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If you are nearsided don't get LASIK. Stick with your glasses and contacts.

See the following link. Photo from Lasik Disaster.

Lasik Disaster

I used to get stuff in the mail about this and I was thinking about it until one day driving home I heard on the radio that the FDA wanted stronger warnings. So I went online and saw that they are downplaying side effects. And this article I once read that it is safer then contact lenses is a complete lie.

Now I would NEVER do this as the cons outweigh the few pros by a mile.

This also should anyone else who supports Rand Paul. I don't trust him or his father and clearly his father is an anti-Semite and he supports his father.

Rand Paul's profession is LASIK and cornea transplants which by the way people have needed cornea transplants because of LASIK thinning the cornea which then needs a transplant. All this when you can wear eye glasses or contacts.

Rand Paul hates the FDA not because they abuse their power (which they have done at times) and go after people that have done nothing wrong because they aren't a big drug company and are an easy target but because the FDA has some limits to it's corruption that they feel a little guilt that they approved LASIK in the first place and it has ruined people's lives based on slick advertising that they make LASIK sound like you are just curling your hair or something and people have fallen for the hype which at one point I believed myself and was thinking of getting at some point. He wants no FDA or any regulation at all so he can mutilate more eyes. Disgusting.

Moshe Katsav President of Israel convicted of rape. Do you think it is true?


AP Article

Moshe Katsav the President of Israel was convicted or rape. Do you think it is true or false charges to get back at him for something and is a witch hunt as some women were angry for some other reason. He has said it is a witch hunt and he is a target because he is a Sephardi and his son defends him which I do think is significant. Sephardim are very much a minority in the Israeli government. He was born in Iran. If he was a true rapist his son I don't think would defend him.

It just doesn't sound true to me. I shared an office with a law firm that the men were "women lawyers" and they enjoy hurting other men and that is how they make their living and they love women running to them to help them and want them to hate other men although at least lawyers can't have sex with their clients but even without that they still enjoy women running to them and helping "damsel's in distress" even if their story is bogus and the man is guilty until proven innocent and isn't even allowed to defend himself or point out the character of these women in the first place because this is very emotionally painful for women so we aren't even allowed to look at their background to make sure she isn't making false accusation or has some political motive to these accusations.

If this is false this is very bad for Israel as Israel has plenty of external enemies and they don't need this. If women want to use male lawyers to get back at men that don't promote them or fire them from a job I'm sure our enemies want women to hate their own men and want the men to be afraid to be men because they will be excused of "sexism" and a man acting in any way that a woman doesn't like is harassment which will make Israel easy to defeat.

I know the story with Rabbi Mordechai Tendler which I think are false although I dislike the man but that doesn't make him a rapist. All I can say he believed stories about husbands without ever making sure what the women was saying is true so in his case it was sort of measure for measure.

It sounds similar here. Reading the story on the AP from optonline it is all about hatred of men in general and to suggest that most Jewish men as a general rule just rape women with their "macho" attitude. I don't believe that and it really sounds to these feminists and male lawyers any male dominance in itself is rape that isn't controlled by these feminists male lawyers.

What do you think? It just doesn't ring true to me. Being convicted of rape I think is very serious and it just doesn't ring true to me.

Here is part of the story from the link.

Katsav's case initially broke in 2006, when the then-president complained that a female employee was extorting him. The woman then went to police with her side of the story, detailing a series of sexual assaults and prompting other women to come forward with similar complaints.

According to the indictment, Katsav forced one woman to the floor of his office at the Tourism Ministry in 1998 and raped her. A second time that year, he summoned her to a Jerusalem hotel to go over paperwork and raped her on the bed in his room. The indictment alleged that Katsav tried to calm his victim by saying: "Relax, you'll enjoy it." Do you think this is true? It sounds strange to me.

The indictment also alleged that he harassed two women during his term as president, embracing them against their will and making unwanted sexual comments.

On Katsav's 60th birthday in 2005, an assistant offered congratulations. He then hugged her at length, sniffing her neck, according to the indictment. She complained to police, and the indictment said Katsav later tried to persuade her to change her testimony, earning him an additional charge of obstruction of justice.

The conviction by a three-judge panel was widely praised as a victory for Israel's legal system and for women's rights.

"The court sent two clear and sharp messages: that everyone is equal and every woman has the full right to her body," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement. He also called the verdict a sad day for Israel and its citizens.

MY COMMENT: EVERYONE IS EQUAL!! That is what BN had to say? I wonder is women who have been raped (and maybe these women were I don't know) would think of BN's comments.

It just doesn't ring true to me as it does sound like women were trying to extort him and the women are believed without evidence and some men in the government didn't like him for various reasons. Also I know men who like to hug a women in a way that isn't hostile and whether you agree or not it isn't about rape or anything of that sort. Some of these women know that as well.

The Chafetz Chaim, harsh to his own wife but pandered to women who were the wives of other men and single women.

Part of this blog is to recognize that Rabbinic Judaism has at times promoted secular political idea’s like feminism that are against the torah but packaged it with a little torah to make it legit and this goes back generations so we already think it is Judaism which it is not.

Enter the Chafetz Chaim. He spent long times away from his wife (from what I have read correct me if I am wrong) and he had his wife work the store which in itself is against what the bible says with the first story in the bible with Adam and Eve. I don’t want to cry for his wife because I am sure she knew this from the beginning as this was not something she didn’t know she was going into to start. Although if that isn’t true please comment. Regardless though there is a story that at one point she was having a tough time running the store and not making much and was upset and CC rather then having compassion for her got angry and said something to the effect of Satan you are not going into interfere with my learning and left. This was from one of the Artscroll books I read and I don’t have it with me so I don’t know exactly was said but this general tone. I think it is very bad that at least at this point he should have realized he should be running the store not his wife.

A lot of boys growing up (including myself) have been brainwashed to think that a holy man doesn’t work and just learns all do. I think we are imitating monks or something as this goes against the first think we read in the bible.

Then a few years ago Rabbi Haber had this posted about CC in his later years which I had no idea about. Here is the link. My own comments are in bold

Click Here See bottom of this page for posting by Rabbi Haber on this action by CC in the 1930's.

Beginning of posting by Rabbi Haber.
I ask myself regularly if I really want to be holy.
In the year 1930 the Chofetz Chaim traveled to Vilna.

He went to speak in the oldest and most central Shul in Vilna. In honor of the Gadol HaDor all the candles were lit and the tall beams that held up the roof were ornately decorated. The hand carved Aron HaKodesh was brilliantly polished. A half-hour before the scheduled talk the Shul was already completely full. The saintly rabbi stood radiantly at the pulpit and made history. The slightness of his body somehow emphasized the greatness of his soul. People described a sort of spiritual light that the tzadik exuded.

Why was this a historic occasion? Because the Shul was full of women. Many men were crowded outside to catch a glimpse or perhaps a blessing of the Chofetz Chaim but there was a guard at the door that didn't allow the men into the Shul. (My comments: So because the shul at times had no women in there men should be punished by doing the reverse. It was the Rabbi’s in the first place that make men pray 3 times a day in place of sacrifices that I don’t think EVERY MAN had to give a sacrifice every day but a few male leaders gave a morning and afternoon sacrifice. The only specific biblical command that MEN DO HAVE is they should appear in Jerusalem during the three festivals of Passover, Succoth, and Shavuoth. God did not command women to leave their home three times a year for obvious reasons. Should we have a holiday for women 3 times a year to make up for this? That would be saying our God is sexist and would have to make up for this sexist God. )

What was the Chofetz Chaim's message? “Kedoshim Tihyu!” You must be holy! Not vicariously through your husbands or your Rav or even through your children - you yourselves must be holy. Kedoshim Tihyu, you must be holy just like Hashem is holy!”

The Chofetz Chaim ended his talk by pointing out that the evenings event was the first time since the Vilna Shul was built 500 years earlier, that the Shul was filled with women only. The event, he said, should be recorded in the history books.(My comments: CC is a man. So this isn’t even true but this is classic feminism that men who put down other men act like they are above the natural order of things and if you put down other men then you aren’t a man as CC is a man himself. But again why is this being done other then to suggest God is sexist or Rabbi’s are sexist for making men pray 3 times a day which is Rabbinic in place of sacrifices as mentioned above.)

The Chofetz Chaim then turned around and opened the Aron HaKodesh. Everyone jumped to their feet. The Chofetz Chaim, a Kohein, recited the Birchas Kohein, and blessed the women with parnossa, health and Shalom. (My comments: CC didn’t bless the women with being able to bear children if they were having trouble and were barren. It isn’t their responsibility for parnossa. It is their husbands. So why is CC blessing them in this regard other then he himself clearly supports a lot of feminist ideology. Women should not focus on being men rather then fulfill their own role of being a mother and a wife which to become a mother requires them to make other choices during their prime years.)

Indeed, this was an historic moment. (My comment: I don’t see what is historic about it.)

In conclusion, CC treated his own wife badly yet had no problem pandering to women that were the wives of other men and/or single and giving them blessing some of which should be given to the men and not to them.

Worst of all as mentioned above CC has nothing to say to women to bless them that they should be fertile. Another basic issue I wonder is if CC was away for long periods of time they couldn’t have relations which the wife couldn’t get pregnant therefore. Did CC have many children. I think he had only a few which I guess he didn’t want to bless other women that they would have more children then his own wife although in this regard I am not sure which any male leader at the end of the day see’s another man’s wife as competition.

At the end of the day how a man treats his own wife should mean more then what he says about other women and true of any male leader. It is easy for them to kiss up to women that at the end of the day they don’t have to do anything for. In fact men that are always praising other women may be dong this to hide the fact they don’t treat their own wife very well or for some guilt feelings about how they treat their own wife but it is easy to praise and pander to another man’s wife (and unmarried women as well) rather then treat your own wife in a decent fair way.

In my view CC didn’t treat his own wife in a way that sets a proper example although to be fair she likely knew this going in although CC didn’t adjust at any point when his wife was frustrated running a store which she shouldn’t have to do and in that regard I do have to hold CC accountable. On both their sides though this is not the way God wants male female relations to be. Women are not to support men who learn and many times as here it didn’t work too well. This whole ideology is against the torah and to me no different then any conservative or reform person that tries to twist the torah and any person male or female who supports it for whatever their reason is either is rebelling about God or is a complete ignoramus.

I realize I likely stirred a hornet’s nest but please inform me if I am incorrect on what I am saying here.

1- Image from

Going on a job interview tommorow with a CPA firm that has Sunday hours.

During tax season as the two partners I think are Jewish as they advertise this on their web site that I had emailed back in March of last year.

It is close to where I live as well only being about 12 miles away.

So we will see what happens as I am gong to read up a little bit more and try to make a good first impression.

Any suggestion on anything I should try to do here. It is tomorrow at 11:00.

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The sound of Music.10 children that begot 28 grandkids but very uneven distribution. Only 5/10 had children.

Last night I saw a little bit of the Sound of Music. As a kid we had a record of some of the songs from the movie although I had never seen the movie and only saw a part of it last night which is about the Van Trapp Family.

Webstie from this google image:

In wikipedia they trace what happened to the 10 children which was 2 boys and 8 girls by the way. The 2 oldest daughters are 97 and 96 and still alive. (In the movie the birth order is different as the oldest was a boy not a girl). I guess people like it more when the oldest is a girl. Sigh since I am a first born guy.

But anyway from the 10 children came 28 Grandchildren 27 which survived. You could check it on Georg Van Trapp Wikipedia entry. 2.8 per child and 2.7 that survived.

However, the distribution was very uneven. The 2 boys both got married and each had 6 kids. The 2 oldest girls the one that is now 97 and 96 and still living both have zero children. Of the other 6 girls 2 other had 0 children, 1 had 0 children as she died in childbirth with her first daughter who was still born and the other 3 daughters had 7 (6 surviving) 7, and 2. So of the 10 children only 5 had children with all of them having either 6 or 7 children except for one having 2. 4 of them had no children and 1 died in childbirth with the first child who was still born.

I am wondering if a lot of families were like this where back then where those that got married had many children but many didn't get married and had zero childrne and the overall average was around 2 or 3 but it was very uneven like this which I don't think is so great to be honest to get these numbers in this kind of very uneven way with all haves and have not except for one that had 2 kids. Today you have where many who get married only want 2 or 3 kids and then you still have many who aren't married at all and have zero and that gives you an overall number of less then 2.

Not to criticize this family just looking at general trends which you can do with this family since wikiepedia traces the 10 children that made up their family music and they were born in the early 1900's which you can't do with many families this easily.

In the late 1800's at least in the United States among some women marriage was viewed as a "luxury" and this tends to lead to uneven numbers like this which is so ironic.

This is what Susan Anthony had to say.

"Marriage, to women as to men, must be a luxury, not a necessity; an incident of life, not all of it. And the only possible way to accomplish this great change is to accord to women equal power in the making shaping and controlling the of the circumstances of life". Interestingly it does seem feminism creates more inequality in birth rates among people in the end.

We got a lot of snow.

Don't think I can get my car out. Oh well.

This pic is from the web but this is how many cars look.

Here is Michael Savage talking about snow in NY. Although I am against homosexual marriage (as Savage mentions 9/10 against homosexual marriage among Chinese)there are other sexual sins that are issues besides this that also put us in a position that we can't keep our society alive. For many this is one sin they can focus on because it is blaming two men mostly and that they can do well even though I do think it is wrong but don't ignore other sexual sins and issues.

Anyway, enjoy this piece.

Michael Savage White Christmas snow in NY

Couple of other interesting points from last week’s bible portion.

From Exodus 1-6:1.

God appears to Moses and tells him he will save the Jewish people from Egypt and he is a reluctant leader as he is not good with speech but God overrules him and tells him to take his brother Aaron to speak for him.

After the first episode in which Moses and Aaron speak to Pharaoh. Pharaoh makes live harder for them and forces them to find their own straw and keeps the quota to which they can’t do and they cry out to Moses and Aaron for putting them in this situation to which Moses cries out to God that why didn’t you save them. And God tells Moses you will see what I do to Pharaoh. (Exodus 6:1) God doesn’t get upset when Moses is upset with God that the Israelites are being oppressed because clearly it is the proper time to be upset even with God. It is based on concern for others which God wants. Not for us to be like well it was meant to be when something bad happens to someone else.

The other part is people that want to do harm to another many times will set a standard that is impossible to reach and then claim they are conspiring against the government and not working as Pharaoh here said. When in reality they knew it was impossible but used a tactic like this so Pharaoh could claim that the people were really to blame that they weren’t following what they were told to do and are conspiring against the government.

Moses marries.

Continuing on this weeks portion.

I really like the story of how Moses married. He was exiled in Midian when he helps women be able to get water from the well and chase away shepherds who obviously didn’t want to wait their turn and had the motto might makes right (as maybe he had no sons which is why he had to send his daughters) and Moses helped the women. And this led the father to want to meet Moses and he have him her oldest daughter. That was a tremendous attribute of Moses that he didn’t think it was right for these shepherds to chase these women when they were at the well because they were bigger. (Exodus 2:16)

This again shows what is healthy to look for when it comes to marriage. Yitro the father of the daughter he gave to Moses did want a moral man for his daughter.

I guess all us men could learn from the story although all of us as men have our strong points and weak points as Moses when it came to speaking for the people that was hard for him although God told him he was pointed chosen for this role whether he liked it or not although have your brother Aaron speak for you.

Pharaoh wondering about the “Israelites birth rate” Last weeks bible reading.

Which is from Exodus 1-6:1.

The first reading in Exodus does has Pharaoh worried about the Israelite birth rate and claiming they will “outnumber us and fight with our enemies” (Exodus 1:10)

Pharaoh then declares hard labor and yet they still increase (Exodus 1:12)

A couple of questions you can ask yourself. Why didn’t the Egyptians try to improve their own birth rates rather then focus on the Israel's birth rates? Secondly, why God allowed Egypt to enslave the Jewish people in the first place as that usually happens when the Jews are not behaving properly and if they were getting married and having children as a whole that is good not bad.

My own thoughts on this are that clearly the Egyptian culture must have had low birth rates and did not want to do anything about it. Likely they themselves oppressed their own men and didn’t help them be able to have some skills to be able to fulfill their role and that being the case it was hard for the women to marry and in addition the women become more focused on other items because they believed some of the propaganda used to oppress their own men. Pharaoh and the leaders didn’t want to change this and rather then focus on their own internal issue of birth rates it is easier to focus on some outside enemy to ignore your own internal problems. And when you have a low birth rate and know your policies will lead to this you become afraid of other nations who are a minority actually outnumbering you and focus your people on hating another group rather then your own internal problems and corruption. It is interesting that the word womb and mercy have the same root which yeah when a nation has low birth rates and the women don't use their womb they lack mercy towards others.

Sadly we have had this with our own as some in the Orthodox continue to have more faith in Arab’s in Israel having babies then us having babies and focus on hating Arab’s rather then deal with our internal problems. Don’t get me wrong. I think there may be a legit issue of them being a fifth column but if they are having children this isn’t something to hate them for. And anyway there birth rates is up and down in different nations (an article on this is coming up) and not as high as some of those who would rather focus on this then our own low birth rates (and corruption in marriage and divorce that lead people to distrust the institution) which is the real issue. But this kind of mentality (worrying about another group’s birth rate) is evil. Your own culture should have a healthy birth rate that this shouldn’t be a concern especially is you are the dominant culture in that land.

So why did God let us be enslaved since if we were having children and that bothered Pharaoh that is a good thing. It may be that we were imitating the bad practices of the Egyptians that in the end our birth rates would go down as well but due to the immorality of the Egyptians they were worried even though they shouldn't have been. And being enslaved actually forced the Jewish nation to not go in the same path of Egypt as knowing they were the enemy they did try to have children since they saw Egypt’s plot and God blessed them. But if God didn’t enslave them God saw they were following the immoral leads of Egypt which was why they were enslaved which in some ways forced them not to follow the same path. If they would have stayed moral and continue to have healthy birth rates God wouldn’t have had to enslave them but God saw they were imitating the Egyptians and there birth rates would have gone down as well.

Pharaoh seem to be well aware that other men are a threat to his own power as he then made a decree to kill all the Jewish boys but let the Jewish girls live (Exodus 1:16). I’m sure part of the calculation of this was that a mans life in general were considered more disposable and doing this was well within the morality of the nation in general. If Pharaoh said to kill all children that would have let to an outcry that it wouldn't be able to be implemented but just kill the boys Pharaoh felt wouldn’t bother too many people from his own experiences although he was wrong in that some women did try to save Jewish boys.

All of this: low birth rates by Egypt that they worried about the Jewish birth rate making harsh laws based on gender do suggest that evil works sometimes by focusing on destroying the men and hoping through gender wars that nobody cares.

Any comments welcome.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Good Shabbos and Merry Christmas and good weekend. This weeks torah portion is Exodus 1-6:1

This weeks portion has the birth of Moses and him getting married and him being exiled from his own people because of a murder of an Egyptian who was beating an Israelite. More to come. Have a good weekend and good Shabbos.

Since I do here the Christmas songs and as a Jewish person my view of Jesus is that Christianity did help the ideas of the Jewish bible to become available to others besides Jews and sadly the Jewish people have not wanted to share their ideas and have turned their religion into a sect that they keep to themselves and a small in group which sadly excludes many other Jews as well.

However, parts of Christianity to prove their point imitating stories from the Jewish bible that may or may not be factually true and that seems to be case with Jesus and the story of Moses I think.

Yes, it is true that in some times there was persecution but from what I have read just as today there were always people who had some open mind especially since they show their own religious leaders were imperfect and didn't mind sharing idea's and find it wrong that Jewish people acted like their religion is some big secret.
I do feel like sharing and explaining my position that for good or for bad Christianity did help many nations learn about the ideas of the Jewish bible which many Jewish people did not want to share even though they should have many encounters where you can share a little.

This idea of Jesus and a boy being born I think comes from part of the narrative of this parsha of Moses being born.

Anyway I likely offended some (both Jews and people from other nations) but I try to express my honest views.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Joseph forgives his brothers.

It is interesting that Joseph forgives his brothers yet again when the brothers are worried that Joseph will enslave them once their father dies. (Genesis 50:15-19) So Joseph said to them " So now fear not. I will sustain you and your young ones. Thus he comforted them and spoke to their heart. (50:19)

Joseph saw earlier that the brothers did treat Benjamin with respect (Rachel's other son) and that the past was partly a misunderstanding for them thinking Joseph had these wild dreams out of ego mania and they felt regret for it and it did serve a purpose in the end although it could have happened in a different way.

As Joseph said for am I instead of God Although you intended me harm God intended it for good. It is interesting that the name used for God is the name used denoting justice. I guess because these acts were harsh in the end and denote some justice for certain acts.

Orthodox Judaism and false "fertility rate" statistics.

About 20 years ago in the shul I prayed in we had this study that claimed that from 100 Orthodox people in 2 generation you would have something like 500 Orthodox Grandchildren and in reform only 10 and Conservative only 50. The problem of course is if this is true Orthodoxy would soon dominate. Yet I see no evidence of Orthodoxy being anymore then 15% of total Orthodoxy and the percent has not changed in the last 20 years and you have theses same kind of things you read today.

Today you read centrist Orthodox have 3.5 children per family and Chasidim have 8.0 children or something like that. And the Orthodox go around like we are right and you are wrong. However, according to the World Almanac 2009 page 681 there 1.5 million conservative Jews and 1.5 million reform Jews. Yet by Orthodoxy a big star. You go down and the note is that Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America does not wish to release their numbers. Why not? I though their numbers were bursting at the seams. I suspect it is because their numbers aren't so great. Otherwise they would release it since they brag about how great their fertility rate is. I suspect the reason they are so immodest about it is because they know it is bogus and they make up what they know is false by being loud about it.

So where did they get these numbers from in the first place. I think it is study by the Federation which of course is not really objective as I have noticed many well known Orthodox Rabbi's (including my childhood Rabbi, Rabbi Moses Tendler) seem to work for the Federations. I know they push some agenda's that have nothing to do with Orthodoxy but please the Federations. Like easy divorce which sad to say the Rabbi's don't want women to have other male influences and the male federation leaders likely have similar attitudes.

So they push the so called Orthodox propaganda that would never pass any honest study which is why in the Almanac their numbers are not released because they are not really high. But where do they get these numbers from. I suspect they work backwards from what someone told me about how many kids in Yeshiva and day schools. That is not an honest study. It someone isn't married or has no kids they aren't going to be in the study which will give you a higher number then reality. Which is the whole point. You have a significant number of Orthodox Jews unmarried with a birth rate of zero. If you don't count them it will give you a very inflated number. To give you an example I went to a single event with a man in which the youngest brother was married with six kids. He was 45 and unmarried and his sister was 40 and unmarried. If you just include the brother you get a birth rate of 6.0. If you include the two unmarried with a birth rate of zero the birth rate goes all the way to 2.0.

In my own class (a MO centrist school that I attended) the birth rate is certainly not 3.5. You have a significant number unmarried and of those who are married you may have a birth rate of close to 3.5. If you include those unmarried it goes way down.

Lastly, our overall birth rates in the US are 1.5. And anyone who goes around with an arrogant attitude when OUR OVERALL RATES ARE THIS LOW should be ashamed of themselves. This means of 2 parents we are only having 75% as many children which means without anything else are numbers declining without a shot being fired and our culture decreasing. A small number of Jewish people with many children when our overall rates are this low is something that should be a national emergency. Not something we pound our chests for. In fact I am upset about those that focus on themselves having many children while doing little to help anyone else.
Our overall numbers should be more important.

It is better to have 5 kids and help others have children as well rather then have 12 kids and have a situation where many others have zero or one. There were always be some more successful then others but the gap between the have and have nots should not be so extreme.

But again THERE IS NO EVIDENCE that our Fertility rates in the Orthodox world are high as it seems they exclude those who are unmarried and have a birth rate of zero and the Union of Orthodox congregation did not want to release their numbers to the World Almanac and of course it is because their numbers are low and they use this false study that the Jewish Federation will publish but in reality our numbers are not high which is why the Union of Orthodox congregation did not want their numbers released.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Finished the book of Genesis. Book seems to mostly deal with husband wife and male children relationships

It is interesting. I think the reason for that is family relations are more important then any other command and without you can't have a society so we read about the various husband-wife interactions. The reason why mostly the son's you read about is because

A. There are some PERVERSE views of masculinity and the stories actually show what a good man is and in fact in overly physical man is not seen as what masculinity is defined as nor should a man be sacrificed and a woman's role is a little more clearly defined being that God created a woman to be able to bear and nurse children although it does discuss what traits to look for in a wife and

B. The tribes different characteristics were based on the behavior of the sons as a tribe is defined by the father.

Any other thoughts on this.

Jacob Blesses Judah.

The term Jew comes from the tribe of Judah. In this weeks portion Jacob blesses and curses his various children.

The first one he blesses is his 4th child as the first 3 Jacob criticized and they lost their right as the older child.

When it comes to Judah though Jacob says: Judah- you, your brothers should acknowledge (Genesis 49:8). Please read the rest if you are interesting in the blessing.

Parsha Vayichi (Genesis 47:28-The End of Genesis) I will make you fruiful and numerous.

This weeks Parsha Jacob is dying and blesses his sons and two Grandsons like his sons (Ephraim and Menashe). Jacob (also known as Israel) repeats what God told him that you will be fruitful and numerous.

Have we really fulfilled this prophecy. I don't know as the Jewish nation is only 15 million people and actually we are a very small people. Sadly we have overall low birth rates. Only 1.5 in the United States and 2.3 in Israel which means are population at the moment is actually declining slightly as you need 2.11 to keep the population steady. We have external enemies too but at the present time it is an internal issue as well as despite being able to live longer lives today then in the past many are having less children and choosing to do this unlike a few generations ago where it was more common to have a large family. 3/4 of my Grandparents came from large families.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Job ended today.

This job I was at ended today after about 2 hours. This computer wasn't working and as I said this job wasn't going well.

It isn't a good feeling but to be fair it was impossible for me to work for this woman and she wanted to blame me for things that weren't my fault and was just nasty.

Her whole attitude is wanting to do everything better or as well as a man and me being a man of course she couldn't listen to anything I said and just wanted me to do everything her way and even if I did she still wouldn't be satisfied.
I am the enemy and it is no fun being in an environment like this and any pause in anything I even said she would criticize me. So I guess it is for the best that this ended. She has strange clients as well and was talking yesterday about getting clients from a so called judge who likely oppresses other men with his position.

One of the few politicians I have some respect for is Senator James Inhofe from Oklahoma

He is one of the few politicians I have some respect for.

On an interesting issue that has developed with this earmark issue he has said he thinks it is a phony issue as if they don't earmark it the executive branch will so it sounds good but in reality it is a fake issue that sounds good on someone's resume but in reality will not lower spending.

Being on the other side is Jim Demint who I really don't trust. Real people understand nuance and Inhofe is not just one of those that just seems to say things that are good soundbites but in reality are a fake issue that has no impact on anything.

Anyone here is the wikipedia article on James Inhofe. He has been a very strong opponent against global warming and also is a very strong supporter of Israel even though of course he isn't doing this to get the Jewish vote in Oklahoma.

Here is the wikipedia article on him.

Wikipedia article on James Inhofe

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I went to tax seminar a few days ago. The deficit is out of control

That is all I can say. Added tax breaks while increasing government with this health bill will only increase our already large deficit that is much higher percent of GDP then what is healthy and getting higher. Countries have gone bankrupt and I hope that doesn't happen here.

This job isn't gong well.

I do have to say this job I am at is not going well. This woman is very vindictive. She was bragging about getting a guy fired and I ma worried if I am going to get paid if I do something she doesn't like. She pays me very two weeks. I doesn't seem like she respect contract law.

She also thinks she is good at certain things which I am not sure she is so good or others agree. Just because you think you are good at something doesn't mean you are. Compared to others you may not be as good as you think you are. She can never give credit because she has to believe she is better. It seems it is just based on her assessment or maybe someone who told her these things for their own agenda and kissed up which insincere flattery is never good.

Anyway I am interviewing tomorrow with a CPA firm only about 2 miles away from where I live. I am going to be a little late to my job. Hopefully only 15 minutes or so.

Does anyone have a good excuse?? What should I say. I was going to say my battery died and needed a jump and I had to wake up my neighbor.

Story on WOR of a woman being stoned to death. What about the man who was also involved. Is he being stoned?

Adultery requires two people. So if the woman committing adultery then the men also were involved and also should have the same punishment. It takes two to tango. Is he being stoned but nobody cares because he is a man or is he not being punished because even though it takes two tango they want to blame the sexual sin 100% on the women.

Iran Stoning

It seems to me most culture blame sexual sins either all on women or all on men when in reality most of the time other then forcible rape they are both guilty and the torah clearly holds BOTH ACCOUNTABLE. The bible viewed adultery with such severity because the bond between a husband and wife is basic for any society and if a man has relations with another man's wife and this woman goes along they are harming basic trust between a husband and wife and if the wife gets pregnant this is a slap in the face to the wife's husband who tries to support her. This basic trust is important for children who are vulnerable and need a father and mother who naturally want to care for them and care for each other.

Also I wonder if this is really just for some political reason and they are using this as an excuse which again if true shouldn't the men also be stoned if he was having this adulterous affair with a woman who was married to another man.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sandisk Eli Harrari proves he is no flash in the pan.

Eli Harrari is the founder of Sandisk which has revolutionized flash memory which has made it possible to make MP3 players and cameras that use flash memory. It is more reliable then a hard drive which uses spinning disk and also lighter and more compact. He actually was Israeli born which is interesting. He started SanDisk at 43 when other ventured failed and SanDisk has been around now for 22 years and done very well and has made a big difference in computing.

Here is the link to the article. Sandisk Eli Harrari proves he is no flash in the pan

Also here is how tiny memory is today. They make nice low to middle end MP3 players. I have the Sansa Clip+ and it is a nice little M3 player.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Judah steps up shows he cares for Rachel’s other son and his father. They work as Shepherds.

In Yesterdays bible reading (Genesis 44:18-47:27) Judah (which is where the name Jew comes from as most Jews today are from this tribe of the 12 Israeli tribes , the tribe of Judah)  speaks to Joseph that he would be enslaved instead of Benjamin as Joseph wanted to see if they still had this enmity towards Rachel’s children and Judah showed he did not. 

Jacob (Israel) trusted Judah because he himself lost two sons Er and Onan so he understands what it is to lose a son. He was willing to be a slave instead of Benjamin and shows his concern for his father. And he convinced Joseph to reveal himself as he showed tremendous selflessness in his firm but emotional plea.

Also it is interesting that they tell Pharaoh that their occupation is being Shepherds. As they did want a profession that kept them separate from the Egyptians as the Egyptians abhorred Shepherds. (46:34) so they would not be corrupted. This was something that they could be fairly independent. Sad to say today not much thought is giving to a man and being in profession that he does not become corrupted. Yet we see here they were concerned about the men becoming corrupted as that would have a negative influence on the children. They were expected to work but were concerned about being corrupted in a spiritual way.

Lastly other then Dina they only mention the sons but they do say sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters went down (46:7). I guess this is because their line is determined by their father. 

Any comments feel free to comment. 

Joseph is promoted to work for Pharaoh and is giving Potiphar’s daughter as a wife. Has 2 children with her.

And other thoughts on the bible we read 9 days ago. (Genesis 41-44:17) Anything you would like to add or elaborate on of what I said, feel free to comment although I do have to approve comments which I should do no longer then a day or two.

Joseph becomes the Viceroy as he explains Pharaohs dream and Joseph implements a plan to be able to preserve resources for the coming famine and Pharaoh rewards him by making him second in command and giving him fine clothes a gold chain and a wife which was the daughter of Potiphar.

He was 30 years old when this happened. So he must have been young when he was sold.

This clearly means he was exonerated for the accusation that he tried to rape Potiphar’s wife. Some say the daughter did tell her father that Jospeh wasn’t guilty and it was a ruse and swore to her father that he was innocent and her reward was that she married Joseph.
That is according to the Jewish commentator the Yalkut.

Obviously none of this ideal for Joseph but he was in exile from his own family.

The name of his children shows his understanding of his situation even being 2nd in command in Egypt he still recognizes the situation and being away from his family. As he named their children Manasseh for God has made me forget all my hardship and all my fathers household and Ephriam for God has made me fruitful in the land of my suffering. (Genesis 41:50-52)

It is interesting that in terms of naming children usually the father named the kid or they both did although I’m sure they discussed it with each other except with Jacob which I guess he was so busy working with Laban and Laban taking advantage of him the wives had to name the children without their husbands input at all. Sometimes the name was in reference to their wife as the case of Issac as it was hard for Sarah to believe she would have a child so old and she laughed about it.

Anything you would like to add or discuss feel free to comment. 

Joseph instituting a 20% flat tax going to Pharoh. Parsha Miketz.

Interesting. In this weeks bible reading that we read on the Sabbath there was a famine and they had to give up their land for food and Joseph redistributing the land and allowed them to own the land and gave them seeds to sow the land and stipulated that 20% should go to Pharaoh and the rest was for them and their family which they agreed to and even called themselves surfs to Pharaoh even though they were given a lot of leeway and being allowed to own land. (Genesis 47:23) See from 47:13 of the complete developments.

Two items come into play here.

1. They were taxed but not at an excessive rate and at a flat rate. If you produce more you have to give more in absolute terms but not as a percentage of what you make.

2. They were given the fishing rod rather then the fish. And allowing them to work rather then get a handout.

And the people were very happy with this arrangement.

Piece by Michael Savage on the Shecter brothers vs. FDR and the NRA

FDR vs. Shechter Brothers.

My first week on this job.

I will post tomorrow on the bible portion but I did want to discuss this job and the first week.

The women I think is Jewish from what she has said  and she is very much into the feminist movement I can see. 
She and her daughter want to be both the father and the mother and she has a sign "screw home cooking" and
"do I look like a people person". On the positive despite this she did hire me which she could have hired someone else even though I can see she and her daughter seem to use men and have no problem discarding them at a whim and just walking out for what this women I am working for said about her daughter.

Also I don't think either of them have married Jews which according to many Rabbi's they don't have to convert although I see no reason to believe  their children have to practice Judaism  because they aren't for the tribe of Judah as their father is not from this tribe so they aren't obligated in all the obligations.

 I see again that women who try to men seem to think men are antisocial and not people person's which is not true at all.

Also this idea that exists even in Orthodoxy that woman can marry whoever they want and we will accept the kid as Jewish if they want to practice gives this  impression that Judaism doesn't care about fathers.

To be fair this women at this point doesn't have any dislike of me even though I keep kosher (even though she doesn't) suggests that she does believe that most religious people wouldn't have much of a problem with her and her daughters behavior and her daughter was nice to me on the phone.

The environment though is not so enjoyable although it could be worse. The desk isn't designed too well, she smokes, and she gets annoyed if you do something a different way and doesn't seem like someone that would want to learn from me anything which in my job that was 4 and a half years long the people I worked with did want me to show them a few things that I knew that I don't sense with this woman at all. In certain area's she knows more then me as she has done this for 30 years and I have done this type of work for only 7 years at this point. Any thoughts please share as I am looking a little bit at this point. 

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Happy New Month (Rosh Chodesh) although why they put down men every new moon I will never understand.

In the Jewish religion in the times of the temple they had an additional offering given in the new month. See Numbers Chapter 28:11. 

Anyway, as some have noted I don't feel it is good to have this idea of putting men down as a gender or if some men sin then therefore all men as a gender should be punished. It is not good for a society to view men in general in a very negative light as then their lives become unimportant and belief in God the most basic idea should be it is about life not some death cult.

We have this claim that I have no idea where it comes from (and if you do know where it comes from please comment) that somehow women were not involved in the sin of the golden calf and the women are rewarded every month by having a lecture sometimes given by a man sometimes not.

But anyway I remember someone complained on a forum I was on that in a movie they showed women being part of this sin and of course the women weren't involved. The person responded by quoting what it actually says.

Exodus (32:2-3) Aaron said to them: Remove the rings of gold that are in the ears of your wives, sons, and daughters, and bring them to me. 3. The entire people removed the gold rings that were in their ears and brought them to Aaron. It clearly says here EVERYONE. It doesn't say here that the women refused while the men went along. If you could explain this to me I would like to here.

What may be true is that in the aftermath of this the one's who were actively involved rather then just passively gong alone were executed. And 3,000 men fell that day (Exodus 32:29).

Now who did this. Did women kill these 3,000 men. No! It was the Levites who took the call of Moses Whoever is for Yahweh, join me. (Exodus 32:26). So it was Levite men who killed 3,000 men most responsible for this. Do the Rabbi's give the male Levites credit. Doesn't seem to me like they do. These men of the Levite tribe fought against this evil by these other men.

So could anyone explain this to me because in my view this whole idea of during the new moon (Rosh Chodesh) to praise women and attack men seems to have no basis and is just another case of men of the Rabbinate making something up to pander to women and putting down men when nothing in the bible suggests that the women resisted because if they did the Torah would say and give them credit just as it mentions the Levites. And doing this doesn't hurt the men in the Rabbinate in any way as there is no way to make sure that the men in the Rabbinate don't make any money from the New Moon which if this was all about men being evil they shouldn't benefit from it either but it really doesn't seem to be the case as it seems this was made up to pander to women unless you can explain this to me.

Book on Stalin and Hilter. Sad we don't learn how evil Stalin was in school.

Michael Savage was mentioning this on his show and I overall enjoy his show and agree with him in many areas although not all area's. 

When I was in school I never really learned how evil Stalin was and how many people he murdered. Hitler was a monster but so was Stalin. We did learn that nothing existing in the USSR. I remember we had a speaker in my day school who went to the formed USSR and mentioned how scare everything was.
Or we even think that since we fought on the side of "Uncle Joe" of the USSR that they were liberators which this book clearly shows they were not and even the US did little to stop the death camps as FDR knew the holocaust was happening and did not want to bomb the train-tracks which many believe could have saved Jews and others who were persecuted by the Nazi's. 

Anyway sounds like a very tragic book. Bloodlands

Bloodlands between Hitler and Stalin

Monday, December 06, 2010

Started my fist day at this new job.

My first day at this job. The woman seemed ok although she does smoke in her office (which is in her house). Also it is her second marriage as it is her husband and she didn't mention much about it but she did say she was a single mother which in most cases I don't think is a good thing. Just as in most cases I don't thnk anyone should brag about being a single father. If a man or a woman doesn't something really bad then maybe they don't have a right to be a parent to a child and part of that is to respect other people's ability to be parents as well. Otherwise though as studies have found children usually love both parents and they don't hate the other parent the way some ex's do and how can you be a parent if you put your own needs before your more vulnerable children.

Anyway, I guess we will see how it goes. For the most part I was focused on the work at hand and talking a little bit and not on so much other things and she seems to like me and that is a good thing. And doesn't seem too stubborn as we all make mistakes and I appreciate that she is giving me an opportunity. I am not spending too much time into personal things as I don't know and it really isn't my business.

Although I also something disparaging about home cooking and I don't know what to make of it. Just going to take it day by day unless somebody else has some suggestions for me since it seemed ok at this point but I have learned not to take certain attitudes for granted from other experiences I have had.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Part 3 of the Rockefeller, Rothschild, Robber Barons, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

So what started the ball rolling against Rockefeller which then is used to attack the Rothschild as well.

A woman wrote a book complaining about their practices.

And Theodore Roosevelt projected his own sense of being a bully (He issued 1,006 executive orders. No one else at the time issued more then 71.) to others and played to other people’s envies of the very wealthy Rockefeller who achieved this through providing a nature resource at very low price by using their methods that were efficient.

If TR was so much for the little why did he abuse his executive power by issuing so many executive orders. Also, a book came about him called Bully Boy that suggests he was a reckless man and very vain which a lot of what he did was just to expand government claiming to be for the little guy but time has shown otherwise that the government agencies abuse their powers quite frequently. He also tried to run for a 3rd term with some 3rd party so let us not pretend TR was really for the little guy. Like most vain people he used the little guy for his own power grabs and many due to envy of Rockefeller wanted to go along with him even though they benefited from Rockefeller.  

The fact that the person who wrote a book against him was some women in which her father didn’t do well in this industry sounds like sour grapes and she clearly was not objective in her hatred of Rockefeller.

This is what is says about her. She is upset that her father was driving out and that “we should just play fair”.  What does that mean? Everyone should have a job to be fair even if they are a liability and don’t want to get up to speed in their industry. From Wikipedia   

“One of the most effective attacks on Rockefeller and his firm was the 1904 publication of The History of the Standard Oil Company, by Ida Tarbell, a leading muckraker. She documented the company’s espionage, price wars, heavy-handed marketing tactics, and courtroom evasions. Although her work prompted a huge backlash against the company, Tarbell claims to have been surprised at its magnitude. “I never had an animus against their size and wealth, never objected to their corporate form. I was willing that they should combine and grow as big and wealthy as they could, but only by legitimate means. But they had never played fair, and that ruined their greatness for me.” (Tarbell's father had been driven out of the oil business during the South Improvement Company affair.)” (from Wikipedia). My comments: She sounds like a woman that wanted revenge that her father wasn’t successful in this area and maybe her father was stubborn and could not adopt to new ways that were cheaper and more efficient to produce oil. “

Some people believed this woman (who may have some truth here but it sounds to me she wanted revenge for her father that he lost his job and maybe because he didn’t want to change) even though it seems to me like sour grapes because this woman and the newspaper she wrote (which was some women paper) for was ultimately unsuccessful.

The fact is monopolies in the private sector doesn’t mean there is conspiracies or that I will stay a monopoly. IBM once was king. It isn’t now. IPOD’s have a lot of the market for MP3 players but there are others. And many of the laws that Rosovelt created have been used by small companies that were less efficient to sue a more successful company and just because a company is large does not mean it will stay that way and the government should punish them for being large as if they get too greedy other companies may soon start to take some part of their business. . How is that good for the consumer to say well if consumers buy too much for one company we will punish them. The small company should find ways to be able to get some part of the market rather then sue using a law that was meant to PROTECT THE CONSUMER. Not for a business to sue a more successful business.

And according to Wikipedia which it provides sources Rockefeller was not hurt by these laws. It just makes it harder for a business to run but he made just as much money. 

I thank this book the politically incorrect guide to capitalism that helped me. But working for a CPA firm and want of our clients being a medium size  trucking company  they didn’t get there by stealing from others. They got there by having some ability to realize they could learn something from another to make their company more efficient and using healthy competition to continue to be more efficient and of course some people don’t like that as they want to be stuck in their ways. I worked for a CPA firm that wasn't doing well and it was because they were stuck in the past and didn't want to move forward. And they treated other people who had idea's to try to move forward as people that they shouldn't continue to keep as workers. So I have seen it myself.

So the Robber Barons including Rockefeller a lot of it is based on envy and no credit is giving to these people as without them we would still be undeveloped.

And this continues with blaming Jewish bankers like Rothschild for given money to Rockefeller as it was some evil plot which again for both people it shows real ignorance to just think they got where they were just by magic not by working hard and being able to find new ways to do well and provide a service and this plays into vicious antisemitism which should be no surprise as antisemitism always the main reason for it has always been envy. It applies even to other Jews who have envy of those who are successful and then start believing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and other conspiracies of anyone who is successful and calling them evil and a globalist. If they had power we would be like these socialist states where everyone is in the dark and any product is expensive because everyone deserves a job even if they aren’t providing anything to anyone and we have to play fair.

So any comments or more info about Rockefeller or Rothschild that is bad. I am not suggesting they were perfect people but this hatred of a company that made kerosene oil much cheaper and available to the common man seems wrong to me. He also did keep many of the people he bough of and they worked for him and likely only fired those who wanted to continue to do things in their own inefficient way.  

Joseph falsely accused of adultery. Nothing new under the sun of men falsely accused of sexual crimes.

Very interesting that the potion of the bible we read a week ago Joseph is accused of adultery by Potiphar when what really happened was Potiphar wanted to have relations with Joseph and Joseph ran away and he left one of his clothes when he ran away to which Potiphar told men in her household that Joseph tried to have relations with her and she screamed to get away when in reality the opposite happened and she tried to have relations with Joseph against his will and seduce him.

Joseph ended  it being put in jail based on this false accusation. See the portion in Genesis Chapter 39 Verses 7-20.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Have a good weekend and a good Shabbos and a happy Chanukah to my Jewish readers.

Update 2011: Since my views have changed since this post due to some discussions (which a poster told me about another Jewish sect I didn't know existed) in the last year on this blog and this post is one of the most popular posts here please see what I think of Chanukah a year later which is a little different as I no longer think is something really to celebrate as this was mostly a civil war. Anyway here is this years post on Chanukah.

Starting a job next week. See how it goes. Not happy to hear the unemployment rate is 9.8% as the economy overall is not really improving.

This weeks portion is Genesis Chapter 41-44:17.

The holiday of Chanukah IS NOT a major Jewish holiday as it is Rabbinic and the Macabee's themselves were a mixed bag as they themselves took the Priest positions for themselves which was flagrant violation of God's commands even though they were against Hellenism. We also still have many pagan influences which we have not defeated as of yet although this was on pagan influence we did not want.

 Talk a little about the portion tomorrow or Sunday. Stay tuned. If you have anything to share please do on this weeks portion or on Chanukah.

Reading the book The Divorce Culture by Barbara Whitehead.

It is an interesting book discussing divorce through America history from our breaking away from English rule where only the rich could get a divorce.

However, it still was not common and in most situation not considered something to celebrate especially if there were children.

One thing that bothers me though is where I live I know a number of people who are divorced with a son and the mother has custody. They end up wanting the son to be their husband. It is just not good as the kid should be a kid not an adult. Parents want to act like kids and want the kids to be adults.

One of my neighbors is divorced and has a son who is 40 years old still living with her. If she wasn't divorced I suspect the son wouldn't be living at home. It really isn't good.

Have any of you seen this?

The Rockefeller, the Rothschilds, Robber Barons and Jewish conspiracies (Part 2)

   Anyway so how did Rockefeller play in this. Well of course one of the people that the Rothschild financed (it seems a different generation)  and of course Rockefeller was one of the so called “Robber Barons.

  It is funny. I have a cousin that is learning about this. And claiming Rockefeller made Verizon and Horizontal integration as if this is bad. He bought up other oil refineries and he used his techniques that were able to make kerosene at lower costs and he offered other people to work for him when he bought them. This from Wikipedia which if anything would paint him in the worst like but this is someone responded to his critics.

“The rise of the Standard Oil men to great wealth was not from poverty. It was not meteor-like, but accomplished over a quarter of a century by courageous venturing in a field so risky that most large capitalists avoided it, by arduous labors, and by more sagacious and farsighted planning than had been applied to any other American industry. The oil fortunes of 1894 were not larger than steel fortunes, banking fortunes, and railroad fortunes made in similar periods. But it is the assertion that the Standard magnates gained their wealth by appropriating "the property of others" that most challenges our attention. We have abundant evidence that Rockefeller's consistent policy was to offer fair terms to competitors and to buy them out, for cash, stock, or both, at fair appraisals; we have the statement of one impartial historian that Rockefeller was decidedly "more humane toward competitors" than Carnegie; we have the conclusion of another that his wealth was "the least tainted of all the great fortunes of his day." (From Wikipedia)

In 20 years the price of Kerosene went down from 58 cents to 8 cents a gallon. He made this resource available to the masses. Which is a good thing. (Burton Folson: The Myth of the Robber Barons pg. 83)  (via the Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism)

So what was the issue that was the problem that they got called “Robber Barons”.

See my last installment on this.

Anyway have anything to add or correct me on.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

The “Robber Barons”, Rothschild, Rockefeller, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories (Part 1) .

Sadly, there are Jewish people that want to justify anti-Semitism on both the extreme left and the extreme right making excuses and believing the false claims and even people who seem mainstream as well sad to say on both sides.

On Facebook a women that calls herself Orthodox was telling me the Rothschild conspiracy theories are true. Accordingly Mayor Amschel Rothschild had said “Let me control a nations’ money and I care not who writes the laws”.

Here is the you tube video.

Antisemitic piece on Rothschild

The problem with this as a kid I remember reading about Rothschild and he started out very small. He likely became successful because he was trustworthy and provided good services. Did power at some point corrupt him? It is possible! But clearly this idea that Rothschild set out to control bank that can control the laws is absurd and one of the most vicious and false anti-Semitic slurs that Jews control the bank and control the economy.

In addition, this idea that banks screw nations and are above everyone else is absurd. Countries that became corrupt tried to manipulate money to cover up the corruption and their debts that they can't repay. But the corruption is the problem before anything else and the banks have to answer to the government not the other way around. I think they are mixing up the chicken and the egg. What are your thoughts?

However, this Jewish woman that calls herself Orthodox claims he is a globalist or just uses names to label him as evil. It seems to me she has a problem with any man that is successful. It seemed to her the only good men are Rabbi’s who also can never give credit to other Jewish men and this is what you end up with. A so called Orthodox woman believing in vicious anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in which their origin comes from anti-Semitism and envy of Jews and not from true statements that Rothschild ever said. The fact the person who posted this video on you tube also has video’s that claim 9/11 was done by the Jews and the Zionist shows his blind hatred of Jews and needed to find conspiracy theories to blame them for everything. Yet we now have Jewish Orthodox Women (at least this one) who believes this.

So I asked her for sources and she posted something from the Birch Society which don’t they promote some anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Please respond if you know as I don’t but the little I think I have heard hasn’t made me think they are trustworthy. The article claimed that the Rothschild were like Shabti Tzvi. The false messiah as if he had a religious belief about banks and was part of some bankers cult society which you hear about with the skull and bones society but if this really is true which I don’t know if it is to the degree they claim but even so why would they admit a Jew into this so called secret banker society. It just makes no sense. It seems to me that sadly this so called Orthodox Jewish woman believes this vicious anti-Semitic conspiracy theory because she is jealous of men that are successful in some outside endeavor and can’t give credit so believes some crazy conspiracy theory that originates from vicious Jew haters. It is pathetic. And of course this woman blocked me on Facebook for not buying her hatred towards Rothschild and being someone that people that want to promote their bigotry can hide behind.

Anyway what does this have to do with Rockefeller and the “Robber Barons”.
Any ideas please comment. Part 2 will be posted soon. Also if any one of you know more about the Birch Society also please comment. Thanks.

I do have to approve comments and I do this because as a few comments I don’t think add to the discussion but I am pretty lenient on letting most comments through and would want to hear what anyone has to say on anything I raised here.