Monday, December 27, 2010

Moses marries.

Continuing on this weeks portion.

I really like the story of how Moses married. He was exiled in Midian when he helps women be able to get water from the well and chase away shepherds who obviously didn’t want to wait their turn and had the motto might makes right (as maybe he had no sons which is why he had to send his daughters) and Moses helped the women. And this led the father to want to meet Moses and he have him her oldest daughter. That was a tremendous attribute of Moses that he didn’t think it was right for these shepherds to chase these women when they were at the well because they were bigger. (Exodus 2:16)

This again shows what is healthy to look for when it comes to marriage. Yitro the father of the daughter he gave to Moses did want a moral man for his daughter.

I guess all us men could learn from the story although all of us as men have our strong points and weak points as Moses when it came to speaking for the people that was hard for him although God told him he was pointed chosen for this role whether he liked it or not although have your brother Aaron speak for you.

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SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Love the pic!!! I've always liked this part too!!! So far we have Rivka at the well (love that part too), Moses and Tziporah, and one more couple to come will met at a well. Nice mensches (or menschettes) help out at the well for everyone.

Seems like going to the well is the hot spot to meet nice men. I should try that!! Any good wells around here? :)