't use their skills to help provide for their family and make it a little easier on the husband as well although in some situation it isn't cost effective to do this. Just sitting home all day if kids are not very small and are not homeschooling would get boring to be honest with you although if a woman is doing a lot at home I guess it would make sense to be home if you are homeschooling. In fact my Maternal Grandfather and my Great Uncle both owned their own stores where their wives helped out in their stores from what I understand.

Although to be fair some work men do as well it is to do work and not be social. A job is a job. It is not to be social and jobs where it is more important to be buddy buddy with others usually don't provide the best services and I was in a job that the field is almost a monopoly so people could do what they want. In fact one job I applied for is working at home giving tax advice that I was contacted yesterday for.

But in the past when people owned farms or even their own businesses the women did help out their husbands and it was good because in that situation it was more flexible for them. Today with big corporations and many of the laws men overall get less benefits then women women get certain benefits but the same salary and that is not really fair to the guys as they are punished for not being a woman and pushes overall wages for those who are employees down.

This is an article which a NY times article on male-female wages.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reb Sholomo on the 10 commandments. Censors my comments that don't agree. .

The Karaite Reb Shlomo has this video which he censures my comments. "The 10 commandments are NOT moral"

While I am happy that there is some group that has good reason to disagree with Rabbinic Judaism their leadership is lousy and they do have their own baggage from what I can see and their claim that they are the oldest form of Judaism don't think that is exactly true although I would love to be proving wrong.

Anyway in this video Reb Shlomo claim the 10 commandments are NOT about morality and not a moral code as the object of Judaism is to submit to God. Which he is partly right but I think this is the impact of other religions on Karaite Judaism sadly.

Got let go from my job at the health provider.

Here in NJ. Not naming the name for obvious reasons. It was done for political reasons and I didn't even get to say goodbye to anyone and some of the things done to me were just really obnoxious. Job wise it isn't the end of the world for me as I was only going to be there another 6 weeks anyway as I was a temp but just being let go the way as a guy that is social is upsetting. I can't even be part of the thanksgiving meal next Monday.

One of the women there was 1/4th Jewish. According to the Rabbis she would be Jewish and she does know that. However, feminism of Christianity is more appealing in which if a man even looks at a woman (even if she is flirting with him and trying to get his attention) he is committing adultery. Her parents did divorce which is difficult and I feel for her for that as it is very difficult for a child. And she likes the Rabbis who to them women are always victims and she believes some of the stereotypes about Judaism and she likes Jews that fit the stereotype from what it seems to me. Her and others hide behind her. A guy there who openly just wants other women and his wife isn't enough even though he has said he can't afford another child threatened me because I was upset at this woman using Rabbis or in her case a female Rabbi when clearly she certainly doesn't care much for the religion. You can be someone that sees some good in different religions but that isn't the case here she just uses this to try to push Christianity on Jewish people which to do that I think is intellectually wrong. And this guy that defends her who is African American is also full of hate to Jewish people from what I can see as he supports a man Ron Paul who gets the support of people like David Duke and Black who have an extreme hatred towards those with black skin and yet he doesn't care.

For these reasons it isn't the end of the world that I am not there anymore since the hostility towards anyone Jewish and wanted to wipe away my identity is pretty clear since my father is Jewish and in fact both my parents are Jewish. I don't mind if someone wants to share what they think is what God wants. But in this case it really felt to me more putting Jewish people down and some sort of group think which I think is terrible and it was obvious with the African American guy, this woman who was 1/4th Jewish by her Maternal Grandmother (which the evil nazi's would consider her Jewish) and this other guy who is Armenian who I felt really were more interested in being upset at my identity more then anything else. It was more about hating the Jewish people and I think the Jewish bible more then having anything positive to contribute and that really is bad.

However, she was someone who just used that she was 1/4th Jewish to try to push the fact that she was Christian and I find that offensive as a decent person would say I don't practice any form of Judaism even though I am 1/4th Jewish. She brags that she has a female Rabbi she turns too. But she doesn't practice the religion so what purpose is this Rabbi other then being a token person to use for your own purposes which as someone who both parents are Jewish I find this offensive.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I thought this was interesting on female libido.

It really is interesting reading about the woman's cycle and how each part was made that a woman would be attracted at the time she is most likely to conceive and she herself would be most interested in intimacy. And that the period after would help if a woman got pregnant during the period around ovulation. Anyway this is an interesting on woman libido which is actually on the dependent on that evil male hormone called testosterone and it is the highest during the 13th (I guess it isn't such bad luck) of the cycle. Which interestingly I think the Rabbis would feel you can't have intimacy till the 15th day which is a problem since the most fertile days maybe a few days before. Anyway, here is what wikipedia said on libido related to female libido.  Some of this to be fair I didn't even realize myself as there is a time when a woman's libido is low.

The other aspect of this is that the birth control pill does is reduce a woman's testosterone (which maybe intended among other things to prevent pregnancy) which is not the same during the whole month anyway but one of the side effects is lower muscle mass. A woman only produce 10% of what a man produces but the pill lowers it even more which they do need some testosterone and you are fooling with nature here.

 Can anyone comment on this? From wikipedia on libido.

Testosterone and menstrual cycle

A woman's desire for sex is correlated to her menstrual cycle, with many women experiencing a heightened sexual desire in the several days immediately before ovulation.[12]
This cycle has been associated with changes in a woman's testosterone levels during the menstrual cycle. According to Gabrielle Lichterman, testosterone levels have a direct impact on a woman's interest in sex. According to her, testosterone levels rise gradually from about the 24th day of a woman's menstrual cycle until ovulation on about the 14th day of the next cycle, and during this period the woman's desire for sex increase consistently. The 13th day is generally the day with the highest testosterone levels. In the week following ovulation, the testosterone level is the lowest and as a result women will experience less interest in sex.[13]