Monday, December 27, 2010

The sound of Music.10 children that begot 28 grandkids but very uneven distribution. Only 5/10 had children.

Last night I saw a little bit of the Sound of Music. As a kid we had a record of some of the songs from the movie although I had never seen the movie and only saw a part of it last night which is about the Van Trapp Family.

Webstie from this google image:

In wikipedia they trace what happened to the 10 children which was 2 boys and 8 girls by the way. The 2 oldest daughters are 97 and 96 and still alive. (In the movie the birth order is different as the oldest was a boy not a girl). I guess people like it more when the oldest is a girl. Sigh since I am a first born guy.

But anyway from the 10 children came 28 Grandchildren 27 which survived. You could check it on Georg Van Trapp Wikipedia entry. 2.8 per child and 2.7 that survived.

However, the distribution was very uneven. The 2 boys both got married and each had 6 kids. The 2 oldest girls the one that is now 97 and 96 and still living both have zero children. Of the other 6 girls 2 other had 0 children, 1 had 0 children as she died in childbirth with her first daughter who was still born and the other 3 daughters had 7 (6 surviving) 7, and 2. So of the 10 children only 5 had children with all of them having either 6 or 7 children except for one having 2. 4 of them had no children and 1 died in childbirth with the first child who was still born.

I am wondering if a lot of families were like this where back then where those that got married had many children but many didn't get married and had zero childrne and the overall average was around 2 or 3 but it was very uneven like this which I don't think is so great to be honest to get these numbers in this kind of very uneven way with all haves and have not except for one that had 2 kids. Today you have where many who get married only want 2 or 3 kids and then you still have many who aren't married at all and have zero and that gives you an overall number of less then 2.

Not to criticize this family just looking at general trends which you can do with this family since wikiepedia traces the 10 children that made up their family music and they were born in the early 1900's which you can't do with many families this easily.

In the late 1800's at least in the United States among some women marriage was viewed as a "luxury" and this tends to lead to uneven numbers like this which is so ironic.

This is what Susan Anthony had to say.

"Marriage, to women as to men, must be a luxury, not a necessity; an incident of life, not all of it. And the only possible way to accomplish this great change is to accord to women equal power in the making shaping and controlling the of the circumstances of life". Interestingly it does seem feminism creates more inequality in birth rates among people in the end.

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