Friday, December 24, 2010

Good Shabbos and Merry Christmas and good weekend. This weeks torah portion is Exodus 1-6:1

This weeks portion has the birth of Moses and him getting married and him being exiled from his own people because of a murder of an Egyptian who was beating an Israelite. More to come. Have a good weekend and good Shabbos.

Since I do here the Christmas songs and as a Jewish person my view of Jesus is that Christianity did help the ideas of the Jewish bible to become available to others besides Jews and sadly the Jewish people have not wanted to share their ideas and have turned their religion into a sect that they keep to themselves and a small in group which sadly excludes many other Jews as well.

However, parts of Christianity to prove their point imitating stories from the Jewish bible that may or may not be factually true and that seems to be case with Jesus and the story of Moses I think.

Yes, it is true that in some times there was persecution but from what I have read just as today there were always people who had some open mind especially since they show their own religious leaders were imperfect and didn't mind sharing idea's and find it wrong that Jewish people acted like their religion is some big secret.
I do feel like sharing and explaining my position that for good or for bad Christianity did help many nations learn about the ideas of the Jewish bible which many Jewish people did not want to share even though they should have many encounters where you can share a little.

This idea of Jesus and a boy being born I think comes from part of the narrative of this parsha of Moses being born.

Anyway I likely offended some (both Jews and people from other nations) but I try to express my honest views.

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