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The Chafetz Chaim, harsh to his own wife but pandered to women who were the wives of other men and single women.

Part of this blog is to recognize that Rabbinic Judaism has at times promoted secular political idea’s like feminism that are against the torah but packaged it with a little torah to make it legit and this goes back generations so we already think it is Judaism which it is not.

Enter the Chafetz Chaim. He spent long times away from his wife (from what I have read correct me if I am wrong) and he had his wife work the store which in itself is against what the bible says with the first story in the bible with Adam and Eve. I don’t want to cry for his wife because I am sure she knew this from the beginning as this was not something she didn’t know she was going into to start. Although if that isn’t true please comment. Regardless though there is a story that at one point she was having a tough time running the store and not making much and was upset and CC rather then having compassion for her got angry and said something to the effect of Satan you are not going into interfere with my learning and left. This was from one of the Artscroll books I read and I don’t have it with me so I don’t know exactly was said but this general tone. I think it is very bad that at least at this point he should have realized he should be running the store not his wife.

A lot of boys growing up (including myself) have been brainwashed to think that a holy man doesn’t work and just learns all do. I think we are imitating monks or something as this goes against the first think we read in the bible.

Then a few years ago Rabbi Haber had this posted about CC in his later years which I had no idea about. Here is the link. My own comments are in bold

Click Here See bottom of this page for posting by Rabbi Haber on this action by CC in the 1930's.

Beginning of posting by Rabbi Haber.
I ask myself regularly if I really want to be holy.
In the year 1930 the Chofetz Chaim traveled to Vilna.

He went to speak in the oldest and most central Shul in Vilna. In honor of the Gadol HaDor all the candles were lit and the tall beams that held up the roof were ornately decorated. The hand carved Aron HaKodesh was brilliantly polished. A half-hour before the scheduled talk the Shul was already completely full. The saintly rabbi stood radiantly at the pulpit and made history. The slightness of his body somehow emphasized the greatness of his soul. People described a sort of spiritual light that the tzadik exuded.

Why was this a historic occasion? Because the Shul was full of women. Many men were crowded outside to catch a glimpse or perhaps a blessing of the Chofetz Chaim but there was a guard at the door that didn't allow the men into the Shul. (My comments: So because the shul at times had no women in there men should be punished by doing the reverse. It was the Rabbi’s in the first place that make men pray 3 times a day in place of sacrifices that I don’t think EVERY MAN had to give a sacrifice every day but a few male leaders gave a morning and afternoon sacrifice. The only specific biblical command that MEN DO HAVE is they should appear in Jerusalem during the three festivals of Passover, Succoth, and Shavuoth. God did not command women to leave their home three times a year for obvious reasons. Should we have a holiday for women 3 times a year to make up for this? That would be saying our God is sexist and would have to make up for this sexist God. )

What was the Chofetz Chaim's message? “Kedoshim Tihyu!” You must be holy! Not vicariously through your husbands or your Rav or even through your children - you yourselves must be holy. Kedoshim Tihyu, you must be holy just like Hashem is holy!”

The Chofetz Chaim ended his talk by pointing out that the evenings event was the first time since the Vilna Shul was built 500 years earlier, that the Shul was filled with women only. The event, he said, should be recorded in the history books.(My comments: CC is a man. So this isn’t even true but this is classic feminism that men who put down other men act like they are above the natural order of things and if you put down other men then you aren’t a man as CC is a man himself. But again why is this being done other then to suggest God is sexist or Rabbi’s are sexist for making men pray 3 times a day which is Rabbinic in place of sacrifices as mentioned above.)

The Chofetz Chaim then turned around and opened the Aron HaKodesh. Everyone jumped to their feet. The Chofetz Chaim, a Kohein, recited the Birchas Kohein, and blessed the women with parnossa, health and Shalom. (My comments: CC didn’t bless the women with being able to bear children if they were having trouble and were barren. It isn’t their responsibility for parnossa. It is their husbands. So why is CC blessing them in this regard other then he himself clearly supports a lot of feminist ideology. Women should not focus on being men rather then fulfill their own role of being a mother and a wife which to become a mother requires them to make other choices during their prime years.)

Indeed, this was an historic moment. (My comment: I don’t see what is historic about it.)

In conclusion, CC treated his own wife badly yet had no problem pandering to women that were the wives of other men and/or single and giving them blessing some of which should be given to the men and not to them.

Worst of all as mentioned above CC has nothing to say to women to bless them that they should be fertile. Another basic issue I wonder is if CC was away for long periods of time they couldn’t have relations which the wife couldn’t get pregnant therefore. Did CC have many children. I think he had only a few which I guess he didn’t want to bless other women that they would have more children then his own wife although in this regard I am not sure which any male leader at the end of the day see’s another man’s wife as competition.

At the end of the day how a man treats his own wife should mean more then what he says about other women and true of any male leader. It is easy for them to kiss up to women that at the end of the day they don’t have to do anything for. In fact men that are always praising other women may be dong this to hide the fact they don’t treat their own wife very well or for some guilt feelings about how they treat their own wife but it is easy to praise and pander to another man’s wife (and unmarried women as well) rather then treat your own wife in a decent fair way.

In my view CC didn’t treat his own wife in a way that sets a proper example although to be fair she likely knew this going in although CC didn’t adjust at any point when his wife was frustrated running a store which she shouldn’t have to do and in that regard I do have to hold CC accountable. On both their sides though this is not the way God wants male female relations to be. Women are not to support men who learn and many times as here it didn’t work too well. This whole ideology is against the torah and to me no different then any conservative or reform person that tries to twist the torah and any person male or female who supports it for whatever their reason is either is rebelling about God or is a complete ignoramus.

I realize I likely stirred a hornet’s nest but please inform me if I am incorrect on what I am saying here.

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