Friday, December 17, 2010

One of the few politicians I have some respect for is Senator James Inhofe from Oklahoma

He is one of the few politicians I have some respect for.

On an interesting issue that has developed with this earmark issue he has said he thinks it is a phony issue as if they don't earmark it the executive branch will so it sounds good but in reality it is a fake issue that sounds good on someone's resume but in reality will not lower spending.

Being on the other side is Jim Demint who I really don't trust. Real people understand nuance and Inhofe is not just one of those that just seems to say things that are good soundbites but in reality are a fake issue that has no impact on anything.

Anyone here is the wikipedia article on James Inhofe. He has been a very strong opponent against global warming and also is a very strong supporter of Israel even though of course he isn't doing this to get the Jewish vote in Oklahoma.

Here is the wikipedia article on him.

Wikipedia article on James Inhofe

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