Monday, December 27, 2010

Pharaoh wondering about the “Israelites birth rate” Last weeks bible reading.

Which is from Exodus 1-6:1.

The first reading in Exodus does has Pharaoh worried about the Israelite birth rate and claiming they will “outnumber us and fight with our enemies” (Exodus 1:10)

Pharaoh then declares hard labor and yet they still increase (Exodus 1:12)

A couple of questions you can ask yourself. Why didn’t the Egyptians try to improve their own birth rates rather then focus on the Israel's birth rates? Secondly, why God allowed Egypt to enslave the Jewish people in the first place as that usually happens when the Jews are not behaving properly and if they were getting married and having children as a whole that is good not bad.

My own thoughts on this are that clearly the Egyptian culture must have had low birth rates and did not want to do anything about it. Likely they themselves oppressed their own men and didn’t help them be able to have some skills to be able to fulfill their role and that being the case it was hard for the women to marry and in addition the women become more focused on other items because they believed some of the propaganda used to oppress their own men. Pharaoh and the leaders didn’t want to change this and rather then focus on their own internal issue of birth rates it is easier to focus on some outside enemy to ignore your own internal problems. And when you have a low birth rate and know your policies will lead to this you become afraid of other nations who are a minority actually outnumbering you and focus your people on hating another group rather then your own internal problems and corruption. It is interesting that the word womb and mercy have the same root which yeah when a nation has low birth rates and the women don't use their womb they lack mercy towards others.

Sadly we have had this with our own as some in the Orthodox continue to have more faith in Arab’s in Israel having babies then us having babies and focus on hating Arab’s rather then deal with our internal problems. Don’t get me wrong. I think there may be a legit issue of them being a fifth column but if they are having children this isn’t something to hate them for. And anyway there birth rates is up and down in different nations (an article on this is coming up) and not as high as some of those who would rather focus on this then our own low birth rates (and corruption in marriage and divorce that lead people to distrust the institution) which is the real issue. But this kind of mentality (worrying about another group’s birth rate) is evil. Your own culture should have a healthy birth rate that this shouldn’t be a concern especially is you are the dominant culture in that land.

So why did God let us be enslaved since if we were having children and that bothered Pharaoh that is a good thing. It may be that we were imitating the bad practices of the Egyptians that in the end our birth rates would go down as well but due to the immorality of the Egyptians they were worried even though they shouldn't have been. And being enslaved actually forced the Jewish nation to not go in the same path of Egypt as knowing they were the enemy they did try to have children since they saw Egypt’s plot and God blessed them. But if God didn’t enslave them God saw they were following the immoral leads of Egypt which was why they were enslaved which in some ways forced them not to follow the same path. If they would have stayed moral and continue to have healthy birth rates God wouldn’t have had to enslave them but God saw they were imitating the Egyptians and there birth rates would have gone down as well.

Pharaoh seem to be well aware that other men are a threat to his own power as he then made a decree to kill all the Jewish boys but let the Jewish girls live (Exodus 1:16). I’m sure part of the calculation of this was that a mans life in general were considered more disposable and doing this was well within the morality of the nation in general. If Pharaoh said to kill all children that would have let to an outcry that it wouldn't be able to be implemented but just kill the boys Pharaoh felt wouldn’t bother too many people from his own experiences although he was wrong in that some women did try to save Jewish boys.

All of this: low birth rates by Egypt that they worried about the Jewish birth rate making harsh laws based on gender do suggest that evil works sometimes by focusing on destroying the men and hoping through gender wars that nobody cares.

Any comments welcome.

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