Monday, December 20, 2010

Finished the book of Genesis. Book seems to mostly deal with husband wife and male children relationships

It is interesting. I think the reason for that is family relations are more important then any other command and without you can't have a society so we read about the various husband-wife interactions. The reason why mostly the son's you read about is because

A. There are some PERVERSE views of masculinity and the stories actually show what a good man is and in fact in overly physical man is not seen as what masculinity is defined as nor should a man be sacrificed and a woman's role is a little more clearly defined being that God created a woman to be able to bear and nurse children although it does discuss what traits to look for in a wife and

B. The tribes different characteristics were based on the behavior of the sons as a tribe is defined by the father.

Any other thoughts on this.

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