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Moshe Katsav President of Israel convicted of rape. Do you think it is true?


AP Article

Moshe Katsav the President of Israel was convicted or rape. Do you think it is true or false charges to get back at him for something and is a witch hunt as some women were angry for some other reason. He has said it is a witch hunt and he is a target because he is a Sephardi and his son defends him which I do think is significant. Sephardim are very much a minority in the Israeli government. He was born in Iran. If he was a true rapist his son I don't think would defend him.

It just doesn't sound true to me. I shared an office with a law firm that the men were "women lawyers" and they enjoy hurting other men and that is how they make their living and they love women running to them to help them and want them to hate other men although at least lawyers can't have sex with their clients but even without that they still enjoy women running to them and helping "damsel's in distress" even if their story is bogus and the man is guilty until proven innocent and isn't even allowed to defend himself or point out the character of these women in the first place because this is very emotionally painful for women so we aren't even allowed to look at their background to make sure she isn't making false accusation or has some political motive to these accusations.

If this is false this is very bad for Israel as Israel has plenty of external enemies and they don't need this. If women want to use male lawyers to get back at men that don't promote them or fire them from a job I'm sure our enemies want women to hate their own men and want the men to be afraid to be men because they will be excused of "sexism" and a man acting in any way that a woman doesn't like is harassment which will make Israel easy to defeat.

I know the story with Rabbi Mordechai Tendler which I think are false although I dislike the man but that doesn't make him a rapist. All I can say he believed stories about husbands without ever making sure what the women was saying is true so in his case it was sort of measure for measure.

It sounds similar here. Reading the story on the AP from optonline it is all about hatred of men in general and to suggest that most Jewish men as a general rule just rape women with their "macho" attitude. I don't believe that and it really sounds to these feminists and male lawyers any male dominance in itself is rape that isn't controlled by these feminists male lawyers.

What do you think? It just doesn't ring true to me. Being convicted of rape I think is very serious and it just doesn't ring true to me.

Here is part of the story from the link.

Katsav's case initially broke in 2006, when the then-president complained that a female employee was extorting him. The woman then went to police with her side of the story, detailing a series of sexual assaults and prompting other women to come forward with similar complaints.

According to the indictment, Katsav forced one woman to the floor of his office at the Tourism Ministry in 1998 and raped her. A second time that year, he summoned her to a Jerusalem hotel to go over paperwork and raped her on the bed in his room. The indictment alleged that Katsav tried to calm his victim by saying: "Relax, you'll enjoy it." Do you think this is true? It sounds strange to me.

The indictment also alleged that he harassed two women during his term as president, embracing them against their will and making unwanted sexual comments.

On Katsav's 60th birthday in 2005, an assistant offered congratulations. He then hugged her at length, sniffing her neck, according to the indictment. She complained to police, and the indictment said Katsav later tried to persuade her to change her testimony, earning him an additional charge of obstruction of justice.

The conviction by a three-judge panel was widely praised as a victory for Israel's legal system and for women's rights.

"The court sent two clear and sharp messages: that everyone is equal and every woman has the full right to her body," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement. He also called the verdict a sad day for Israel and its citizens.

MY COMMENT: EVERYONE IS EQUAL!! That is what BN had to say? I wonder is women who have been raped (and maybe these women were I don't know) would think of BN's comments.

It just doesn't ring true to me as it does sound like women were trying to extort him and the women are believed without evidence and some men in the government didn't like him for various reasons. Also I know men who like to hug a women in a way that isn't hostile and whether you agree or not it isn't about rape or anything of that sort. Some of these women know that as well.

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SouthernBelle Rivky said...

I'm pretty horrified over what I read earlier, although I really haven't been following too closely. The whole hug and a sniff is weird as a harrassment charge to go to the police over. I do believe this likely happened, but it's sort of a non-issue, perhaps more of something annoying at best, and it is hard to believe that would constitute something criminal. How would anyone know they are being sniffed at when given a hug..too weird to complain about, probably if it did happen the man was trying to breathe. It is insulting to real harrassment victims (both men and women) to lump stupid stuff like this in the same category.

I'm suspicious for a few reasons on physical attack. I am disgusted by the idea about people making stuff up so I really hope people aren't that twisted, but there is no check and balance here. I'm not sure why anyone that was physically attacked wouldn't go to the police or hospital. Or at the least go talk with a girlfriend just for moral support even if one was in shock and didn't want to go authorities right away. I know hearsay has limited value, but it would be something to substaniate.

There would still likely be some evidence on clothing or marks on person even days later, again if someone was in shock or frightened over something that just occured(which I've heard happens sometimes). Even if one wasn't in the frame of mind immediately, there are still scary health concerns that require screening or treatment. And if it did happen once and wasn't reported, there's no way someone would want to be alone with the guy ever again.

I'm surprised that if it did happen and it went unreported, why the woman didn't quit or try to transfer out of the department and didn't feel that she should warn her female coworkers not to be alone with the man. I mean the emotional toll of having to casually deal with an attacker day after day, if it actually happened, that would be horrifying. And if no reporting of any kind happened and the person wanted to bury and forget about it, to dredge up the past years later, would be like reliving it again after coming to some terms with it.

I mean put it in context if a man had been beaten up say either by a robber in his neighborhood or use the example of beaten up at work. Probably he would want to go to the doctor or at least have someone, i.e. friend or family look at him just to make sure there isn't anything serious. Not sure why he wouldn't file a report, but even if he didn't, would probably talk to family or friend or warn coworkers/neighbors, etc. about what happened. And even if a guy didn't do any of that and just kept it to himself, no way would he want to be alone with the attacker again and he'd be kind of paraniod around the physical area it happened. Again, I hate to think that people are so messed up that this how they'd want to get revenge by making up such serious charges.