Monday, December 27, 2010

We got a lot of snow.

Don't think I can get my car out. Oh well.

This pic is from the web but this is how many cars look.

Here is Michael Savage talking about snow in NY. Although I am against homosexual marriage (as Savage mentions 9/10 against homosexual marriage among Chinese)there are other sexual sins that are issues besides this that also put us in a position that we can't keep our society alive. For many this is one sin they can focus on because it is blaming two men mostly and that they can do well even though I do think it is wrong but don't ignore other sexual sins and issues.

Anyway, enjoy this piece.

Michael Savage White Christmas snow in NY

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SouthernBelle Rivky said...

This looks like my street!!! It is a very wild experience to see the snow falling, especially when it's all windy out and going everywhere! Well, probably no big deal to everyone else, but this is coming from someone that a couple of years ago had to ask if it was snowing when a few flurries were falling...hahaha I didn't grow up where it snowed.

You holding up OK? Just doing a lot of closet re-arranging here and other odd 'to do' list items since kind of stuck inside.