Thursday, December 30, 2010

Going on a job interview tommorow with a CPA firm that has Sunday hours.

During tax season as the two partners I think are Jewish as they advertise this on their web site that I had emailed back in March of last year.

It is close to where I live as well only being about 12 miles away.

So we will see what happens as I am gong to read up a little bit more and try to make a good first impression.

Any suggestion on anything I should try to do here. It is tomorrow at 11:00.

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SouthernBelle Rivky said...

You are busy man tonight. Maybe this how you distract yourself.

First off, you do realize this is very promising. After all they thought enough of your credentials that they kept your contact on file for months. When there was a need, they remembered the file and took a second look and thought you were a good fit. So that is very very good. Also means they probably want someone quick and hope to avoid the hassle of placing ad. They want to hire someone without a fuss.

Also a firm that has Sunday hours seems they are very responsive to client base, so individual folks can come in when they are likely off. That indicates they are pretty responsive. Probably work with working individuals alot.

Walk in there knowing that it sounds like they think you are good fit. It's OK to be nervous, they had to interview before, so they know. Do let your good qualities shine through. Any good place will appreciate that you are experienced, knowledgeable, hard working and hopefully a great person to work with!!

I will think happy thoughts your way. Good luck and hopefully you have good news soon!! Have a good shabbos too. :)