Thursday, December 30, 2010

If you are nearsided don't get LASIK. Stick with your glasses and contacts.

See the following link. Photo from Lasik Disaster.

Lasik Disaster

I used to get stuff in the mail about this and I was thinking about it until one day driving home I heard on the radio that the FDA wanted stronger warnings. So I went online and saw that they are downplaying side effects. And this article I once read that it is safer then contact lenses is a complete lie.

Now I would NEVER do this as the cons outweigh the few pros by a mile.

This also should anyone else who supports Rand Paul. I don't trust him or his father and clearly his father is an anti-Semite and he supports his father.

Rand Paul's profession is LASIK and cornea transplants which by the way people have needed cornea transplants because of LASIK thinning the cornea which then needs a transplant. All this when you can wear eye glasses or contacts.

Rand Paul hates the FDA not because they abuse their power (which they have done at times) and go after people that have done nothing wrong because they aren't a big drug company and are an easy target but because the FDA has some limits to it's corruption that they feel a little guilt that they approved LASIK in the first place and it has ruined people's lives based on slick advertising that they make LASIK sound like you are just curling your hair or something and people have fallen for the hype which at one point I believed myself and was thinking of getting at some point. He wants no FDA or any regulation at all so he can mutilate more eyes. Disgusting.

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