Thursday, December 02, 2010

The “Robber Barons”, Rothschild, Rockefeller, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories (Part 1) .

Sadly, there are Jewish people that want to justify anti-Semitism on both the extreme left and the extreme right making excuses and believing the false claims and even people who seem mainstream as well sad to say on both sides.

On Facebook a women that calls herself Orthodox was telling me the Rothschild conspiracy theories are true. Accordingly Mayor Amschel Rothschild had said “Let me control a nations’ money and I care not who writes the laws”.

Here is the you tube video.

Antisemitic piece on Rothschild

The problem with this as a kid I remember reading about Rothschild and he started out very small. He likely became successful because he was trustworthy and provided good services. Did power at some point corrupt him? It is possible! But clearly this idea that Rothschild set out to control bank that can control the laws is absurd and one of the most vicious and false anti-Semitic slurs that Jews control the bank and control the economy.

In addition, this idea that banks screw nations and are above everyone else is absurd. Countries that became corrupt tried to manipulate money to cover up the corruption and their debts that they can't repay. But the corruption is the problem before anything else and the banks have to answer to the government not the other way around. I think they are mixing up the chicken and the egg. What are your thoughts?

However, this Jewish woman that calls herself Orthodox claims he is a globalist or just uses names to label him as evil. It seems to me she has a problem with any man that is successful. It seemed to her the only good men are Rabbi’s who also can never give credit to other Jewish men and this is what you end up with. A so called Orthodox woman believing in vicious anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in which their origin comes from anti-Semitism and envy of Jews and not from true statements that Rothschild ever said. The fact the person who posted this video on you tube also has video’s that claim 9/11 was done by the Jews and the Zionist shows his blind hatred of Jews and needed to find conspiracy theories to blame them for everything. Yet we now have Jewish Orthodox Women (at least this one) who believes this.

So I asked her for sources and she posted something from the Birch Society which don’t they promote some anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Please respond if you know as I don’t but the little I think I have heard hasn’t made me think they are trustworthy. The article claimed that the Rothschild were like Shabti Tzvi. The false messiah as if he had a religious belief about banks and was part of some bankers cult society which you hear about with the skull and bones society but if this really is true which I don’t know if it is to the degree they claim but even so why would they admit a Jew into this so called secret banker society. It just makes no sense. It seems to me that sadly this so called Orthodox Jewish woman believes this vicious anti-Semitic conspiracy theory because she is jealous of men that are successful in some outside endeavor and can’t give credit so believes some crazy conspiracy theory that originates from vicious Jew haters. It is pathetic. And of course this woman blocked me on Facebook for not buying her hatred towards Rothschild and being someone that people that want to promote their bigotry can hide behind.

Anyway what does this have to do with Rockefeller and the “Robber Barons”.
Any ideas please comment. Part 2 will be posted soon. Also if any one of you know more about the Birch Society also please comment. Thanks.

I do have to approve comments and I do this because as a few comments I don’t think add to the discussion but I am pretty lenient on letting most comments through and would want to hear what anyone has to say on anything I raised here.


ernie1241 said...

The Birch Society's connections to anti-semitism is a very complex subject that cannot be answered in a few sentences or paragraphs.

The JBS was a major reason why Gary Allen's 1971 book, "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" became a best-seller among conspiracy adherents.

Unfortunately, Gary Allen presented anti-semitic themes and made use of anti-semitic sources that claimed Jacob Schiff "financed the Bolshevik Revolution". I seriously doubt that Gary Allen (and other JBS-friendly authors who cite the same material) ever bothered to independently check the sources they used but this has become one reason why the JBS is sometimes characterized as anti-semitic.

In my review of Gary Allen's book, I present some additional details which may interest you (scroll down to "factfinder ernie" review:

Analytical Adam said...

Thanks ernie. You seem to know a lot on this topic. You had 195 responses to this review on amazon. Wow!

I found your review on page 4 by sorting it by date.

Your book review on page 4

So basically John Birch Society promoted this book while other conservative groups did not.

Just another one that sells a book by quoting sources without thinking or analyzing if it makes sense or if it true.

I noticed you also mentioned the book Glenn Beck promotes. W. Cleon Skewon who claims he has experience that he doesn't have as the FBI has said and uses anti-communism to scare people and make money for himself but had no real knowledge or practical experience. I don't trust Glenn Beck and he excused this Repub who would dress up as a division of the SS and Beck make excuses for it and said it is just like cops and robbers. Other hosts did criticize it. He is bringing back to live con men like W. Cleon Skowen.

Analytical Adam said...

Anyway so clearly this claim about Rothschild is false that came from the forgery the protocols of the elders of Zion. That is what is sounds like to me as this claim makes no sense and ignores that the Rothschild started out with not much.

Who wrote the Protocols by the way, Ernie. Was it the Soviets?

EoSoZ said...

What about the Talmud? Do you support that filth? Or are you going to dodge the question by accusing me of being an "anti-semite"? Pretty neat trick you people have used to train gentiles to stop speaking the truth and start living your lies.

Btw, what is it called when jews espouse their hate for Gentiles? Anti-Gentilism? Actually, I think it's more commonly known as "popular culture". But, we both know the answer is Talmudism a.k.a judaism.

Analytical Adam said...

Actually I am not a big fan of the Talmud and yes there are things said in the Talmud that i find offensive. And yes Jews can be guilty of hating others as well. You have no argument from me.

Having said that this doesn't make people who hate Jews using crazy conspiracy theories if their issue is that some Jews treat others who aren't part of their group in ways that are inappropriate.

EoSoZ said...

Well, you need to do what the gentile community does and police your own. Ferret out the criminals and send them to the gallows. Indifference is just the same as actively supporting the criminal element who use all jews as their cover & base of support. Attacking critics of Judaism as conspiracy theorists & anti-semites is providing that cover to criminal jewery.

Analytical Adam said...

Rothschild was no criminal. Running a bank is not criminal. Jews were not allowed in many professions so this is what they became. Banking was an area they weren't prohibited from. If you want Jews to be jailed based on false charges and nothing but hearsay then you must have some anus towards Jews.